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Monstrous Fall Sale launches on GOG for Linux, Mac, PC

Monstrous Fall Sale launches on GOG for Linux Mac PC

The Monstrous Fall Sale, one of the grandest #sales of this year, has begun. Join GOG.com for 10 days of #newdeals of up to 90% off, free games to unlock, and surprises yet to come.

Grab Little Big Adventure 2 totally free to kick off your own adventure – the giveaway will last for the first 48 hours.

Score even more free games in the Monstrous Fall Sale: check in daily, collect badges, and keep shopping to earn XP and unlock Expeditions: Conquistador (Mac and Windows PC), Dex (Linux, Mac and Windows PC), and Victor Vran(Linux, Mac and Windows PC) for free.

Every dollar spent gives you more XP, and you’ll find great combos throughout the sale — like Divinity: Original Sin 2 or Tyranny, which unlock all 3 free games right off the bat.

Find out more and track your progress on GOG.com/my_promo_status

Starting with deals and bundles including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – GOTY (40% discount), Pillars of Eternity (50% discount), Grim Fandango Remastered (50% discount), Day of the Tentacle Remastered (33% discount) and more  – but check back every day for new offers, bundles, and announcements.

Fall Sale started on November 3, 4am PDT / 11am UTC / 12pm CET and lasts until November 13, 12pm CET.

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Exit Fate version Two a fan-made build on Linux for the massive RPG


A fan-made Linux #version of massive RPG Exit Fate, featuring very #highquality music and a god goodie. The game is exactly the same, except that you feel completely different when using headphones, plus this a Linux build!

Also note that the version 2 does not appear on the title screen, where it is shown as v1.02

Please note that Radial Apps has no affiliation with SCF or any of the original creators of the game. The game is completely free, just like the Windows counterpart!

Exit Fate v2 (Linux) – Features very high quality music

Instructions for launching:

Place the downloaded file in your home directory.

To make sure that the game supports all systems, we have created an install-free package.
Right click the file and select “Extract Here”. If you don’t see such an options, you may alternatively go to the terminal and run:

gunzip exitfate.tar.gz

tar –xvf exitfate.tar

This will extract the contents of the package.

Go to the directory and run the file “exitfate” by double clicking on it and choosing “Run”.
If you cannot run the file, right click it and click properties. Check “Allow executing file”. Repeat this step for the files “engine-x86” and “engine-amd64”

Alternatively, you may go to the directory in terminal and run the following command:

chmod 777 exitfate engine*

After that, just play the game and enjoy.


The GOG.com 2016 Summer Sale launches with more than 1,000 Deals and Free Games


It’s time for another adventurous Summer Sale on GOG.com: join us for two whole weeks and lie by an ocean of #game #premiers and 1000+ deals, gather XP to unlock free games, and participate in summer activities! The Summer Sale starts on June 8, 6:00 AM PT /15:00 CEST.

System Shock 2 is free during the first 48 hours to help improve the GOG Galaxy client (Windows PC) with a stress test giveaway: simply, visit the sale through the client, then claim and download your free game.

This is also the perfect opportunity for Homeworld Remastered Collection to make it’s long-awaited DRM-free debut, and with a 50% discount on Windows PC. Passionately loved and endlessly replayed, the epic RTS arrives in response to over 50,000 wishlist votes from the GOG community. It premiers’ alongside the latest, massive patch filled with anticipated key updates to the remastered classic.

Collect XP to earn free games: check in every day, participate in activities, and grab games during the sale to unlock a free copy of: Spelunky, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition, and Dreamfall Chapters Season Pass.

GOG Plays on Twitch: join us for the twitch plays event and help the GOG community achieve greatness in Stardew Valley and Grim Fandango Remastered – all for a collective XP boost. The first event begins Thursday, June 9, at 4:00 PM UTC.

New deals will be added every 24 hours as the 2016 Summer Sale marches on, starting with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (-50%), Rebel Galaxy (-50%), and Day of the Tentacle Remastered (-33%) as well as bundles including X-Wing and TIE Fighter, D&D Gold Box classics and more. Check in every day and stay tuned for more awesome deals and GOG.com premieres!

The 2016 Summer Sale will last until Wednesday, June 22, 12:59 PM UTC / 14:59 CEST / 5:59 AM PDT / 8:59 AM EDT.


GOG Autumn Sale with Free Mount & Blade

GOG Autumn Sale star with mount and blade for free

The GOG autumn sale has begun and straight out of the traps you can get #sandbox action role-playing game #Mount&Blade for #free (it will remain free for 48 hours).

GOG is also offering The Witcher 2 for free – a game made by the development arm of its parent company CD Projekt Red – but you have to collect stamps each day by visiting the site in order to claim it. Seven stamps, seven days, claimed by clicking ‘collect stamp’.

Or you could just buy The Witcher 2 for $9.99 – a deal that will last for the next five hours.

The GOG autumn sale also has many other deals, timed, bundled or otherwise.

All games bought on GOG are DRM-free. They’re yours to do what you want with.


Red Entity a free shooter for Linux, Mac and Windows

Red Entity a free shooter for Linux Mac and Windows

Red Entity is a game about a bunny girl, her giant mech and a couple thousand baddies out to get them and yet it makes sense. Truth be said, this is all about #shooting everything that comes your way, dodging stuff and #surviving long enough to make it to the next wave.

Red Entity a free shooter for Linux Mac and Windows screenshot

It’s quite obviously a brilliantly frantic, 2D, side-scrolling shooter in which you get to run and jump and kill stuff and avoid all sorts of projectiles and, occasionally, call in your mech friend to deal massive damage to anything remotely threatening. Survive five increasingly demanding waves of this and you’ll unlock a longer, tougher mode that will allow you to further hone your shooting, melee-ing abilities while murdering over a thousand enemy sprites.

And then, the game will be over.

Red Entity, you see, is a short, but lovely offering. It’s polished, finely balanced and looks like an EGA-era masterpiece. The fact that it was made in under 72 hours makes it all the more impressive and, frankly, that’s all there is to say about it. It’s pure arcade fun and you can download it for Linux, Mac and Windows PC either on itch.io or via the Ludum Dare forums.

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