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Sky Noon western FPS coming to Early Access

sky noon western fps coming to early access windows then linux

Sky Noon is a western style FPS coming to Steam Early Access for Windows on June 14th, but we will see a Linux release later. So thanks to independent game developer Lunar Rooster and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP. I just had the opportunity to play Sky Noon with the Reverb staff.

The Last Deadend FPS horror native release

the last deadend fps horror linux release beside windows games

The Last DeadEnd [official website] is an FPS horror adventure game for Windows, but could likely see a Linux release. Well according to game studio Azdimension.

Ballistic Overkill Free Weekend and Discount

ballistic overkill free weekend and discount on steam in linux mac windows games

Ballistic Overkill first person shooter has a Free Weekend and Discount on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Aquiris Game Studio and Green Man Gaming Publishing are pleased to announce good news. Since Ballistic Overkill will be available as a free trial during the Free Weekend. Since this is only available on Steam from April 12th to 16th. Celebrating its first anniversary. The multiplayer FPS will also has a major new Anniversary update. And available for purchase at 50% discount during the free weekend period.

STRAFE Millennium Edition finally gets native

strafe millennium edition finally gets linux release via steam games

STRAFE Millennium Edition finally gets a Linux release beside Windows and Mac. Since this such a long overdue release (May 2017). We are thankful for the efforts of independent developer Pixel Titans.

Tannenberg new weapons and performance

tannenberg ww1 fps new weapons and performance for linux mac windows games

Tannenberg gets new weapons and a performance boost for Linux, Mac and Windows. The Unity 3D games part of a WW1 Game Series that started with FPS Verdun. While not expanding the focus to encompass the Eastern Front.

Insurgency: Sandstorm games new teaser trailer

insurgency: sandstorm games new teaser trailer windows linux

Insurgency: Sandstorm [official website] gets a new teaser trailer. Since the game takes from the original Insurgency formula. Evolving it, so the million-selling FPS comes enhanced and expanded.

Since Insurgency: Sandstorm is built in Unreal Engine 4. This means will see an upgrade in graphics. Also taking the series into a new era. Coming to Windows and for the first time, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Following later with a native Linux and Mac build.

Insurgency: Sandstorm to delay native support

insurgency: sandstorm will delay linux and mac support, focusing on windows

Insurgency: Sandstorm FPS from New World Interactive will delay Linux and Mac support. Since this news is recently released news via the developers page. Which presents some distinct design changes and game modes.

DUSK retro FPS gets 2018 Steam release date

dusk retro fps gets 2018 steam release date linux mac windows games

DUSK retro-gib-fest FPS is coming to Early Access on January 11, 2018, outlining a Linux release date. So this will be a Windows only release until full launch. While the games Linux and Mac build will debut after the launch. These details and explanation are available in the recent annoucement.

So, if you don’t know DUSK and what it’s about. This is the creation of independent developer David Szymanski. And publisher New Blood Interactive.

Tannenberg new frontline roadmap and fixes

tannenberg gets new frontline update and fixes linux mac windows games 2017

Tannenberg the World War 1 first person shooter is back with some news. The games also seeing some roadmap details and bug fixes fro 2017. These ranges across Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam.

The Signal From Tölva releases Linux support

the signal from tölva fps releases linux support beside windows games for 2017

The Signal From Tölva released on Early Access in early April, 2017. Since then the games only been available for Mac and Windows. Yet now developer Big Robot officially releases Linux support. Which is impressive to see for an Early Access game. Which I know not many people appreciate. But having played a few planetary survival and exploration games. Native support and a 50% discount on Steam is a big motivator to play another.

Tannenberg WW1 FPS releases on Early Access

tannenberg ww1 fps releases on early access in linux mac windows games 2017

Tannenberg open beta releases on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. The games 2017 debut also includes day one Linux support. As well as Mac and Windows. Plus a 2017 release discount of 20% for those who purchased Verdun.

ICEBOX: Speedgunner play-testers on Linux?

icebox: speedgunner play-testers on linux windows games 2017

Since developer Games Of Edan announced the release of ICEBOX: Speedgunner. The games debut hit Steam on October 18th 2017 for Windows. ICEBOX: Speedgunner is available with a 10% discount on Windows via Steam.
So, what about Linux support?

“Hi Todd,

I want to get a version out for Mac/Linux as soon as possible. But it will require more play-testers before it can go live.
So I’ll be inviting interested players to join in a test branch next week. And then we can progress from there.”

Quake Champions Early Access and Linux?

quake champions early access and linux windows games on steam

id Software’s incredible multiplayer fragfest, Quake Champions enters Early Access. Since the games only supporting Windows on Steam, the Linux demand is high. Hence the Steam Discussions requesting Linux support. Since the games brings a host of new content, including new map and features. Along with a special new Champion, the mighty DOOM Slayer from DOOM. While Doom 2016 is playable via Wine with Vulkan support. A similar demand is expected for the current Early Access release.

So players who want to jump in and frag fest should know a couple of things. Doom 2016 development uses id Tech 6 while Quake Champions uses a hybrid engine. Which seems to use part of id Tech 6 but not the full engine as Doom 2016 does. Not that I can get into any serious detail. Yet this means that a native Linux port could be more of a task. Meaning id Software would have their hands full porting the game. Since there are no developer comments at the time of writing.

id Software Talks Early Access for Quake Champions

Quake Champions Features

  • The Next Great Quake Multiplayer Game
    Quake’s signature rocket jumping, skill-based competition, and incredible speed remains intact, providing veterans with a welcome return and new players a fresh way to showcase their multiplayer skills.
  • Incredible, Diverse Champions
    Quake Champions introduces a roster of elite Champions, each equipped with unique attributes and abilities that are additive to Quake’s established gameplay. Champion skills offer a great variety to fit your play style.
  • Uncompromising Weapons, Ready for Battle
    Quake’s devastating arsenal of flesh-chewing weaponry, including fan-favorites like the thunderous Rocket Launcher, electrifying Lightning Gun, and snipe-tastic Railgun are back alongside new additions for you to master.
  • Intense Game Modes
    Established and beloved game modes return, including the gib-filled fragfests of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch and the competitive fury of 1v1 Duel mode, while a new team-based mode, Sacrifice, joins the fray.

Quake Champions’ free-to-play version will launch at a later date. However, players who previously redeemed a Closed Beta key will be able to continue playing. Since Quake Champions will be in free-to-play mode, only via Bethesda.net. These players will play on the same servers as Champions Pack owners. And have the option of upgrading to the Champions Pack. Or buying additional Champions at any time. Players new to Quake Champions will need to either buy the Champions Pack. Or wait until free-to-play mode launches out of Early Access, at a later date.

Quake Champions players to gain global dominance will be able to buy the Champions Pack via Steam. Which will unlock all of the games current and future Champions. As well as other exclusive in-game bonuses for ‎$29.99 USD. discounted from the final retail price of £29.99.

Metro Exodus story-driven survival FPS reveal

metro exodus story-driven survival fps reveal linux mac windows games

Just recently we seen the Metro Exodus reveal. Hence the epic, story-driven first person shooter from 4A Games. Which is simply just a reveal, since the games is coming to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. And while the games details still blend deadly combat and stealth. Yet also include exploration and survival horror elements. All rolled into one of the most immersive game worlds ever created. So this is not a Linux confirmation, it’s too early yet.

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