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Veiled DRM free occult horror support

veiled occult horror drm free games coming soon to linux windows pc support

Veiled is the new DRM free occult horror title for Windows PC, but the games coming Linux as well. Thanks to the brand new Canadian game studio Regularly Scheduled Programming. Who just released their debut title. Available now on Itch.io.

Don’t Starve Together new content in April

don’t starve together new content in april for linux mac windows games

Don’t Starve Together games getting brand new content for Linux, Mac and Windows this April. Since Klei Entertainment are now working on the ability for survivors will be able to travel. While introducing new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more.

Unknown Horizons sim developers seek support

unknown horizons sim developers seek linux games support

Unknown Horizons is an open source real-time economy sim game for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games completely free. Including strategy elements in an isometric 2D engine. While development uses the Flexible Isometric Free Engine (or in short: FIFE). The project is hoping to port the game to Godot Engine.

Cultist Simulator new content coming soon

cultist simulator new content coming soon to linux games

Cultist Simulator will release a new game mode, new content and new challenges coming on Linux, Mac and Windows. So as of Tuesday January 22, 2019, the new update will release.

SOMA Free for a few more hours on GOG

soma free for a few more hours on gog linux mac windows games via connect

SOMA is still FREE on GOG games, with a few more hours to go for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Frictional Games, the horror title is available to add to your account. Get it while the Daily Deals for games are back, plus more than 2000 deals available in the GOG Winter Sale.

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