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CROSSNIQ releases a new native Demo via Kickstarter

crossniq releases a new native demo via kickstarter for linux mac windows

CROSSNIQ+ the new tile-sliding puzzle game releases a new native Demo via Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is also quite stable on Linux.

The Path of Motus word combat and native support

the path of motus word combat and linux support

The Path of Motus a word combat game coming to Windows, and quite possibly Linux too. We reached out to developer MichaelArts for details.

Overcooked 2 cooking game will get support

overcooked 2 co-op cooking game will get support for linux mac windows

Overcooked 2 co-op cooking game will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. So developer Ghost Town Games are working in collaboration with Team17. All ready to bring the chaos to Linux on August 7th, 2018.

Hexologic a Sudoku style game coming soon

hexologic a sudoku style puzzle game coming to linux and windows

Hexologic is a challenging puzzle game coming to Windows via Steam, but also Linux. Since we reached out to developer MythicOwl, they are keen on a Linux port. So players can immerse themselves in the beautiful world of Hexologic. Solve challenging yet rewarding puzzles and also listen to relaxing music.

Taco Gun PvP party game will get support

taco gun pvp party game will get support for linux and windows

Taco Gun is an absurd PvP party game coming to Windows and Linux on Steam. Hence the creation of Floating Island Studios in collaboration with eNVy softworks. A game about feeding your friends to death.

Iron Harvest Kickstarter closing, 243% funded

iron harvest strategy rts kickstarter funded in windows mac linux games

Iron Harvest, the real-time strategy game is funded, set in the alternate reality of 1920+, reached its last main-game stretch goal on Kickstarter two days ago. The last stretch goal remaining now is a free DLC campaign at $1.5M. This would release post-launch.

Humble Indie Bundle 19 – 100% native release

humble indie bundle 19 games release for linux mac windows

Humble Indie Bundle 19 launches as a 100% Linux release. Since it’s been a while that we have had such a release.

The Humble Team or now boasting a prime number, prime games. So you can get 100% Linux in this bundle. While again diving into those indie roots. The Humble Indie Bundle 19 has DRM-free builds *and* Steam keys. Letting you add some impress games to your lineup.

Path Out will have native support this summer

path out will have linux support this summer via steam and itch

Path Out is is an autobiographical adventure for Windows and Mac, but is coming to Linux via Steam. The game allows the player to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam. Who is also a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. So this is a game focusing on real events, not just unique gameplay.

Sky Is Arrows RTS launches today on Steam

sky is arrows turn-based rpg launches on steam for mac windows but no linux

Sky Is Arrows is a real-time strategy that launches today for Mac and Windows, but no Linux support on Steam. The games a unique take on the genre and does capture the interest. But not as much as seeing a native build.

Pictopix Anniversary Update now live on Steam

pictopix anniversary update now live on steam for linux mac windows

Pictopix and the Anniversary Update is now live on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games available on both Steam and Humble Store. While this big update is something we announced a couple of weeks back. Which Tomlab Games have finally released.

Next Up Hero Beta launch and Steam release

next up hero beta launch and steam early access release for linux mac windows

Next Up Hero is the first original game from Digital Continue coming to Linux, Mac and Windows, set to release on Steam Early Access. The games developer is founded by Joe Tringali. Who is the co-founder of 5TH Cell, creators of ScribblenautsLock’s Quest and Drawn to Life.

Noteworthy points about Next Up Hero:

  • The beta will run until January 11. At that time…
  • Next Up Hero will launch on Steam Early Access on January 11.
  • If you choose to purchase Early Access, all your stats, progress, and in-game currency from the beta will carry over!
  • All beta users who choose to purchase Earl Access receive 50 percent discount.

Energy Invasion arcade release date for Steam

energy invasion arcade release date for steam on linux mac windows

Energy Invasion – an arcade game for Linux, Mac and Windows with a set release date for Steam. So expect to see the classic Breakout games availability on January 11th.

So, unlike the original game, your ball does not break blocks on its own. Therefore players can launch missiles in a chosen direction.
Since gameplay design is setup for dual stick controller. But the ability to control with the keyboard and mouse is also available.

Rocket League now has 40 million players

rocket league now has 40 million players across linux mac windows

Rocket League has definitely become popular having amassed 40 million players world wide across Linux, Mac and Windows. Still one of the most enjoyable and most played games. Psyonix have released the on multiple platforms and it is still a hit around the world.

Developer Psyonix, have announced a new milestone on Twitter. Which is of course the games new player count.

Insurgency: Sandstorm to delay native support

insurgency: sandstorm will delay linux and mac support, focusing on windows

Insurgency: Sandstorm FPS from New World Interactive will delay Linux and Mac support. Since this news is recently released news via the developers page. Which presents some distinct design changes and game modes.

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