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>observer_ releases on Linux in a few days

>observer_ new rutger hauer trailer released linux mac windows games in 2017

Since we all know that Bloober Team are no strangers to fear-inducing. >observer_ takes everything they learned from the horror hit, Layers of Fear. So the Polish indie crew have honed their technique for the >observer_. Yet the debut of the highly revered horror games taking a bit of time making it’s way to Linux.

Since we reached out to Aspyr Media yesterday, October 18th, 2017. Today we finally have the official news. >observer_ will be making a Linux debut on October 24th, 2017.

Q.U.B.E. 2 gets some early gameplay footage

Q.U.B.E. 2 gameplay footage for linux ubuntu mac windows games in 2018

Independent developer Toxic Games just released gameplay of Q.U.B.E. 2. Since this shows off the playable demo at events including Gamescom, PAX West and EGX. So footage is a work in progress, showing off an early section of the game. Introducing the player to the functions of each coloured cube.
Consequently in Q.U.B.E. 2, as opposed to the prequel, the player now has the power to decide on cube color. Which means you can now choose which colored cubes to use in the sequel’s beautifully and varied environments.

Black Day releases and likely coming to Linux

black day releases and likely coming to linux ubuntu games beside windows

Indie studio, Helios Production, is proud to announce their shooter Black Day. The games available now on Steam Early Access for Windows, think Sniper Ghost Warrior.

What about support for Linux and Ubuntu?

“I’m ok for a compatibility but not now. Black Day is just in early access and I have many work before to think new platform compatibility.”

Morphite action adventure releases on Linux

morphite action adventure releases on linux ubuntu mac windows games

Morphite, the sci-fi atmospheric exploration first-person shooter. While including elements of platforming and available for Crescent Moon Games, Blowfish Studios. As well aa We’re Five Games, releases now on Steam for Linux and Ubuntu beside Mac & Windows. Which I have not played yet.

Set in the farthest reaches of the cosmos, the games adventures follow Myrah Kale. Hence the young space station worker whose life takes a turn for the extraordinary. A while following a routine mission turns into a heroic journey to find the mythical substance Morphite. Working to discover its connection to her mysterious past.

Myrah will explore uncharted galaxies teeming with alien life. Although she must remain on guard. Real-time space combat is just as likely as meetings with friendly explorers willing to trade resources.  The main quest is set on painstakingly detailed hand-crafted planets while millions of procedurally-generated worlds each offer a plethora of side missions.

Morphite launch Trailer:

So each planet hosts a rich and diverse ecosystem brimming with untold wonders.  Some are inhabited by peaceful creatures while others are populated by hostile forces looking to obtain Morphite for their own nefarious purposes.  The more Myrah learns about the universe, the more information she can sell for ship, suit, and weapon upgrades.

Morphite recreates the humbling experience of looking at the night sky in awe, while providing the toolset to explore each and every star on an epic interstellar adventure,” said Ben Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios. “With one of the largest universes ever created in gaming, we know games set to provide more adventure than one person could ever complete in a lifetime.”

Morphite releases now for $14.99 USD, €14.99 on Steam – Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. While including a 15% discount until September 27th, which is worth the investment though.

For more information please explore Morphite‘s official website.

Hunt: Showdown could see a Linux release?

hunt: showdown could see a linux and ubuntu release in window games

Since gameplay footage released from Crytek’s PvP monster hunter, Hunt: Showdown. Which to overwhelmingly positive feedback at E3. While Crytek have all of the footage available to the public via the Hunt Youtube channel. So take a look at the latest IP from the creators of Crysis. Since we could see a Linux and Ubuntu port beside Windows.

What about Linux?

“Regarding Linux support at this point we cannot share any information yet with you.”

Since this is not a formal confirmation. Crytek does seems to be avoiding the “no” reply. Which means we could very well have a Linux and Ubuntu port coming for Hunt: Showdown. Yet the games still in development. So, hopefully Vulkan API support will be enabled as well. But don’t expect a release anytime soon. This is just a teaser of what’s to come.

Hunt: Showdown Official HQ E3 Gameplay:

So Hunt: Showdown Creative Director Magnus Larbrant and Level Design Director Chris Auty show off gameplay. Hunting the games monstrous spider in a dark Louisiana swamp. While four other teams of two go after the same bounty. Along with many more monsters lurking in the shadows, while using stealth manoeuvring and violent confrontation. Trying to escape with the bounty—and their lives.
While matches can last anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. This gameplay footage highlight one round into a tense eight-minute experience. Capturing the atmosphere, drama, and arc of the gameplay. Since this is a visual of players will experience when Hunt: Showdown launches. Coming to Windows of course, hopefully Linux and Ubuntu.

So this takes us to the more recent release of the developer diary. Featuring discussions from Creative Director Magnus Larbrant, Lead Designer Dennis Schwarz, Producer Fatih Özbayram. As well as Level Design Director Chris Auty, Lead Environment Artist Marcel Schaika, and Senior Level Designer Turgut Özbayram.

Hunt: Showdown | Dev Diary #3 | Hunting Grounds | Level Design:

Watch the entire video for Hunt: Showdown. Find out more on the official website or follow Hunt on Twitter and Facebook.