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ZED first person adventure releases support

zed first person adventure releases support in linux windows pc games

ZED the first person adventure games now available with Linux support, which releases beside Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Eagre Games. Available now on Steam. And coming to GOG soon.

ZED first person adventure native release

zed first person adventure game linux mac windows pc games release

ZED first person adventure games Linux and Mac release and Windows PC. Thanks to Cyan Ventures, the publishing arm of Cyan Inc and Eagre Games. The legendary indie studio that created best selling classics. Such as both Myst and Riven. Who are announcing further details for Steam.

ZED indie adventure to get native support

zed indie adventure to get linux mac windows support so wishlist

ZED indie adventure about revelation, regret, redemption that is coming with Linux support, as well as Mac and Windows. The product of Eagre Games who is looking for Wishlist support on Steam from the Linux gaming community. Since the studios is working with Cyan, Inc. This is the legendary indie studio and creators of the best-selling classics Myst and Riven. Which will include Steam VR with Linux support.

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