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Gathering Storm June update for Civilization VI

gathering storm june update for civilization vi in linux mac windows pc games

Gathering Storm gets a June update for Civilization VI in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the continuing efforts of Firaxis and Aspyr Media. Which brings a host of new Features. If you don’t own the DLC, check it out on Steam and Humble Store.

Civilization VI is free to play for 2 days

civilization vi is free to play for 2 days in linux mac windows games Gathering Storm

Civilization VI games’ Free to Play for the next 2 days on Linux, Mac and Windows. Since Firaxis are announcing the newest expansion, Gathering Storm. They are also offering the game to everyone for Free. Along with a massive discount on the base game.

War of the Chosen Tactical Legacy Pack release

xcom 2 war of the chosen tactical legacy pack release for linux mac windows

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack will have a native Linux release thanks to Feral Interactive. Since the news is announced for the expansion. Also giving the award-winning 2016 strategy game XCOM 2 more content.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall gets native support

civilization vi rise and fall gets linux support in steam games

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall finally gets Linux and Mac support. The long awaited content is here on Steam and Humble Store, priced at $29.99 USD.

So this new content builds on the critically-acclaimed gameplay experience. While giving Civilization VI players new choices, strategies and challenges. Guiding a civilization to stand the test of time.

Civilization VI Fall Update makes a native debut

Civilization VI Fall Update makes a linux and mac debut on steam

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI latest, the Fall update finally make a debut on Linux and Mac. Originally this update released October 19t, 2017 for Windows.

So this update includes a number of balance tweaks. Including civ-specific adjustments, AI tuning and bug fixes. There is also the new premium DLC, the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization and Scenario Pack available now.

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