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3.0 Public Beta for X4: Foundations is Live

3.0 public beta for x4 foundations is live on linux windows pc

3.0 Public Beta for X4: Foundations releases for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer EGOSOFT. Who also announces the good news. While highlighting the upcoming X4: Split Vendetta expansion. Similarly, if you own the game on Steam, these changes are worth playing.

X4: Split Vendetta first big expansion debut

x4 split vendetta first big expansion debut for linux windows pc game

X4: Split Vendetta expansion is the next chapter of X4: Foundations game on Linux and Windows PC. Coming to us thanks to developer Egosoft. Coming to both Steam and GOG.

X4: Foundations simulation has official support

x4: foundations simulation games official support for linux and windows pc

X4: Foundations universe simulation games official Linux support lands beside Windows PC. Thanks to the development efforts of
Egosoft. Which is available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

X4: Foundations update 2.20 arrives with fixes

x4 foundations update 2.20 arrives with fixes for linux beta windows games

X4: Foundations game update 2.20 arrives with fixes on Windows and the Linux beta. Thanks to the efforts of developer Egosoft. Which is also quite a challenge. There is indeed a learning to curve to the game. Which is available on Steam and Humble Store.

X4: Foundations Update 2.0 and Linux support

x4 foundations update 2 0 and the games linux support

X4: Foundations releases Update 2.0 plus the games Linux support. All thanks to Egosoft for releasing some big patches. This also includes exciting new features. The developers are making changes with 2.0. So we have plans moving forward towards version 3.0.

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