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Making History expansion announced for Kerbal Space Program

making history expansion announced for kerbal space program linux gaming news

During the past few months, #developer #Squad have taken up a #newchallenge for Kerbal Space Program. While considering the next level of gameplay for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Kerbal Space Program as we know is a very mature game, loaded with tons of content and a great modding community. Since Squad have gone on to create all sorts of tools and additions to the game. Now the team is making something new and exciting for players, a whole new experience.

Since building upon that Kerbal experience is crucial, like offering further value to players. So making the attempt to bring exciting new content and build more creativity is a tough call. And with the 1.2.2 release, developer Squad now has the game in their most optimal state. Having already made gaming news around the globe, therefore the team is moving forward is this next step.

Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion has just been announced. This new expansion brings new content to the base game, including a Mission Builder and History Pack.

The Mission Builder puts the process of creating and editing missions in the players hands. Giving everyone the tools to get the sense of being part of a space program’s Mission Design Division. Tailoring customer missions and narratives in a friendly yet intuitive interface. Once created, players can easily share their missions with the greater community (Workshop).

Also, the Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will include a lot of additional content. Which of course includes the History Pack, pre-made missions to play immediately. This way gameplay allows players to re-live historical missions from humankind’s own space history, in the unique style of Kerbal Space Program. This pack includes new parts and a new astronaut suit for those brave heroes.

One of the best aspects of Kerbal Space Program tradition, Making History Expansion very customizable and moddable.


  • Simple interface: Using an intuitive drag and drop node interface, you can easily create new and exciting new missions for yourself or others to enjoy. Creators can also add constraints such as time, fuel and parts limits; as well as unexpected mission events.
  • Recreating history: Included in Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion is the History Pack. Players will be able to experience the trials and tribulations of the early days of Space Exploration on missions inspired by real life historical events.
  • New parts: Aside from mission creations tools, Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will have additional parts such as new fuel tanks, adapters, decouplers, fairings and command pods… inspired by both American and Soviet space programs!
  • Kerbal Personal Parachute: Your astronauts will now be safer in case of imminent disasters with all new personal parachutes. So next time Jeb is in trouble and all systems are failing, you can simply eject him and activate his parachute. Then, you just have to hope, there’s an atmosphere to slow him down…
  • Challenge other players: A new addition to Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will be the concept of scoring. At the end of a mission you will get a numerical score to compare with your friends and the community.

As for right now, Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion is still in development. And do note, this will be a paid expansion release, except for those who bought the game before April 2013. And available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Pricing and details have not been released just yet. So stay tuned.

Fractured Worlds announced for Victor Vran Overkill Edition

fractured worlds announced for victor vran overkill edition linux gaming news

This big gaming news, journey to The Fractured Worlds! An all new Victor Vran addition #launching this #spring as part of Victor Vran Overkill Edition!

A dimension formed from the fragments of broken realms, the Fractured Worlds is a perilous place for even the most experienced of hunters, explore its unfathomed depths through new levels and endless dungeons where each step proves more dangerous than the last. So continue your journey as Victor, as you attempt to piece together the Astrolabe in this new, thrilling addition to Victor Vran.

Victor Vran Overkill Edition stalks its way on to Linux, Mac, Windows PC’s this spring. While this is big gaming news, this also includes the Fractured Worlds and Motörhead Throughthe Ages additions. So players who already own the game will be able to purchase the expansion packs separately. Hence a bit of a stretch from the Free DLC we have seen up to this point.

Victor Vran Fractured Worlds Trailer ESRB


  • Storm four randomly generated dungeons that change every day
  • Take a deep dive into ‘The Fracture’ – an endless dungeon that offers new challenges the deeper you delve
  • Discover Talismans – a unique new item type which influences both the visuals and the combat capabilities of your hero
  • Reach new heights with the Character level cap increased to 60
  • Find recipes that allow the creation of ever more powerful Talismans via transmutation
  • Clash with new enemies – take up arms against hordes of Scorpions, Hellhounds, and Succubi

So all these details about the Fractured Worlds is coming a bit late. Seeing the trailer was released back in March 9th. Hence the coming expansions will add a fine addition to the already impressive Victor Vran ARPG on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

What are your thoughts and expectations? Are you eager to Pay for a Victor Vran expansion?

Faeria new expansion coming this summer – Adventure Pouch

faeria new co-op campaign expansion coming adventure pouch linux gaming news

In gaming news, following the official release of Faeria last week on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So developer #Abrakam is proud to reveal the #firstexpansion for their living board and online #cardbattler. The first step along a new road of continued support for the game. Therefore Adventure Pouch will release this Summer adding game changing content to the world of Faeria. Including a new co-op campaign, time limited co-op boss battles, brand new cosmetics and epic daily challenges. So from March 15th until May 9th, players can pre-order the Adventure Pouch at a discounted price. Which additionally offers exclusive rewards including instant access to 6 new cards. While also available now as part of the core collectible set, and exclusive Adventurer’s Card Back cosmetic.

Therefore, over the next months, Abrakam will steadily reveal further gaming news. Hence new content that will be available for free to the Adventure Pouch. Hence they are new tiers to unlock through the ongoing ‘War Effort’ community challenge. So players will be able to unlock these new reveals by collecting gold in Faeria during the pre-order period.

So those who pre-order from March 15th to May 9th. Will also gain instant access to six new cards that have been added to the core set. Hence the exclusive Adventure Pouch card pack and entry to be in with a chance of winning an Alienware laptop. After May the Adventure Pouch will be available to purchase for a limited time only making this the first of many collectable expansions.

“We have such an amazing community, we couldn’t have made the game without them and seeing such growth right after launch has been amazing” said Abrakam’s Emilien Eloy. “This Adventure Pouch pre-ordering campaign is a way for us to demonstrate just how committed we are to supporting the community over the coming years, as well as a way to reward early-adopters with these awesome perks!”

Step up your play time in the Faeria multiplayer now as every piece of gold awarded in-game goes towards the War Effort to unlock new and exciting rewards. Pre-order the Adventure Pouch now on the official website for Linux.

Mandate of Heaven expansion release date for Europa Universalis 4

Mandate of Heaven expansion announced for Europa Universalis 4

Paradox Interactive and #Paradox Development Studio today revealed the release date for Mandate of Heaven. Hence the #latestexpansion for #EuropaUniversalis4. The expansion, which adds new gameplay events since the release of Rights of Man. Since these new features to Paradox’s award-winning grand strategy game of global domination, will arrive on April 6, 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. So players will be able to experience new ways of playing Europa Universalis IV next month. While including the major nations of East Asia, with new features surrounding the Japanese Shogunate, the Celestial Empire, and more. Mandate of Heaven will retail for $19.99 USD via digital distributors worldwide.

Mandate of Heaven’s features include:

  • Ages and Golden Eras: Earn perks in four historical ages for meeting specific goals, building up to declaring your nation’s single Golden Era – 50 years of prosperity and power.
  • Meritocracy: The Chinese emperor can hire good advisors more cheaply, keeping the empire functional no matter who rules.
  • Tributaries: Some Asian nations can demand that weaker powers pay an annual tribute, whether in gold, manpower or monarch points.
  • Manchu Banners: Manchu provinces can provide cheap and effective Banner armies drawn from the traditional tribe system.
  • Japanese Shogunate: Compel the loyalty of your daimyos with new interactions that require them to submit to your authority, contribute to your power or even commit seppuku
  • Diplomatic Macrobuilder: Common diplomatic actions are now easily available from the macrobuilder interface.
  • New Events and Decisions: Most of these new systems are connected to new event series or decisions, enhancing your historical immersion.

Therefore, to give players a first glimpse of Mandate of Heaven ahead of the release date. Paradox will begin showcasing new features from the new expansion in a live stream. Since this now available on their Twitch channel on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. The first stream will take place at 14:00 CET (6:00 a.m. PDT).

So, to pre-order Mandate of Heaven for Linux, or for more information about the expansion. Make sure to visit the official Paradox store add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

Monks and Mystics expansion releases for Crusader Kings II

monks and mystics expansion releases for crusader kings ii linux mac pc

So Monks and Mystics the expansion for Crusader Kings II just released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the renowned Paradox Development Studio medieval #grandstrategy #simulator development never sees to end. While the developer diary goes into a more in-depth look at the expansion, #features and new changes.

In a world ruled by fear of the afterlife, the wise person takes good care of their soul. Do good works. Build new churches. Defend the faith against heretics, heathens and the corruption that lurks in the heart of all. But what if there were more to the spiritual world than charity and chants? What if you could unlock the secrets of the universe – or turn your back on God entirely? Are you ready to gamble your eternal soul in Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics?

Monks and Mystics is the newest expansion to Paradox Development Studio’s beloved classic Crusader Kings II. In this new add-on, your ruler has the chance to join religious societies to improve their standing with both humankind and God (or the gods). Join a monastic order and pursue traditional virtues and learning, or seek out the kind of knowledge only available to those skilled in alchemy and astrology. You can even join underground religious cults to weaken the church or pray to elemental forces of darkness to unlock new and terrible powers.

Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics Release Trailer:

Monks and Mystics features include:

  • Monastic Orders: Special societies devoted to religious learning and pious behavior for most of the world’s faiths.
  • Secret Societies: Assassins, underground religious orders, and devil worshipers operate in the shadows to undermine the established order.
  • Relics and Treasures: Find religious relics, craft masterwork weapons, or commission spectacular jewelry to add to the glory and power of your realm.
  • New Councilor Commands: No more idle advisers, as your councilors can put their skills to work while attending court.

The bells of the abbey are calling you to serve. The chants of the witches summon you to the coven. Let these songs be the backdrop to your machinations. We are also pleased to release the new Hymns of Revelation Music Pack, just $1.99 on Steam or the official Paradox store.

Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics is available now on Steam and the official Paradox store for $14.99 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence includes new units and portraits for the English and German cultures.

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