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Shadow Warrior: Special Edition get it now FREE

shadow warrior: special edition get it now free linux mac windows games

So #ShadowWarriorSpecialEdition is still FREE available right now on the Humble Store. Since the #games also available for Linux, Mac and #Windows. This marks a rather epic deal #FREE, seeing Shadow Warrior 2 is not available on Linux, yet.

So this bold reimagining of the classic 3D Realms’ shooter is a blast. Yet the release form independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset). Starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Therefore players combine the brute force of overwhelming firepower. Complete with the elegant precision of a katana to annihilate the merciless armies of the shadow realm. All in an exhilarating and visually stunning transformation of the classic first-person shooter.

Shadow Warrior Special Edition includes:

shadow warrior: special edition includes these items linux mac windows games

So the Shadow Warrior: Special Edition includes a host of items, along with the base game.  The Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer and Hotline Miami katana in-game weapons. The Shadow Warrior digital art book and the official soundtrack.

Shadow Warrior: Special Edition tells the offbeat tale of shogun Lo Wang. Since he is ordered to acquire a legendary blade of limitless power by his deceitful employer. Betrayed and left for dead, Lo Wang learns of the blade’s connection to ancient gods. Hence another realm preparing to push our world to the brink of destruction. Now the reluctant hero must become legend. All through a masterful combination of gun, blade, magic and wit. While uncovering the truth behind the demonic invasion. Banishing evil back into the darkness.

Shadow Warrior: Special Edition Features

  • Shadow Warrior Reborn – A bold new vision of Shadow Warrior elegantly blends classic first-person shooter gameplay with thrilling action, inventive combat, and a contemporary retelling of the hilarious legend of Lo Wang.
  • Elegant Swordplay – Unsheathe your legendary katana to slice enemies apart with precisely targeted swings or unleash fluid combos and special attacks to cut down hordes of enemies with one swift pass through the enraged hordes.
  • Upgradeable Arsenal – Utilize every gun in your formidable armory – from stylish revolvers and quad barrel shotguns to explosive-tipped crossbow bolts and laser-guided rocket launchers. Each weapon offers several unique upgrades to increase power, speed, and add devastating alternative firing options.
  • Mystical Powers – Call upon mystical powers to protect yourself and paralyze your enemies or use their own severed heads and still-beating hearts to bring them to their knees.

So, still going strong, Shadow Warrior: Special Edition is FREE on Humble Store for a few more hours. While the games available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The price can’t be beat.

Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay video releases 20 minutes of total gore

shadow warrior 2 gameplay video released twenty minutes of gore

Gore #firstperson #shooter Shadow Warrior 2 may not be making a Linux and SteamOS debut for the October 13th release, but the gameplay still looks epic. Killing waves of demonic enemies with a variety of weapons, and that #chainsawkatana looks fun.

What makes Shadow Warrior 2 unique in the heap of FPS games is the complete disregard for logic and taste. Players dismember and shoot bad guys in seemingly endless waves, while doing so in the progression of modern design. Weapons drop as loot and there certainly appear to be a lot of them, each with a mixture of status effects, gem sockets to assist in various play styles. Comparisons to the Borderlands series, where in one second a player could be wielding a chainsaw katana, the next some beastly demolishing weapon of nondescript proportion. The variety in weapon choices seems to make Shadow Warrior 2 uniquely expressive, despite the low-brow humour.

This 20 minutes of gameplay from PC Gamer should warm a few hearts:

Shadow Warrior 2 Features:

Blades and Bullets: Lo Wang delivers his own brand full throttle brutality with an expanded array of over 70 lethal blades and explosive firearms to overcome the demonic opposition. Become a whirlwind of steel and blood with razor sharp katana, short swords, crescent blades, and hand claws or unleash a hellish symphony of ornate firearms to decimate your enemies.

Four Player Co-Op: Battle through the expansive campaign alone or team up as a four-player typhoon of destruction online in campaign co-op mode. Tackle challenging primary missions or thrilling side quests while maintaining your own ninja style with customizable armor, items, and valuable loot from your triumphs.

Procedural Environments: The breach between the human and demon realms created an interdimensional hernia resulting in constant shifts to the world of Shadow Warrior 2. Procedurally generated landscapes and paths bring new twists and turns to once familiar terrain and routine missions.

Brutal Damage System: Choose your weapon based on the situation at hand and then dismantle everything that stands in your path with an advanced gore system. Use precision blade strikes to separate limbs and heads or switch to heavy ordinance and blow a hole right through colossal beasts.

Custom Upgrade System: Upgrade weapons in your arsenal with up to three stones at once to improve performance or augment them with devastating elemental effects. Collect karma, amulets, and armor to enhance Lo Wang’s power and shift his death-dealing artistry into overdrive.

We know what you’re thinking, too bad a Linux and SteamOS release will not be available at launch. All this procedural gore to slash through, slashing an enemy at a predetermined joint location. Environments are randomized, assembled from handcrafted modules that create a different feel every time. The loot, jokes, play style variety, and randomly generated levels makes Shadow Warrior 2 a game designed for mouse and keyboard.
Here’s hoping we have more details closer to the October 13th release.


Shadow Warrior 2 release announced no Linux

shadow warrior 2 release announcement for linux mac windows pc

Shadow Warrior 2 is a #firstperson #hackandslash game developed by independent developer Flying Wild Hog, and finally making it’s way to PC. If you cannot wait to slice up enemies with a #katana, you will be happy to know the wait is not too far off.

Now surviving as a reclusive mercenary on the edge of a corrupted world, the formidable warrior must again wield a devastating combination of guns, blades, magic and wit to strike down the demonic legions overwhelming the world he inadvertently corrupted. Battle alongside allies online in four-player co-op or go it alone in this inventive sequel to the best-selling remake from 2013. Complete outrageous missions, collect powerful new armor, arcane relics of legend and choose from an array of masterfully designed weaponry – including a katana chainsaw that allows you to carve up your enemies in real-time.

Shadow Warrior 2 will finally launch next month on October 13th, with the game supposedly being available for pre-order on Steam, GOG and Humble. Pre-ordering will include a 10% discount off the full price as well as receiving the exclusive “Razorback” chainsaw katana. For those who already own Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset Redux will be able to enjoy an additional 10% discount. The next level above that is the Shadow Warrior 2 Deluxe release, which includes the soundtrack, digital book, and the Solid Gold Pack that includes an exclusive gold co-op ninja skin, katana and MP7 gun.

However the release is looking like a Windows only launch, all the Linux and SteamOS system requirements have been removed. And no reply from Flying Wild Hog or Devolver Digital yet. Just this Steam post from a user asking about Linux and SteamOS support.

Hopefully none of you have pre-ordered Shadow Warrior 2 expecting a Linux or SteamOS launch. Quite frankly this whole change in platform support puts a serious damper in our excitement.


Shadow Warrior 2 bring a ton of new weapons to the fight in Gamescom demo footage


One of the games brought to #Gamescom 2016 is Shadow Warrior 2, so the press and attendees and the press got some hands-on. The shooter/action game has always looked pretty good, this new #gameplay footage only helps to prove that.

In this video, IGN plays through the Gamescom demo, which now includes a new location, new weapons and enemies.

We already know the chainsaw and a few of the katana abilities. Lo Wang also seems to have a new dodge ability, allowing him to get in and out of fights more quickly. Then gets transported to a new place through a portal where things get deliciously interesting.

Shadow Warrior 2
was recently given an October release only on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


Shadow Warrior 2 release in two months

Shadow Warrior 2 release available in two months according to twitter

The Shadow Warrior 2  release is getting closer than we thought. The official Twitter account for the game #revealed that the #Linux, Mac and PC version is due “in less than two months.”

Although the developer has to confirm the exact date, we at least know it’s likely sometime in October.

We already know the release will take place on Steam, but Shadow Warrior 2  release will also be available, DRM-free through GOG. Although neither store page has yet to be updated with an October date.

The greatly expanded sequel to Flying Wild Hog’s 2013 reboot of the classic shooter changes things up a great deal. The Shadow Warrior 2  release is transitioning the game’s structure from a linear shooter into a loot-based first-person action-RPG. Citing Diablo as a big influence.

If you missed it, developer Flying Wild Hog showed off 13 minutes of gameplay a few months ago, seen above. This of mix of melee and guns has never looked better.


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