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Steam Play Beta is Live with Proton support

steam play beta is live with proton support for linux

Steam Play Beta is Live with support for Linux. Releasing at roughly 5pm EST August 21, supporting a few Windows games.

Since the release of Steam Play in 2010, Valve has been looking for new ways to support the platform. Working to make more games accessible to Linux users. And it seems they have done it.

Ziggurat Free for #SummerGaming Sale Week 2

ziggurat free for summergaming sale week 2 for linux mac windows

This is Week Two of the SummerGaming Sale on GOG.COM, the digital game store with a penchant for sailing. So this means a fine selection of Linux games with significant discounts.

Killer Bundle XI has some native games support

killer bundle xi has some linux mac windows games support

Killer Bundle XI release with some Linux games support, as well as Mac and Windows. So you can join YouTubers on an epic quest in PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist (Windows). Also one of 10 must-have Steam games in the new Killer Bundle XI from Fanatical.

Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle 2018 now

humble hooked on multiplayer bundle 2018 games for linux mac windows

Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle 2018 available now for Linux, Mac and Windows. And also includes as couple of favourites in the mix.

Humble War Gamez Bundle brings more games

humble war gamez bundle brings more games for linux mac windows

Humble War Gamez Bundle releases another bunch of impressive games on Windows and Mac, as well as some for Linux. Since this means a mixture of native games. Since most of the titles have a Positive rating via Steam.

Humble Jumbo Bundle 11, some native games?

humble jumbo bundle 11 some linux mac and windows games

Humble Jumbo Bundle 11 brings a host of games for Linux, Mac and Window. Well to be honest there are a couple native titles in this weeks Humble Bundle.

Made in Norway Indiedev’s via Steam games

made in norway indiedev's via steam games for linux mac windows

Made in Norway indiedev’s get together for a Steam games discount bundle for Linux, Mac and Windows. So these are five of the most successful independent studios in Norway. Having now joined forces to release a bundle on Steam. Focused on story-driven games.

Since this includes some well-known studio’s. Such as Krillbite Studio, Snowcastle Games, Rain Games, D-Pad Studio and Red Thread Games.
Also, games in the bundle, called Made in Norway, are Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, World to the West, Owlboy and Dreamfall Chapters.

Humble Bundle Best of 2017 games release

humble bundle best of 2017 epic games for linux mac windows

Humble Bundle Best of 2017 release of epic games for Linux, Mac and Windows. Bringing with it some highlights from 2017. Since this bundle is full of favourites from last year’s bundles, it’s decent.

So for native titles, Goat SimulatorHacknet, Death Road to Canada, Verdun and Turmoil. You can also purchase supporting a charity of your choice. Which is what this is all about, right? It doesn’t have anything to do with games. Although the Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle was a bit better.

QUBE 2 experience the new gameplay trailer

qube 2 experience the new gameplay trailer coming to linux windows games

QUBE 2 gets a new gameplay trailer, which is also coming to Linux games. So independent developer Toxic Games is showing off more of the games puzzles.

So this is also the sequel to the award-winning original game. Which did get Linux support, well it come later. The new trailer showcases how Q.U.B.E. 2 begins in cold, pristine environments. Before more natural elements begin to encroach into the spaces of the monolith. Since this is what players will be exploring.

Launching on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q1 2018, hopefully followed by Linux via Steam.

Humble Trove Free Games for subscribers

Humble Trove Free Games for monthly subscribers via linux mac windows gaming

Humble Trove gets you free games for Linux, Mac, Windows plus more for Humble Monthly subscribers. Which is an interesting take on a game bundle.

So while Humble Bundle is excited to announce six Humble Original games. These are available for FREE to everyone for a limited time, on Windows.

Humble Staff Picks Bundle of games arrives

Humble Staff Picks Bundle of games arrives for linux mac windows games

Humble Staff Picks Bundle kicks off 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this bundle includes some popular games. Such as BioShock Infinite and Punch Club. Hence officially titled the Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Scribble. Also introducing a crayon dog who apparently chose everything for this bundle. Which might explain said Linux support?

Humble MangaGamer and Friends debuts

humble mangagamer and friends bundle for linux mac windows games 2017

The Humble MangaGamer and Friends Bundle releases games on Linux, Mac and Windows. So this collection of visual novels includes episodic horror and sound novels. Also some virtual tours and other story-driven delights from MangaGamer and friends. Score If My Heart Had Wings, Princess Evangile All Ages Version and Go! Go! Nippon! Complete Collection. Also the complete set of Higurashi When They Cry Hou, from 2015 to 2017 and more.

Pay what you want. Since the total cost of these games is as much as $139 USD. As usual the Humble Bundle team let you choose the price. That is if you are hardcore for Manga games. I know some of you are, secretly. Admit it. Since the Steam reviews for most of these games are actually really good. Which means a lot of Very Positive in the mix.

Ataribox available for pre-orders this week

ataribox available for pre-orders this week linux games 2017

Ataribox is a Linux based box that brings gaming to the living room. So pre-orders are coming, this week.
Since Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers. This is an open invitation to take part in their interactive entertainment.

Since this a return by Atari to create its own hardware. in a broad eco-system of accessories and content. We introduced you to the Ataribox almost three months back, available for pre-order on December 14th, 2017.

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 holiday games bundle

yogscast jingle jam 2017 holiday game bundle linux ubuntu mac windows games

The Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 is back for Linux, Mac and Windows. While 100% of the proceeds go to charity. Therefore you give support to a great list of causes. And the humble team gives you new games all month, right through Christmas. Which is not a bad. deal. Also, I’ve been waiting patiently to see how much Linux shows up in the bundle of games.

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