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Dying Light – Hellraid hack n slash due this month

dying light - hellraid hack n slash dlc due to release this month on linux mac windows pc

Dying Light – Hellraid hack n slash DLC is due to release this month on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Techland who continues to offer more for the game. Pre-orders are available on both Humble Store and Steam.

Dying Light celebrates 4 years with a Sale

dying light celebrates 4 years with a sale in linux mac windows games

Dying Light now celebrates 4 years with a Sale in Linux, Mac Windows games. And thanks to Techland this is also a successful release. Also one of the best selling as well. Not bad for a first person action survival horror game. But the Steam sale is also rather impressive.

Developer Tools Update for Dying Light with co-op and PVP

Developer Tools Update for Dying Light with co-op and PVP

Today Techland expanded Steam #Workshop’s Dying Light Developer Tools with the cooperation and player-vs-player functionalities. This #free #update opens up completely new creative options for players. Hence those who can now design cooperation-based scenarios and deathmatch maps.

The update launches alongside PvP-focused custom map ‘Don’t Drown created by RabidSquirrel. A rather active member of the Dying Light community. Which works nicely on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
The map is set in an island. While also featuring an ever-rising water level to keep the combatants moving forward. ‘Don’t Drown has players exploring the island while avoiding zombies in search of powerful weapons. Consequently these are then put to use to take on one another.

‘Just like with the main game we’ve been supporting the Dev Tools for almost a year now, and we’ve already seen amazingly creative stuff from our fans’ – says producer Tymon Smektała. – ‘We believe the co-op and PvP support can inspire a new wave of original maps for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, we’re working hard to bring some of the very best custom maps to consoles, and I hope we’ll have something to announce soon.

Dying Light Dev Tools are available for free on Steam Workshop. To ease new users into the wonderful world of user-generated content, Techland is keeping an ongoing series of video tutorials explaining the ins and outs of the tools. The complete ‘Dying Light Developer Tools Guide’ playlist can be are available on the game’s official YouTube channel here.


Mirrors Edge mod recreates full scale level in Dying Light

mirrors edge mod recreates full scale level in dying light

The release of Dying Light #modding #tools in the August update, the user-created #content continues to grow.

Elimina is Steam Workshop user who used the tools to recreate well-known locations and levels. Particularly due to the ones that would benefit the best from Dying Light’s navigational systems. The latest creation is the remaking to the opening level of Mirror’s Edge in Dying Light.

This map is an exact 1:1 scale version of the map with every corner and detail almost identical using Dying Light’s resources. So far, this map is made up of 108 screenshots from mirrors edge to get the scale and spacing of objects exactly a it would be in Mirror’s Edge. I only have the map ‘completed’ up to the end of the Interior section, but I plan to add even more detail that is missing, get the buildings that are outside of the map completed, and add sound effects to make it feel like a real city

Mirrors Edge mod Planned:

  • Finish main buildings
  • Add Fake Global Illumination
  • Add NPCs in police chase part
  • Finish LODs and distant buildings
  • Add even more detail in Interior
  • Add new sounds and soundtrack
  • Try to add wall run
  • Optimize environment

The level is still a work-in-progress but it looks very good already, accentuating red and yellow colours and recreating Mirror’s Edge hallways/stairwells.

mirrors edge mod level in dying light screenshot 01 mirrors edge mod level in dying light screenshot 02


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