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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on Linux?

keep talking and nobody explodes on linux games via steam

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is now available on Linux. The games platform announcement release post is a welcomed one on Steam. So now Linux users can play the Overwhelmingly Positive experience.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes games concept is simple. One player is trapped in a virtual room with a ticking time bomb. So it up to the player to defuse it. The other players are the “Experts”. So they must give the instructions to defuse the bomb. Also deciphering the information found in the bomb defusal manual. But there’s a catch: the experts can’t see the bomb. So everyone will need to talk it through.

Finding Paradise adventure releases today

finding paradise adventure releases on steam games for linux mac windows in 2017

Finding Paradise is an indie Adventure RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows that releases via Steam. The story follows two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man. Fulfilling his last wish. It is the 2nd full episode of To the Moon‘s series.

Finding Paradise is the 2nd full episode of To the Moon’s series. Hence the work of Freebird Games aka Kan Gao. So this time the story follows the life of the doctors’ new patient, Colin. While they attempt to unravel a life that is split down the middle. Also fulfilling a wish that appears to be self-contradictory by nature.

Gang Beasts multiplayer gets a full launch

gang beasts multiplayer gets a full launch linux mac windows games on steam 2017

Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games on Steam and Humble Store with a full launch as of December 12, 2017.

So get ready to shock and delight at the spectacle of stupidity thugs. The games full of punching, kicking, and throwing foes into random hazardous machinery. Also flaming incinerator pits and ginormous industrial fans.

Watch in amusement as saggy beasts grab, push, pull and shove their enemies. Doing so from permanently suspended building scaffolds. Also crazy unattended ferris wheels. Even commercial haulage trucks. So things get savage in the 16 local multiplayer stages and 10 online multiplayer stages.

The Occupation first-person thriller coming 2018

the occupation first-person thriller coming to linux mac windows games on steam 2018

The Occupation is a first-person, investigative thriller for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games a fixed time, sim set in North-West England on October 24, 1987. Coming to Steam and Humble Store in Q2 2018, running on Unreal Engine 4.

So you take on a reporter, tasked with investigating an attack. One that has left 23 dead. Also now the catalyst for the creation of The Union Act. A controversial law that threatens the civil liberties of the British population. So the events happen in real-time over the course of four hours. Therefore you must make decisions based on the evidence surrounding you.

Super Seducer dating sim and native support

super seducer pick-up artist and linux and windows games on steam

Super Seducer pick-up artist game coming to Steam and Linux. Since the games a unique live-action dating simulator. That is if you aspire to be the pick-up artist. This is now a game, no really.

So this is the collaboration of best-selling author, Richard La Ruina. Who is also a dating coach and renowned pick-up artist himself. Along with independent developer Fair Play Labs. Both are eager to announce the world’s first live-action dating sim Super Seducer.

Also a humorous full-motion-video game where you learn the artistry of sexual attraction. The games set to release on Windows and Mac on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018. While the games also likely to make a Linux release as well, we hope.

Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack arrives

stellaris humanoids species pack arrives in linux mac windows steam games 2017

Stellaris – Humanoids Species Pack is available on Linux, Mac and Windows. Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that tell human interest stories. The games new pack brings with it some minor features. While the Paradox Development team keeps adding to the game.

Ylands sandbox releases on Early Access

ylands sandbox releases on early access for windows linux games 2017

Ylands [official website] is a sandbox exploration adventure for Windows but not Linux? I know. But the games also a platform for making custom games. Since these range from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes. Ylands is now available on Steam Early Access make it’s 2017 debut.

Genetic Disaster coop action coming to Linux

genetic disaster coop action coming to steam for linux mac windows games 2017

Genetic Disaster is a coop action game on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. The games available for Windows, but Linux and Mac are likely coming as well.

Linux release?

“If everything goes as planned we will start the other versions: Mac + Linux, Switch + PS4 + Xone.”

So the reason for this? Team8 Studio wants to “solidify their position.” Then move on to the next platform. Which they explained via email with a memorable metaphor. I’d share it, but that would spoil the fun.
That being said, a Linux release depends on how well the current version sells. And so far the game reviews are a solid 90% Positive. So that’s a good sign.

Empires of the Undergrowth hits Early Access

empires of the undergrowth hits early access linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Empires of the Undergrowth is an ant colony management game for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games in a fast-paced real-time strategy style on Steam Early Access for 2017. The player excavates their nest underground. While constructing tunnels and chambers to store food. Also raise brood. On the surface, the ants claim territory and gather resources. They have to face fearsome arachnids and clash with other colonies. So nest design, army size and composition all matter. As attack timing is key to securing victory.

ATOM RPG releases on Early Access for Linux

atom rpg releases on early access for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

ATOM RPG is a classic role-playing game that releases now on Steam for Linux. Also, the games available on Steam for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. But do keep in mind, the release is on Early Access. The adventure game mechanics are a respectful nod towards the games. As well as the books and movies which inspired for this releases actual creation. While AtomTeam has enough originality to keep the players interested in exploring our world. Personally I have been looking forward this release for some time.

Slasher’s Keep will likely see a Linux release

slasher's keep will release on linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Slasher’s Keep a first-person roguelite with a focus on melee combat and loot. The games also coming to Steam Early Access for Windows. While no release date is available yet. The games release is coming to Linux and Ubuntu, later. At least according to developer Damian Schloter.

Spoxel action RPG to release Beta soon (Linux)

spoxel action rpg to release beta linux mac windows games 2017

Explore, customize, and build across the world of Spoxel. The games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. And there’s a Beta to arrive for 2017. Thanks to developer Epaga Games, this means Linux support on Steam.

Madcap Castle is a love letter to retro portables

madcap castle is a loveletter to retro portable games on linux mac windows 2017

The challenging game Madcap Castle is retro portable coming to Linux. While the developmer is indie studio Diel Mormac Games. Publishing by IDJ Games. The release date promises to bring many adventures. Also creative fun and a lot of nostalgia through 150 levels. The games coming to Steam and Itch on December 11th, 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this is a true loveletter to those retro portable games on Steam.

Stellaris new content Humanoids Species Pack

stellaris humanoids species pack linux mac windows games 2017

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games. Also supplying human and human-like players. Having just announced a new Species Pack coming soon to Stellaris. So the sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio gets bigger. Also adding more content across Linux, Mac and Windows.