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Beyond Blue underwater gameplay footage

beyond blue underwater gameplay footage on linux mac windows

Beyond Blue the underwater narrative adventure has new gameplay for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developmer E-Line Media is eager to unveil the latest in-game footage as they celebrate this week’s launch of BBC Studios’ Blue Planet II on Netflix. Since the games coming to Steam in Early 2019.

Degrees of Separation a new co-op puzzler

degrees of separation a new co-op puzzler for windows linux

Degrees of Separation platformer is a unique new 2D co-op puzzler for Windows on Steam, but shows hope for Linux. Triple-I publisher Modus Games and developer Moondrop are excited to announce the game.

Insurgency: Sandstorm launches preorders

insurgency: sandstorm games new teaser trailer windows linux

Insurgency: Sandstorm is New World Interactive’s reborn, improved and expanded sequel coming to Windows, Linux, Mac and now open for preorders.
This is the follow-up to the indie multiplayer FPS hit, Insurgency. Which is also coming September 2018 to Windows.

Metro Exodus new trailer and release date

metro exodus new trailer and release date on linux mac windows

Metro Exodus is the next in upcoming games from Deep Silver and 4A Games. Who are also proud to present new gameplay material from Metro Exodus. Taken from gameplay, the huge survival sandbox world, and debuted at E3.

Fort Triumph tactical RPG coming this week

fort triumph turn based tactical rpg coming to linux mac windows games

Fort Triumph turn-based tactical RPG is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Cookie Byte Entertainment will release on Steam Early Access on April 26th. Which will also be fully cross-platform. While “aiming for 10-12 months” in Early Access before the full release.

Cookie Byte Entertainment are proud to announce their new cinematic trailer for Fort Triumph.

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