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Pokémon Uranium removed via Nintendo

Pokémon Uranium removed due oever high traffic possible nintendo issues

A great deal of Pokémon #fanmade games out there, such as Pokémon Red where players capture and training their own #Pokémon. With the only way to advance in the game was by stealing other trainers’ Pokémon. And interesting but fun variation, but to create a whole new #adventure that adds on to the Pokémon universe could attract some attention.

A couple of fans, JVUranium and voluntarytwitch began working on just such a game. A new Pokémon game called Pokémon Uranium that includes features such as 150 new custom Pokémon, the ability to talk to your Pokémon, plus a new type called ‘Nuclear’. Not to mention the game also takes place in a tropical setting, considering the coincidence given the impending release of Pokémon Sun and Moon.
Now, if of this sounds amicable, it was indeed, the whole development process took NINE YEARS to complete.

Version 1.0 of Pokémon Uranium of the game is complete. Do not check the official website for a download link, as this has been removed due to extreme traffic (and most likely Nintendo). The game is currently only available for Windows at the moment, with Linux and Mac versions promised soon. Once you get it going, Pokémon Uranium also includes the ability to battle and trade online.

To see some of the new Pokémon Uranium and stay updated on the game’s status, check out the official Pokémon Uranium Twitter page.

Let us know in the comment below if you would install Pokémon Uranium or wait for Linux release?


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