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The End of the Sun adventure Kickstarter teaser

the end of the sun adventure kickstarter teaser for linux mac windows pc

The End of the Sun gets a Kickstarter teaser for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the developer, The End of the Sun team. Who is gearing up support for the coming crowdfunding campaign. Plus the game also has listing on Steam. So be sure to Wishlist.

Forager exploration and base building launches

forager exploration and base building launches in linux windows pc games

Forager exploration and base building launches on Linux and Windows. Thanks to the development efforts of HopFrog. The games review score on Steam is a solid 100% Positive. Which is off to a good start. Available on GOG and Humble Store too.

Forager 2D open world release date

 forager 2d open world release date in linux mac windows games

Forager is a 2D open world is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows games. All created by developer HopFrog. Who also just announced the official release date, April 18th. Including day one support on Steam and Humble Store.

Epitasis a gorgeous sci-fi puzzle game

epitasis a gorgeous sci fi puzzle games for linux mac windows

Epitasis stunning new sci-fi puzzle games coming to Windows, Mac but no Linux. So we reached out to developer Epitasis Games. With some interesting news. Since Linux is the only platform not supported on Steam.

Pikuniku puzzle exploration game launches

pikuniku puzzle exploration game launches on linux mac windows

Pikuniku is an absurdly wonderful puzzle exploration game that launches for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks the development efforts of Sectordub. Available on Steam, GOG and Itch.io. And the reviews are a solid 96% Very Positive on Steam.

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