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AI War 2 early access release gets new date

ai war 2 early access release gets new date on linux mac windows

AI War 2 release date gets a new date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Arcen Games is eager to release on Early Access but that will not happen on October 18th via Steam or Humble Store. Plans are changing for the better.

Legends of Aria debuts on Steam December 4th

legends of aria debuts on steam December 4th linux mac windows

Legends of Aria sandbox MMORPG debuts on Steam Early Access for Windows, but expecting to hit Linux and Mac as well. Since Citadel Studios is proud to announce that its flagship project release on December 4th, 2018. Confirmation on Linux and Mac support is “early 2019”.

AI War 2 release hits Early Access in two weeks

ai war 2 rts release in early access in two weeks on linux mac windows

AI War 2 RTS strategy sim to release in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Arcen Games who are announcing the debut on Steam coming on October 18th. Which is impressive for an Early Access release.

Asteroid Fight online multiplayer on Early Access

asteroid fight online multiplayer on early access for linux mac windows

Asteroid Fight is an online multiplayer action real-time strategy on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where players user a commander with uniquely modified special abilities. Then build a strong economy to be able to quickly grow a strong military. Also now available with a discount on Steam and Humble Store.

Eximius: Seize the Frontline support update

eximius seize the frontline linux support update

Eximius: Seize the Frontline has Linux support incoming, we have the latest update. Since the games out of Closed Beta, as of last week. Ammobox Studios also make the game available on Steam Early Access, after being in development for more than two years.

HellSign Early Access release in November

hellSign early access release in november for windows linux

HellSign supernatural investigative hunting RPG release is coming to Steam Early Access for Windows and then Linux. Where players assume the role of a freelance hunter building his career towards uncovering the ultimate terror. And we have details about the upcoming debut.

Elemental War strategy coming to Early Access

elemental war strategy coming to early access on linux mac windows

Elemental War tower defense strategy coming to Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where gameplay offers you 3 game modes, 5 difficulty levels, 6 scenarios, countless maps and enemy types. Coming to Steam on October 18th, 2018. Which seems to resemble Dungeons 3 (minus the building) with classic tower defense.

Dins Legacy now available on Early Access

dins legacy now available on early access for linux mac windows

Dins Legacy is now in Early Access on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which also releases with a discount until September 24th. And the reviews are looking pretty good, despite bugs.

War of Conquest gets Early Access release date

war of conquest gets early access release date for windows linux

War of Conquest open world strategy game will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer IronZog LLC announced that their Kickstarter-funded War of Conquest will be releasing via Steam Early Access on September 20th. Plus the is a playable build already available that is worth checking out.

Automobile Tycoon non-native simulation game

automobile tycoon non linux simulation game on early access

Automobile Tycoon simulation game for Windows, but there is no Linux support. Since we are keen to support indie game developer. Silver Lemur Games are encouraging all car and simulation-enthusiasts to tryout the games via Windows on Early Access.

Moss Destruction twin stick roguelike on Steam

moss destruction twin stick roguelike on steam for linux mac windows

Moss Destruction is a fast paced, roguelike, isometric twin stick shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Which also includes procedurally generated, action packed levels. And it’s surprisingly good for $5 USD.

CHOP arena fighting releases on Steam

chop arena fighting releases on steam for linux mac windows

CHOP is a 2D arena fighting game for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam Early Access. Which also has a lot of gore, fast-paced action and a unique twist in its flagship game mode. That is if you can handle it.

The Universim releases on Early Access today

the universim releases on early access today for linux mac windows

The Universim releases today on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. A release that aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre. With a new generation of fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay now on Steam and Humble Store.

Blockchain Tycoon a cryptocurrency simulation incoming

blockchain tycoon a cryptocurrency simulation incoming for linux and windows

Blockchain Tycoon a cryptocurrency simulation coming soon to Early Access for Window, but Linux as well. Thanks to Game studio Wamill who are eager to announce the coming release on August 9th. And rightfully so.

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