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PAYDAY 2 Free 5 million copies for limited time

payday 2 now free 5 millions copies for limited time with linux via steam games

Since we all like #Free games. Now is the time to grab a copy of PAYDAY 2 on Steam. Due to the 5 million permanent copies now available for Linux and Windows gamers.
So just head to the PAYDAY 2 page in our #Steam client and click Install. A message will follow with the #games confirmation, outlining that you now own it. Then go ahead and install on Linux and wreck some Windows players.

Check out the PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition Update:

PAYDAY 2 Features:

  • Rob Banks, Get Paid – Players must choose their crew carefully. Because when the job goes down they will need the right mix of skills on their side.
  • CRIMENET – The dynamic contract database lets gamers pick and choose from available jobs.  While connecting with local contacts such as Vlad the Ukrainian, shady politician “The Elephant”. And South American drug trafficker Hector. All with their own agenda and best interests in mind.
  • PAYDAY Gun Play and Mechanics on a New Level – Firing weapons and zip tying civilians never felt so good.
  • Dynamic Scenarios – No heist ever plays out the same way twice. Every single scenario has random geometry, while some games have rare events.
  • Choose Your Skills – As players progress they can invest. Hence any of five special Skill Trees: Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost, Technician and Fugitive. Each features a deep customization tree of associated skills and equipment to master. So  mix and match to create the ultimate heister.

Accessories, Mods and Masks:

  • More Masks than Ever – PAYDAY 2 features a completely new mask system. Giving players the ability to craft their own unique mask together. So your different patterns and a color combinations, resulting in millions of different choices.
  • Weapons and Modifications – A brand new arsenal for the serious heister, covering everything from sniper and assault rifles to compact PDWs and SMGs. Once you’ve settled for a favorite, you can modify it with optics, suppressors, fore grips, reticles, barrels, frames, stocks and more, all of which will affect the performance of your weapon. There are also purely aesthetic enhancements – why not go for the drug lord look with polished walnut grips for your nine?
  • Play It Your Way – Each job allows for multiple approaches, such as slow and stealthy ambushes, to running in guns blazing. Hit the target any way you want, and watch as the heist unfolds accordingly.
  • New Game Content All the Time – More than 70 updates since release and still going strong with new heists, characters, weapons and other gameplay features like driving cars and forklifts. Every month offers new free content and paid DLC as PAYDAY 2 continues to be developed by the OVERKILL crew until at least 2017.

Since PAYDAY 2 is available now for Free on Steam. Everyone can grab a copy for either Linux or Windows PC’s.

Hearts of Iron IV with a Free Anniversary Pack

hearts of iron iv with a free anniversary pack in linux mac windows games

Since Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio celebrate their one-year anniversary. Hence this is for the Hearts of Iron IV #release, the World War II Grand Strategy Game. Released to critical acclaim on June 6, 2016 for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC.

So Hearts of Iron IV, is a game that challenges players to navigate the nation of their choice. While engaging the #games players using history’s greatest conflict. Continues to engage players one year later across Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. So to thank the community for their ongoing support for the games success. Paradox just released the Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Pack as free DLC, available now for all players.

Since the game’s release one year ago. Hearts of Iron IV has built a dedicated and growing community of players. Since then, Hearts of Iron IV is played by an average of 250,000 monthly active users (MAU). While over half of those players are playing the community’s creative game mods. Including “Millenium Dawn,” which brings the war into the modern era, “The Great War.” Pulling it all back to World War I, or “Kaiserreich,” an alternate historical setting. Which presumes Germany had won the first world war. And since more mods and newer players continue to flock to Hearts of Iron IV. This continues to set the stage for more new war stories for years to come.

So the Anniversary Pack includes new in-game content. Providing players with a richer and more detailed Hearts of Iron IV experience. While featuring new voiceovers for Polish troops. Something that is frequently requested by the player community.

How to download the new free Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Pack content:

  • New voiceovers for troops while playing as Poland
  • 20 new portrait selections for generals and leaders across nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America
  • 20 new custom division icons

To download the free Anniversary Pack, visit Anniversary Pack official Steam page.

A new addition to Hearts of Iron IV will also arrive next week with the release of Death or Dishonor. A Country Pack is releasing on June 14, 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. Death or Dishonor will add new focus trees. Plus in-game events for the nations of Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.

For more information on the forthcoming DLC, visit the official website.

Sublevel Zero getting Free expansion [Linux]

sublevel zero getting a free expansion Linux mac windows in games

Since the release of Sublevel Zero on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2015. Sigtrap #Games continue updating the release including a Redux build on console. So with loads of #newcontent the games now getting a new Free #expansion. At least according to the official announcement on Steam.

So Sigtrap are officially launching VR support for Rift and Vive (Windows). And due to all of these changes, on July 13th Sublevel Zero will be changing its name to Sublevel Zero Redux.

Since this huge update will bring a bunch of new features for the Free expansion. This includes tweaks and changes that really improve the overall gameplay & structure. New enemies, unlockables and extras, and even a secret new weapon to uncover.

Sigtrap Games incredibly pleased to announce that, on July 13th, Sublevel Zero is getting expanded to include all of that content and more, absolutely free.

Sublevel Zero Free Expansion Features (Linux, Mac and Windows):M

  • Intro Campaign
    Intended to familiarise new and existing players to the game. It’s shorter and easier to introduce the core game mechanics. Once completed, the regular campaign is unlocked.
  • Restructured Campaign
    We’ve introduced difficulty modifiers that scale to a variety of different player skill levels and affect enemy health, drop rates, crafting costs and Nanite life. This provides an easier introduction, with an even tougher challenge for veterans.
    As you progress, harder alternate levels unlock that add more challenge as you improve. You can track your progress through the game on the new Campaign Progression tab on the menu.
  • Expanded Procedural Generation
    We’ve added over 70 new rooms to further expand the game and add more variety to levels.
  • Teleporters
    To reduce backtracking, Teleporters are now available at certain points to help you get back onto the critical path through levels.
  • New Enemies
    We’ve created two brand-new enemies that add deadly new twists to combat.
  • Elite Enemies
    Progressing through the game will unlock harder variations of existing enemies. These guys take more hits and punch back even harder, adding another layer of difficulty for the most experienced pilots.
  • Enemy Bestiary
    By destroying enemies, this unlocks trophies in the Codex tab. Each entry gives you more information about different enemy types as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
  • New Starting Classes
    The Seeker class is specifically designed for players to take advantage of homing weapons such as the Homing Swarm and Smartgun right from the start. It’s also perfect for VR players.
    The Reaver is an experimental ship bolted together by a dangerous madman. Even rumoured to indulge in cannibalism, his regard for the safety of others and himself was legendarily lacking.

The games general improvements:

  • Save and Quit
    Leaving mid-game now gives you the option to continue from the start of your current level. One thing to note is that Hard difficulty modes disable this feature.
  • Trading Cards
    Long overdue, but we’re adding trading cards to the game on Steam.
  • Optimisations and Performance
    Levels load faster and gameplay is smoother thanks to a bunch of optimisations. There’s also an option to turn on banking which adds a great sense of weight to the ship.
  • Localisation
    We’ve added French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian localisations so you can enjoy Sublevel Zero in multiple languages.

Windows only:

  • VR Support
    The game will launch with full support for Oculus and Vive (Windows). Weapons such as the Smartgun, Homing Missiles and Homing Swarms have lock-on capabilities which can be utilised with head tracking. There’s also a wide variety of different comfort options to suit your individual needs.

Day of Infamy gets Aussie Update [Linux]

day of infamy gets aussie update for linux mac windows pc games on steam

Since this is one of those must-have games from #NewWorldInteractive. Hence Day of Infamy is a go-to award-winning title that started as a mod for Insurgency. Yet it looks like the developers are back with more news. Having just announced the #first #majorcontentupdate for their hardcore WWII multiplayer shooter. Currently available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So the Aussie Update, launched via Steam, focuses on adding new Australian units. Hence this Commonwealth faction also comes with the African-American 761st “Black Panthers” Tank Battalion. And The Black Watch Scottish regiment and German 272nd Volks-Grenadier Division. So the update also includeds new melee weapon unlock. The iconic Australian Owen Gun, a brand new community-made map named Rhineland. Along with an improved ranking system and best of all, it’s completely free.

Watch the Aussie Update in 10 Seconds:

So to celebrate the launch of the Aussie Update. Day of Infamy will be on sale at 25% off for two weeks. As an additional bonus, those who purchase Day of Infamy in the first 24 hours via Chrono.gg. Will also get the award-winning Insurgency absolutely FREE.
(Free Insurgency offer expires: Friday, May 19, 2017 at 9 a.m. PDT)

The Day of Infamy Aussie Update includes:

  • New Map: Rhineland.
  • New Units: Australian unit includes new authentic voice acting and the iconic Slouch Hat.
    • 2/17th Battalion – new Australian unit for the Commonwealth faction.
    • The Black Watch – a Scottish unit for the Commonwealth faction.
    • 761st Tank Battalion “Black Panthers” – an African-American unit for the U.S. Army faction.
    • 272nd Volksgrenadier Division – new brown camouflage for the German Wehrmacht faction.
  • The new Owen submachine gun available for Commonwealth faction on maps when the Aussie units are available.
  • New Melee weapons including entrenching tools, shovels, Commando knife, brass knuckles and more.
  • A new unlockable Veteran weapon skins and cloth wraps. Available for the K98, Lee Enfield, Springfield, and Garand rifles. These veteran skins unlock when reaching kill thresholds for each rifle.
  • Overhauled Ranking system including:
    • Four additional Officer ranks, including Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Colonel.
    • Introducing a new Tour system that allows players to reset their rank. Starting over again after reaching 1 million points with 15 unit unlock thresholds per Tour.

Since Day of Infamy started in 2016 as a mod for Insurgency via Steam. Created by the developers at New World and members of their modding community. Since then, New World is working hard to stay true to their design roots for their games. Established by Insurgency, but also shaped Day of Infamy into a unique World War II shooter that can stand on its own.

Day of Infamy is available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC for $19.99 (USD). In celebration of the Aussie Update, there will be a 25% discount ($14.99 USD) until May 31, 2017. Those who purchase Day of Infamy on Chrono.gg in the first 24 hours will get the 25% off discount and Insurgency for FREE!

If you already own Insurgency on Linux, then check out Steam and Humble store for the same discount in games.

The Exiled launches Season #3 Free and gets rid of 7-day trial

the exiled launches season 3 free and gets rid of 7-day trial in linux gaming news

In gaming news, The Exiled decided to make it easier for new players to get into some gaming. Therefore developers Fairytale Distillery decided to get rid of the 7-day trial period during #Season3 on Early Access. So this means that everybody can play The Exiled for #free for the coming four weeks. And seeing that Season #3 is now live for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Just start the game and you’re in.

Since this is positive news for Season #3. This move to put the 7-day trail aside will help get more players gaming on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Right now you can jump into gameplay with a completely fresh set of game servers . As well as a bunch of cool game changes, so check out the patch notes. Some big news since Season 2 release. But Season #3 ends on may 17th.

The Exiled patch notes:

Unlimited Free Trial during Season #3: In order to make it easier for new players to get into The Exiled we have decided to get rid of the 7-day trial period during Season #3. Yes, that means that you and all of your friends can play The Exiled for free for the coming four weeks. Just start the game and you’re in. You can (and should) still buy a Supporter Pack to unlock more character slots. And get unique visuals for your character but it is not a requirement anymore to play the game.

Open Clans: We have changed the clan system to allow for three new recruiting states. “Accepting Applications” is the default and it works as before. So applicants can message clan leaders and recruiters in order to create a clan invite. “Not recruiting” means just that – there will be no way to get in touch with the clan. And “Open” means that everybody will be able to join your clan at the click of a button without needing an invite. We also added a window notifying new players of the most active clans they could join.

Balancing Changes

  • Fewer meteors, carcasses and caravans will now be spawned but they will carry much more loot. This should lead to more competition between players.

Usability Changes in The Exiled

  • Entering your email is not mandatory anymore to start playing. You should still do it to unlock a new pet, the Grey Snapper.
  • Added a proper error message for when you are trying to equip gear you cannot use.
  • The party channel now also supports in-game voice chat.
  • Added new UI elements for map unlocks, donation points and city centers.
  • Made sure that target calling [T] now works both in clans and parties (parties are preferred).
  • The “called target” arrow is now much more visible.
  • There can now be only one “called target” [T] per clan and party.
  • You can now see your party members when they are in tall grass and you are not.
  • Player names in the Help chat channel are now colored again and not just pure white.

Map Changes

  • Added a Rare Mob that drops Healer ability sigils.

Visual and Audio Changes

  • Renamed all Rare Mobs with names befitting our game lore.
  • Fixed some missing sound effects (bind to tree, open/close gates).
  • Added new attack and death sounds for non-humanoid mobs.

Performance Changes

  • Reduced the density of tall grass in lower quality settings.