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Fort Triumph is now faster and more stable

fort triumph is now faster and more stable with a linux mac windows pc update

Fort Triumph is now faster and more stable on Linux, Mac and Windows update. Thanks to the continuing development of CookieByte Entertainment. Available with a discount on Steam Early Access.

Fort Triumph June update and launch

fort triumph games june update and launch for linux mac windows pc

Fort Triumph developer releases the games June update and a launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to CookieByte Entertainment. A tactical RPG that hold an 84% Positive score on Steam Early Access.

Fort Triumph tactical RPG now on Early Access

fort triumph tactical rpg now on early access in linux mac windows games

Fort Triumph tactical RPG releases on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. While Cookie Byte Entertainment are eager to announce that the adventure officially begins.

How long will this game be in Early Access?

“We are aiming for 10-12 months of Early Access before our full release.”

Fort Triumph tactical RPG coming this week

fort triumph turn based tactical rpg coming to linux mac windows games

Fort Triumph turn-based tactical RPG is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Cookie Byte Entertainment will release on Steam Early Access on April 26th. Which will also be fully cross-platform. While “aiming for 10-12 months” in Early Access before the full release.

Cookie Byte Entertainment are proud to announce their new cinematic trailer for Fort Triumph.

Fort Triumph fantasy X-Com on Kickstarter – Demo

fort triumph fantasy X-Com tactical RPG on Kickstarter with demo in linux gaming news

Right now in gaming news, Fort Triumph tactical RPG has made a crowdfunding debut on Kickstarter. Hence a game described as “Fantasy XCOM” for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A mix of sophisticated tactical combat with RPG influences. So this includes character customization, equipment, inventory and the right amount of tabletop. Well worth taking a look into, with a free Demo. Read on…

So is all RPG’s there is adventure, choices and consequences. Therefore viewing campaign map or in the midst of battle. Players will have to make informed decisions that affect how gaming is carried out. So pay attention to certain events and neglect others. Such as risking the death of an experienced hero or sacrifice peasants instead. Fort Triumph is designed to test your judgement and avoid danger.

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