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Gold Rush! 2 launched on Steam

gold rush! 2 launched on steam in linux gaming news

Today in gaming news, the developers of the original Gold Rush! just launched Gold Rush! 2. Since the #game was decades in the making, this is a true 80’s video game #classic making are return. Hence this release on Steam is currently only available for Windows PC, a Linux release will follow.

So the original Gold Rush! was published in 1988. One of a series of seminal graphic #adventure games from Sierra Online. That game helped define video games history and represents a time when games were games. So playing with a joystick meant something, else.

Linux support:

“A Linux port is planned but now not 100% sure. We will see that after the PC release.”

Gold Rush! 2:

  • From the writers of the original 80’s classic and set 20 years after the original Gold Rush!
  • Completely new story and quests
  • New rendered and animated scenes throughout the game, all in full HD
  • New music throughout

About Gold Rush! 2

Gold Rush! 2 moves the story forward 20 years to 1869.

Jerrod Wilson left his home in Brooklyn, New York during the legendary Gold Rush of 1849. While in search of his brother Jake, who was forced to leave 11 years earlier. After a long adventure, Jake and Jerrod found the richest vein of gold in California’s Mother Lode. So 20 years have now past and the brothers are very wealthy. If they were to return home, their wealth would guarantee them influence and power.

Word arrives from Brooklyn that all is not good. William Tweed, a petty criminal who Jake and Jerrod know from their childhood. Hence now grown to become the head of a gang of thieves and extortionists. What’s more, he is now in the State Legislature. So members of his gang have key positions in authority, including the police. Jake and Jerrod decide to sell their mine and travel home on the newly constructed Transcontinental Railroad. The brothers have evidence that will send Tweed to prison for the rest of his life.

But Tweed has heard they are coming. Having already puts plans in place to stop them from ever returning to Brooklyn. Will the brothers make it back home? If they do, can they stop Tweed’s growing power?

Since Gold Rush! 2 has now launched on Steam for Windows PC gaming. This also includes a 15% discount until May 5th by the way. We will have more news about the coming Linux release from Sunlight Games. Since Gold Rush! Anniversary launched back in 2014 on Linux.

Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge expansion announced

renowned explorers: the emperor's challenge expansion announced in linux gaming news

Since it’s been two years since the #release of Renowned Explorers: International Society in gaming. Hence developer #AbbeyGames are back in the news with Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge. The second premium #expansion pack for the “adventurer manager” Renowned Explorers on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Now the pack opens up East Asia with first-time additions to the character roster, coming May 10th.
So a new expedition in Indonesia with a whole new game mode. While players are tasked to compete directly against Rivaleux. All to fulfil the desires of Chinese Emperor Guāngxù. Also the base game comes with Humble Wild Frontier Bundle, still live for another 4 days.

What’s the story here?

So your crew, representing The International Society, has been spotted. Hence landing quietly in an undisclosed location East from Borneo in Indonesia by the order of Emperor Guāngxù. Yet hot on their heels comes your arch rival, Matthieu Rivaleux. While making a clearly visible landing at the busy docks with his team of investigators. And since the locals were clamouring for autographs from Rivaleux. With his dazzling smile flashing for the crowd of dedicated fans.
So no sooner are the teams ashore, but a race begans to the Temple of Trance. While involving miraculous feats of physical prowess, underhanded trickery. This is no small amount of charming smiles to get the locals to lend a hand. What does the lovable (but somewhat eccentric) Chinese Emperor have in store for the two renowned teams? And what amazing discoveries can we expect in the archaeological dream, Indonesia?

The Game:

Renowned Explorers is all turn-based strategy adventure gaming. All set in a whimsically fictitious, 19th century, historical setting for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge is the second expansion in the news, all set in Indonesia. Hence this latest release opens up a new location for you to explore. While also coming with a host of new characters to pad your team. This includes a new game mode available as the titular Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge.
So this mode will challenge Veterans of the game. Where player have to adapt their strategies on the fly for a new level of challenge. So do you choose Suh Min-Jeong, a child prodigy in the fields of diplomacy and archaeology. Or perhaps Wang Yu with his knack for fireworks and a penchant for trouble?


  • Explore the far corners of the world in the age of discovery. So outsmart your rivals, campaign for fame and become the most Renowned Explorer of the 19th century
  • Create your own adventures; get to know your explorers with their own character traits, skills and quirks. Managing their progression while hunting for the most prestigious treasures
  • Prepare your treasure hunt; collect Insight, Research, Gold and Status on your expeditions. All so that you can acquire supplies and support for the next adventure
  • Attitude-based gameplay; choose the best course of action. Such as engaging your opponents physically and mentally. While using charm, deception, intimidation or a show of force
  • There is always something new to discover in the amazing procedurally generated expeditions. Since your reputation opens up new opportunities

So Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge expansion will be making a debut via Steam in Linux gaming on May 10th. Also in the news, the Renowned Explorers: International Society game still has a 92% to 100% Positive rating on Steam.

Scanner Sombre debuts with Linux in tow

scanner sombre exploration debuts with linux in tow in gaming news

In gaming news, BAFTA-winning Introversion Software officially #launched Scanner Sombre. Since the #exploration games #debut yesterday, there is no Linux support. Hence only Mac and Windows PC. But a native build is on the way, according to a company spokesperson.

The Linux release?

At present there is no Linux available but we do plan to rectify this in the near furture.

This is the extent of the coming Linux release for Scanner Sombre. Hence no definite release date other then, “the near future.” Hopefully more near than future.

So Scanner Sombre introduces a minimalist game environment. While developed in intriguing new ways, creating a suspense-laden journey. One that harnesses the senses from a first person perspective.

While using a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner to aid in navigation. Players have to make their way through a complex network of underground caves. Yet doing so in complete darkness in order to make it back to the surface. Therefore your LIDAR scanner produces millions of individual light-points. While also painting a static, neon 3D image of the environments as you trek through the darkness. But you might not be alone.

So the way creative Director at Introversion Chris Delay outlines the game best. “Scanner Sombre is a total departure for us as a studio in terms of visual style and tone. It’s almost a subversive game when you think about what people might expect from Introversion. So we’re really looking forward to hearing people’s reactions when they can play it.”

Introversion’s Managing Director, Mark Morris interjected with, “This is a very different experience to Prison Architect. It’s a shorter, but a more involved, claustrophobic game. Distilling a deep sense of unease into a single play session. It’s probably going to make you feel a bit uncomfortable.”

While inspired by Gone Home, Dear Esther and Proteus. Scanner Sombre is a cave exploration experience.  With stunning visuals and a terrifying theme. Hence the 6th major video game released by Introversion Software. Creators of the million selling, BAFTA award winning Prison Architect as well as Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia.

Find out more and check out the official website. Scanner Sombre exploration is available on Steam, Humble Store and GOG. While also including some brilliant gaming news, a 20% discount until May 3rd.

Phoenix Point the XCOM style game now on Fig

phoenix point the xcom style game now on fig in linux gaming news

Right now the biggest news in gaming is Phoenix Point now on Fig. Hence the new XCOM style #game from the creator of the original X-COM series. All set in a world based, #turnbased #strategy tactics game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So to break it down, Phoenix Point is a strategy game in a squad-style. And obviously the combat is a turn-based tactical battle. While completely set in a devastated, future earth where the alien pandora virus has mutated life. Combining themselves with human intelligence.

So due take note that the game’s design focuses on the original X-COM. We’re talking about the Microprose and Hasbro version back in the 1990’s. While taking some inspiration from the Firaxis reboots from Feral as well as the Long War 2.

X-COM: UFO Defense was a fantastic turn-based strategy game created by Microprose in the mid-1990s. Which is still very playable and with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. Now, one of the developers Julian Gollop has issued the new Fig campaign for the XCOM style of Phoenix Point. Hence a “spirtual successor” to the game. Just don’t get this series and the excellent series from Firaxis Games mixed.

“We are creating Phoenix Point by taking influences from the famed X-COM franchise,” said Julian Gollop, CEO of Snapshot Games. Who also happens to be the principle designer from the original Microprose title. “We are updating our favorite gameplay features from X-COM titles such as UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM Apocalypse. I designed both, and now mixing them with some of the amazing ideas Firaxis Games. All executed brilliantly in their franchise reboots. Creating an entirely new game whose essence lies in the XCOM genre.”

Phoenix Point Fig Trailer:

So the Snapshot Games development team is seeking $500,000 USD. Currently $300,000 USD of that being available through Fig’s unique investment system. While giving individuals a chance to receive returns on whatever they invest based on game sales. Phoenix Point has already been in development for a year. Since Snapshot has a story and art created. As well as a combat system and AI. With a release targeted for Q4 2018 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So the real gaming news, how are aliens involved this time around? Players take on the roll of a member from the Phoenix Project. Hence a group of operatives that activate when the world is in trouble. So in this case, the world faces an alien virus that attacks human DNA, nearly wiping out all life on Earth. And those that weren’t killed are either mutated into an alien abomination. Or settled into smaller colonies, some controlled by the powerful factions. And since this is X-COM (and XCOM) games, players are tasked with wiping out the alien threat. While also dealing with the human factions and their own motives or plans.

Snapshot’s previous game is Chaos Reborn. The successfully Kickstarted title based on the classic Chaos: The Battle. Hence the Wizards game from 1985. While Chaos Reborn holds a 7/10 rating on Steam.

So this is some rather exciting gaming news. Since Phoenix Point is being targeted for a Q4 2018 release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. If you have to get your pledge for the XCOM style game, now is the time hit the Fig page.

Carried Away physics puzzle game now on Greenlight

carried wway physics puzzle game now on greenlight in linux gaming news

Developer Huge Calf are making gaming news. Hence working on a #physics puzzle game, Carried Away. Currently in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where the player constructs #chairlifts, drag lifts, gondolas, #jumps and bridges. All to help skiers and mountain bikers navigate different mountain terrain. So if you’re a skier, snowboarder or mountain biker, you will be inspired. Since the gaming experience itself takes influence from classic bridge building titles. All using tension and compression created by cable systems. So gaming takes the avid qualities of bridge building games. Then flips it all upside down to create entirely new physics puzzles.
Although, from a snowboarding perspective. The last thing one wants is to have to worry about a lift coming down. So gaming is taken with a grain of salt here. But the whole concept does capture the interest.

Since Carried Away will bring equal measures of success and failure. Where players attempts to build strong structures with a limited budget. Creating tense moments followed by a few laughs. Set in a colourful, low-poly world. Therefore Carried Away provides the tools to create your own engineering puzzles. Then once you have learned the ropes in the campaign. Challenge friends and the community, sharing your creations and replays online.


  • Original physics challenges
  • Classic physics challenges
  • More than 50 levels
  • Varied campaign
  • Sandbox mode including procedural mountain generation
  • In-game level builder
  • Online gallery and workshop

Early Access?

“We have been having so much fun working on this game and when we’re ready to share this with you, we will be opening the doors to early access users. During Early Access, the game will still be packed with features and puzzles, but we will be welcoming and acting on community feedback to make the game even better.”

So the big news, Carried Away will be coming to Early Access first. Hence a better means of shaping the game into something more viable. Which is smart, seeing we can expect to see Linux, Mac and Windows PC support. Yet even better, the physics puzzle games’s Early Access price will set at $9.99 USD, and the final build at $14.99 USD.
However, in order for Carried Away to get on Steam, they need that community support on Greenlight.