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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare support update

freeman: guerrilla warfare support update linux in windows games

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare which we introduced last month is on Early Access, but no Linux support. Since the game engine of choice is Unity 3D, one would expect native support. Well we just received an email from developer KK Game Studio.

DECEIVER shooter now Kickstarter with Demo

deceiver shooter on kickstarter and demo for linux mac windows games

DECEIVER is a pre-apocalyptic philosophical shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign officially launched. A free demo for indie shooter DECEIVER is out now. Since this accompanies the Kickstarter which is aiming to raise $23,000 US.

Rise of Insanity launches out of Early Access

rise of insanity psychological horror adventure launches in linux windows games

Rise of Insanity psychological horror adventure launches on Steam for Linux and Windows. The games now official available, thanks to the efforts of Red Limb Studio. So anyone eager to explore first-person psychological horror game can do so now. This also includes a launch week discount for Linux and Windows. And since the reviews on Steam are rather solid. It’s time to explore the adventure yourself.

Ion Maiden old-school shooter hits Steam

ion maiden old-school shooter hits steam in linux and windows games

Ion Maiden, the old-school first-person shooter hits Steam Early Access for Linux and Windows. From 3D Realms and Voidpoint. While a full release is expected in Q3 2018. So players will get complete and polished exclusive multi-hour preview campaign.

The Station first-person sci-fi mystery launches

the station first-person sci-fi mystery launches on linux mac windows

The Station is a sci-fi mystery and first-person adventure, which launches now for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Development was spearheaded by Dave Fracchia, the former Studio Head at Activision subsidiary Radical Entertainment, Les Nelkin the designer of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and BioShock Infinite as well as League of Legends composer Duncan Watt.

We Were Here Too games launch on Steam

we were here too launch in Steam games for linux mac windows

We Were Here Too a cooperative puzzle adventure releases today on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows games. Presenting a unique style of gameplay where two people, either local or online work together. So you talk, solve and escape the mysterious Castle Rock.

As your final hour approaches, a large structure looms up in the distance. Towering above the relentless storm. With nowhere else to go, you decide to enter this mysterious place. Only to find yourself trapped inside.Will you be able to find a way out?

QUBE 2 experience the new gameplay trailer

qube 2 experience the new gameplay trailer coming to linux windows games

QUBE 2 gets a new gameplay trailer, which is also coming to Linux games. So independent developer Toxic Games is showing off more of the games puzzles.

So this is also the sequel to the award-winning original game. Which did get Linux support, well it come later. The new trailer showcases how Q.U.B.E. 2 begins in cold, pristine environments. Before more natural elements begin to encroach into the spaces of the monolith. Since this is what players will be exploring.

Launching on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q1 2018, hopefully followed by Linux via Steam.

HELLION survival simulator native port update

Hellion survival simulator games update for a linux port to hit the top 10

Hellion maybe not be in everyone’s Top 10 right now, but we do have a Linux port update. Since the games development uses Unity 3D. It’s about that time that a native release should be in the discussions.

Outpost Zero announcement and native release

outpost zero announcement and linux mac windows release in gaming

Outpost Zero is a first person release from symmetric games studio tinyBuild. While gaming looks promising the studio has not released platform support. So we reached out to tinyBuild directly.

Q U B E 2 release and native support update

Q U B E 2 release and linux gaming support update and windows

Q U B E 2 will release in 2018 and we have a gaming update, Windows first, Linux later. Although developer Toxic Games are eager to release the sequel, they do not outline a release date yet. But do confirm that a Linux release will happen.

Battalion 1944 Beta Signup and Early Access

battalion 1944 Beta Signup and Early Access for linux and windows gaming
Battalion 1944 Beta signup is now live with an Early Access date for Windows and Linux. The mission to reignite the spirit of the old-school shooter is happening.
So Bulkhead Interactive and Square Enix Collective are both proud and excited. Since they can now announce Battalion 1944 is heading to Steam Early Access on Thursday 1st February.

The Station full release and Steam Dev Update

the station full release and steam dev update for linux mac windows

The Station first person exploration game finally has a Steam update for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the games originally set for a Summer 2017 release. Which clearly did not happen. So a 2018 release is confirmed to release soon. At least according to the recent Steam Dev Update.

ICEBOX: Speedgunner the Winter Challenge

icebox: speedgunner winter challenge on steam for linux mac windows

ICEBOX: Speedgunner Winter Challenge is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Games Of Edan today announced the scheduled release of ICEBOX: Speedgunner V1.2. Also, the Winter Challenge Special Event being held via Steam, starting January 8th with a week long sale.

Attack of the Evil Poop hits crowdfunding

Attack of the Evil Poop hits crowdfunding for linux mac windows games on steam

Attack of the Evil Poop hilarious game now crowdfunding for Linux, Mac and Windows coming to Steam. The games Indiegogo campaign is in support of solo dev, Alejandro Navarro. Who is now looking to raise awareness about our eating habits. Where Nick, who is the main character, is a chubby writer. Who then travels to Latin America to find some inspiration for his book.

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