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Break Arts II mech racing could see Linux release

break arts II mech racing could see linux release beside windows games

PLAYISM is proud to announce that after the major success of Break Arts II. Since the games debut at PAX West and Tokyo Game Show. Break Arts II is releasing a customization demo for players.
So don’t go getting too eager. The demo’s only available on Windows. Also, the demo just allows players to create their own robots in advance. This is ahead of the release coming this year for Windows via Steam. But the games actually developed in Unity 3D, believe it or not. Which looks quite good for a mech racing simulation game.

Mushroom Wars 2 RTS now has Linux support

mushroom wars 2 rts now has linux support via steam mac windows games

Mushroom Wars 2 – is a dynamic real-time strategy representation of the MOBA genre. While preserving the classic gameplay mechanics, now available on Linux, beside Mac and Windows. These mechanics made the original Mushroom Wars so good. Mushroom Wars 2 builds upon its predecessor by introducing hero characters. Also including the games complete visual overhaul and reimagine for the storyline campaign. With episodes for each of four tribes. Even wilder co-op and fair competitive multiplayer. Making the game spectacular to stream and watch. While standing out from its strategy game peers on Steam and Humble Store.

Making History: The Second World War releases

making history: the second world war releases on linux mac windows games

Making History: The Second World War is the 4th title of a series of turn-based Grand Strategy games. Also, the games now in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. A unique open design allowing players to experience various outcomes for World War II. Hence an industrial conflict between the Great Powers of the Machine Age.
So the battles begin in the factories, mines and the research labs. Then resolving in the fields, skies and seas across the globe. While players and the AI are face historical decisions that change the course of history. Since this makes every play every through a new immersive Grand Strategy experience. Playable in both single-player and Steam-based Multiplayer.

VEmpire turn-based card available on Steam

 vempire turn-based card available on steam linux mac windows games 2017

VEmpire – The Kings of Darkness is a vampire themed digital deck-building game. The games available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet inspired by one of history’s most influential royal dynasties. Hence the house of Habsburg.

So VEmpire is a turn-based card game about destroying the opponent’s empire.

Since gamepaly has innovative mechanics and an exciting. Also an atmospheric theme that is about the resurgence of the Habsburg rulers as terrific vampires. Therefore I am keen to play it, not that card games are my thing. Yet I am curious to step outside of Blizzard for something different.

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead hits Linux (Free)

the pirate: plague of the dead hits steam for linux mac windows games 2017

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead is a sandbox game now on Steam. Since the games free to play for Linux, Mac and Windows. We are keen to see another pirate title in the mix. Since this allows players the choice of being the fiercest pirate captain. Players also assume the role of legendary pirate captain John Rackham. and use arcane voodoo magic to raise the Flying Gang from the dead. Together, the members of this historical band of pirates will face the terrifying Inquisitor. And the Steam review are certainly show some positive insights.