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The Exiled launches Season #3 Free and gets rid of 7-day trial

the exiled launches season 3 free and gets rid of 7-day trial in linux gaming news

In gaming news, The Exiled decided to make it easier for new players to get into some gaming. Therefore developers Fairytale Distillery decided to get rid of the 7-day trial period during #Season3 on Early Access. So this means that everybody can play The Exiled for #free for the coming four weeks. And seeing that Season #3 is now live for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Just start the game and you’re in.

Since this is positive news for Season #3. This move to put the 7-day trail aside will help get more players gaming on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Right now you can jump into gameplay with a completely fresh set of game servers . As well as a bunch of cool game changes, so check out the patch notes. Some big news since Season 2 release. But Season #3 ends on may 17th.

The Exiled patch notes:

Unlimited Free Trial during Season #3: In order to make it easier for new players to get into The Exiled we have decided to get rid of the 7-day trial period during Season #3. Yes, that means that you and all of your friends can play The Exiled for free for the coming four weeks. Just start the game and you’re in. You can (and should) still buy a Supporter Pack to unlock more character slots. And get unique visuals for your character but it is not a requirement anymore to play the game.

Open Clans: We have changed the clan system to allow for three new recruiting states. “Accepting Applications” is the default and it works as before. So applicants can message clan leaders and recruiters in order to create a clan invite. “Not recruiting” means just that – there will be no way to get in touch with the clan. And “Open” means that everybody will be able to join your clan at the click of a button without needing an invite. We also added a window notifying new players of the most active clans they could join.

Balancing Changes

  • Fewer meteors, carcasses and caravans will now be spawned but they will carry much more loot. This should lead to more competition between players.

Usability Changes in The Exiled

  • Entering your email is not mandatory anymore to start playing. You should still do it to unlock a new pet, the Grey Snapper.
  • Added a proper error message for when you are trying to equip gear you cannot use.
  • The party channel now also supports in-game voice chat.
  • Added new UI elements for map unlocks, donation points and city centers.
  • Made sure that target calling [T] now works both in clans and parties (parties are preferred).
  • The “called target” arrow is now much more visible.
  • There can now be only one “called target” [T] per clan and party.
  • You can now see your party members when they are in tall grass and you are not.
  • Player names in the Help chat channel are now colored again and not just pure white.

Map Changes

  • Added a Rare Mob that drops Healer ability sigils.

Visual and Audio Changes

  • Renamed all Rare Mobs with names befitting our game lore.
  • Fixed some missing sound effects (bind to tree, open/close gates).
  • Added new attack and death sounds for non-humanoid mobs.

Performance Changes

  • Reduced the density of tall grass in lower quality settings.

Football Manager 2017 free to play this weekend

football manager 2017 free weekend on steam linux gaming news

Soccer fans who are looking to try managing their favourite team will get their chance this weekend. Hence Football Manager 2017 is #available free to play this weekend on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Launching this year as one of the most played games on Steam.
So, having started Thursday, the #freeweekend will run until 8pm on Sunday this evening, while also available with a 50% discount. While the real news, this discount will last until 8pm Monday March 27th .

Football Manager 2017 Features video:

So Football Manager 2017 gaming comes with an strict career mode, this has the player controlling every decision of the 2500 real football clubs. Players will be able to put together a dream team and pit them against friends or the AI. Players will be able to become a football tycoon by designing their own team. While placing it in any league of their choosing for that ultimate gaming challenge.

As anyone can expect from the quality of the Football Manager franchise. Any aspiring manager can get involved in player transfers but now pre-contract talks can take place with players. While also being able to go through their agents, where you are given the opportunity to share ideals for the club. The same as previous Football managers, gathering a first rate backroom team is essential to success. Since Football Manager 2017 two new staff members are introduced; Data Analysts to support your scouts and Sports Scientists to support your medical teams.

Football Manager 2017 has a lot to offer fans of one of the best sports, and the best news, its free to play this weekend. Now available on Steam and get into some Linux gameplay with that 50% discount.

The Exiled MMO RPG launches on Early Access – Free for 7 days

the exiled mmorpg launches closed alpha free 7 days Linux gaming news

So starting right now, players can jump into The Exiled on Steam for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the games #free 7-day trial no matter what platform you choose.
Since The Exiled is under development in Unity 3D, gameplay should be very smooth on Linux. And given the games review score on #Steam, we suggest you play The Exiled and see.

Since we announced the release of The Exiled last month, there has been significant changes. Hence the developers getting ready for the Early Access release.

Patch Notes for Update 1.0

We have made a lot of improvements to the game – read the full patch notes here. Hence an improvement over the Closed Alpha release back in December.

The games trailer:

Season #1 Server Duration & Update Cycle

So starting with Early Access in gaming news, February 23rd. Fairytale Distillery are going to switch to a 28-day development cycle and 28-day seasons.

Since that means that every 28 days Fairytale Distillery will start a new group of game servers (in different locations of the world). Hence running for more than 27 days. At the end of each season developers will release the final leaderboards and world maps.

So Fairytale Distillery will also include two days per cycle where they are likely to release new game updates. While the developers will launch hotfixes right-away if those are necessary. All updates that require a game server wipe will happen in between seasons.

Here is the first cycle for season #1:

  • February 23rd 2017 (Thursday) – 3 PM CET / 6 AM Pacific:  Season #1 starts with update 1.0
  • March 9th 2017 (Thursday): Mid-season update slot for update 1.0.1 (can be skipped)
  • March 22nd 2017 (Wednesday) – 8 PM local time: End of Season #1 game worlds with a massive Jailor attack
  • March 23rd 2017 (Thursday) – 3 PM CET / 6 AM Pacific:  Season #2 starts with update 1.1

So The Exiled is a social sandbox MMO RPG where survival strategy meets skill-based PvP combat. Hence either cooperate or conquer, craft or combat; every decision is critical as you seek to flourish in a forsaken valley. While the games classless system means you shape your character to fit your style of play. So there is no grind, full loot and unrestricted PvP clashes. Therefore you must constantly balance risk and reward as you decide how to interact with the world and your fellow players. Craft equipment, construct your settlements and build alliances, as you explore challenging open world environments with unique geography and features. Each skirmish and siege will define your fate, as you vie to win your freedom from The Exiled.

The Exiled is available FREE for seven days on Steam. Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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Total War WARHAMMER FREE DLC Grombrindal available now

total war warhammer free dlc grombrindal available linux steamos

So Total War WARHAMMER finally received another healthy announcement. Hence the #Free #DLC, Grombrindal The White Dwarf is now #available for Linux thanks to Feral Interactive. But not as big a DLC as Realm of The Wood Elves.

Total War WARHAMMER – Grombrindal

So The White Dwarf himself, is a hero from the time of legends. While there are rumours abound as to his true identity. Some say he is the living incarnation of Snorri Longbeard himself. Since others point out that he was betrothed to the goddess Valaya. Hence protector and bestower of magical resistance. Either way, he is a powerful living symbol of hope and pride for the Dwarfs. So in times of dire need, he may appear in the flesh to help the Dawi through their tribulations.

Unique quests within the DLC

So like all Legendary Lords, Grombrindal unlocks a series of unique quests as he levels up. Since each of which rewards him with his legendary wargear. Grombrindal has no less than four quest-chains, bestowing him with the Rune Helm of Zhufbar, the Armour of Glimril Scales, the Rune Cloak of Valaya, and the Rune Axe of Grimnir. Thus clad, he is a formidable force of the battlefield.

Traits and abilities

So Grombrindal has a number of traits and abilities which make him a unique Legendary Lord.

  • Grombrindal can assume the aspect and attendant benefits of one of the illustrious Dwarf deities, Grimnir, Valaya and Grungni, through his unique Living Ancestor dilemma
  • The greatest campaign reinforcement range of any Lord
  • Increased Underway evasion chance
  • His unique battle ability, ‘Grimnir Has no Fear’, is an augment which bestows increased melee attack, melee defence, vigour and the Unbreakable trait.
  • His unique battle ability ‘Flash Bomb’ temporarily blinds enemies and slows their advance

While DLC Grombrindal The White Dwarf is available Free for all owners of Total War WARHAMMER on Steam. We have not had a chance to test it out.
So by all means leave a comment let us know your experience? And are there any gameplay glitches?

System Requirements:


  • OS: Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit, SteamOS 2.0
  • Processor: 3.4GHz Intel Core i3-4130, 3.5GHz AMD FX6300
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB Nvidia 650ti or better (driver version 367.28), 2GB AMD R9 270 or better (Mesa 13.0.1 driver compiled using LLVM 3.9)
  • Storage: 29 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: AMD GPU’s are not supported on Steam OS. Intel GPU’s are not supported at time of release.


  • OS: Ubuntu 16.10 64-bit, SteamOS 2.0
  • Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7-4770
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4GB Nvidia 970 (driver version 367.28), 4GB AMD RX 480 (Mesa 13.0.1 driver compiled using LLVM 3.9)
  • Storage: 35 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: AMD GPU’s are not supported on Steam OS. Intel GPU’s are not supported at time of release.


Long War 2 the XCOM 2 free mod releases but no support

long war 2 the xcom 2 games free mod releases but no linux support

So the Long War 2 is a follow-up to probably one of the most popular XCOM free mod’s yet. Since the #gamemod is now available for download via the #SteamWorkshop. Hence the release emerged less than 24 hours after 2K published a basic outline of the games #features. Since it is already one of the most popular XCOM 2 free mod’s since the perk and laser packs.
Of course, if you are new to Long War, this makes XCOM 2 games much more difficult than the base game.

Linux support:

Hi Todd,

Feral has announced they are working on an update to the base-game XCOM 2 for Mac and Linux to properly support Long War 2. Some players have reported a workaround they are using in the meantime.

We’ll also need to provide non-bink versions of our mod’s custom cinematic sequences. That will be in our first patch to the mod, which we are working on now.

So the Long War 2 makes some substantial changes to the base XCOM 2 gameplay experience. Since players have more to do in the games regional level, the recruiting and research efforts are now tying into specific zones. While micro-managing tends to get very tedious and complicated, not only taking more time, contacting each new section of the globe. So there is a new brain behind ADVENT, which also tailors organization duties to each region. Giving players new ways to take back the planet from the alien forces on Earth. Hence Long War 2 goes even further, changing the way players recruit new soldiers.

For more details on Long War 2, check out the blog post from 2K or the listing in the Steam Workshop above.
Since the is also a new gameplay video on the XCOM YouTube channel.

See the new free mod in action:

XCOM 2 Long War 2 is currently only available for Windows PC, so no Linux support. Which is rather sad considering the base games native build and with all of these mod features…..

XCOM 2 the new mission types:

  • Jailbreak – XCOM must infiltrate an ADVENT jail and rescue key Resistance members. Success increases the strength of the Resistance in that region.
  • Haven Defense – A variation on Retaliation missions where XCOM must defend Resistance members against an onslaught of ADVENT forces until the Skyranger can get into position for extraction.
  • ADVENT Base Assault – XCOM must deploy to and overtake a well-defended regional military headquarters.
  • Invasion – ADVENT attempts to retake a liberated region by assaulting a city center. XCOM must destroy a psionic relay that summons continuous reinforcements, then eliminate any remaining forces.
  • Rendezvous – A Faceless disguised as a member of the Resistance is detected as it goes to meet with its ADVENT handlers and XCOM must hunt it down.
  • ADVENT Supply Raid – XCOM must defend a supply convoy and its Resistance personnel from ADVENT attacks.
  • ADVENT Intel Raid – ADVENT attacks a Resistance listening post and XCOM must repel the attack.
  • ADVENT Recruiting Raid – ADVENT forces attack Resistance recruiters within a region. XCOM must extract those Resistance members.

Be sure to throw a Linux comment on the Workdshop page for Long War 2. XCOM 2 launched with native support, so this is the time to show some love for Linux.