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Mad World MMORPG releases Raid Footage

mad world mmorpg releases raid footage for linux mac windows

Mad World MMORPG releases new raid footage for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games is coming to Steam this fall. Even though we do not have a release date yet.

Escape From Tarkov and over an hour of alpha gameplay footage


Escape From Tarkov looks more like a modern Stalker, plus the #weaponcustomization is ridiculous. The #multiplayer shooter is expected to make shooting at enemies all the more satisfying. And all that customization is set in an open world competitive #FPS environment.

Thanks to a recent livestream by studio Battlestate Games, above is over an hours’ worth of footage. No release date has been announced as yet, but we do know that Escape From Tarkov is developed in Unity. Needless to say a Linux, Mac and Windows PC release will take place.

For more details, check out the official website, follow on Twitter and Facebook.


A very rough look at the New Unreal Tournament progress

A few months ago we found out a new Unreal Tournament #game is in the works for Linux,  Mac, and Windows PC. Today we have a #developerdiary that gives a brief update of the game’s progression, as well as a very early look at some in-game action.

Although all the footage is taken off-screen, if you are itching for some kind of info on how things are going, this is the best you can get right now. It’s kind of fun being able to hear the developers say what the game still needs while they are playing it.

There’s no timetable on its release but we do know the game will be completely free when it launches, with no microtransactions or subscription fees out of the gate.


Prototype footage released for Don't Starve Together from Klei

Klei Entertainment stressed its new footage of Don’t Starve‘s #mulitplayer expansion is of a “very early #prototype,” and everything in it is subject to change. It does, though, provide a look at the ghost mechanic in place for when players die in Don’t Starve Together.

The video shows one player bludgeoning another, with the poor victim turning into a ghost as a result. The ghost player can then float around and haunt stuff – with varied results – before reviving by haunting a meat effigy.

In a detailed deconstruction of the playtest that provided the footage, Klei’s Seth Rosen discussed how he’s trying to deal with what he called “ghost-griefing.” The way the playtest was programmed, it was a bit too easy and predictable for players to haunt objects and set them on fire, which doesn’t make for the most helpful of ethereal companions.

“It’s important for us to bear in mind that, even though we don’t want to encourage people to play like this, we do want to allow for it,” Rosen wrote. “It shouldn’t be appealing or easy, but it should be possible. Functionally, this means making the bad effects of haunting into something you’re surprised by, not something you’re expecting.”

At the moment the multiplayer expansion is only confirmed for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, though Klei would like to bring it to PS4 if possible. It’ll be a free addition for current players, but it’ll otherwise raise the game’s price by 5 bucks to $20.

Reblogged from: joystiq.com


The first gameplay footage of Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution gameplay was streamed on #Twitch this week at E3 2014, and you can watch just over nine minutes of it below.


The footage shows the player and three of his co-op partners battling it out at checkpoint set up by the Korean army.

Around the 9-minute mark, multi-player was mentioned by the interviewer with the Cyrtek developer re-confirming the game contains four-player co-op. However, after that he says the teams doesn’t want to give anything else away for the moment.

Decipher that however you like.

Homefront: The Revolution is in development at Crytek UK and is set for a 2015 launch on Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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