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Humble Wild Frontier Bundle kicks off with some Linux

humble wild frontier bundle kicks off with some linux in gaming news

Typically, when we issue gaming news for Humble Bundles there are a couple of Linux titles. Well in the Humble Wild Frontier Bundle we have five out of seven games available for Linux. And not just any #games, there is some all out very positive ratings in the mix this time. Making for another Humble #musthave #bundle.

So explore the latest game bundle. Whether you’re hungry for some ice fishing. Crave some off-road adventure or want to take on the wild wild west, it’s all here.
Pay what you want for Gods Will Be Watching (Linux, Mac and Windows), Ice Lakes (Linux, Mac and Windows) and FRONTIERS (Windows).

While this might test your interests. Take a leap into Hard West (Linux, Mac and Windows), Renowned Explorers: International Society (Linux, Mac and Windows) or SPINTIRES (Windows).

Personally, having play most of the games here, except for Frontiers and Ice Lakes. I can honestly admit that all of these titles are well worth playing. Each having their own challenge and unique twists.

humble wild frontier bundle linux mac windows pc

Humble Wild Frontier Bundle also comes with the higher tier including Slime Rancher. Which I have not played but has some Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. Yet I’m still on the fence about it, due to being a singleplayer game. Having come from the FPS genre, I prefer more multiplayer type of games.

So pay what you want, since the total cost for all of these games is roughly $129 USD. And the usual news, the Humble Bundle team let’s you choose the price.

All of the games in Humble Wild Frontier Bundle can be redeemed on Steam. While five out of the seven available games are for Linux and Mac gaming. The rest are playable on Windows PC.

Humble Intergalactic Bundle launches with some Linux support

humble intergalactic bundle launches with some linux support in gaming news

In gaming news, the Humble Intergalactic Bundle launches with some Linux. While not a ton of native support, there are a couple of great titles in the mix. The rest can mostly run in Wine. So go on and grab a few #games from this #bundle. Hence escaping to another galaxy.

Start with the FREE copy of Galactic Civilizations I. Then get Galactic Civilizations III, Offworld Trading Company, Rebel Galaxy, and more. So do keep in mind, the only two Linux games available are Space Hulk Ascension and Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. Both present some excellent gaming and the reason for this news.

humble intergalactic bundle list of games

So pay what you want for what would be a total cost of $219. Yet you choose the price in the Humble Intergalactic Bundle.

While all of the games are available on Steam. Hence this includes Windows, and some for Linux and Mac. So paying $1 or more to access Steam keys. Personally I think the average price presents a great bundle. Yet if you’re hardcore, get the whole thing.

As usual, you can choose where the money goes. Either between the developers. Or the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Direct Relief or a third charity of your choosing. All via the Paypal Giving Fund. You can leave a Humble Tip too.

Since the Humble Intergalactic Bundle launches with some impressive games. Keep in mind that native gaming experiences are narrowed down to a couple of titles.

Hellpoint announces Free Demo, Kickstarter and Greenlight

hellpoint announces free demo in linux gaming news

In the latest gaming news, developer Cradle Games have announced their new title. Hellpoint is a dark sci-fi action RPG coming to both #Kickstarter and #Greenlight on April 6th, with a Free demo.

While the gameplay is set in the aftermath of a massive quantic cataclysm. Players take on the roll of a mysterious ghoulish character. Yet your intentions are entirely determined by your decisions. Hence the whole gameplay experience design is to give the games character a renewable freshness. So while a creeping Stockholm syndrome begins to develop on the delphian space station. Hence where the experience is taking place as players try to survive.

So the station is orbiting in real time around a mysterious black hole. While appears to cast a dark influence on the game levels and its enemies. With the split-screen multiplayer, players can have friends join the adventure. Or a soon to be enemy, fighting for survival.

With a deep, twisted, mind-breaking and multi-layered lore system to sink your teeth into. Hence the team at Cradle Games are making a smaller but deeper gaming world, which keeps players entertained. Add in the news for the dynamic Quantic System based on 21 hours’ orbit cycles. While digging deeper into the mystery with each new game. This is all part of the vision of Cradle games. Forging a world that is truly spinning somewhere out there among the stars.

So get a jump on Hellpoint, make sure to check out the Free demo. Available for Linux for both 32-bit and 64-bit. Make sure to check out the demo’s manual and the readme for the controls.

Hellpoint is in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. As well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While the release is coming in Q4 2017. Coming April 6th to both Kickstarter and Greenlight

Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle launches

humble hooked on multiplayer bundle launches in linux gaming news

In the news right now, the Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle is available for all. Hence a healthy mix of Linux #games, along with Mac and Windows PC. Yet do pay heed to the #multiplayer bundle gaming #bundle, there are only three Linux titles available.

So, we will break it down, here are the Linux games, Tricky Towers, Move are Die and Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Now if you are hooked on multiplayers, then check the rest of the multiplayer bundle. Which should keep everyone entertained for quite a while. Hence games like HELLDIVERS, Move or Die, Ultimate Chicken Horse, all worth it.

humble hooked on multiplayer bundle launches

Also, should you want to give the gift of gaming to a friend, buy a second bundle. Just makes sure to check the box labeled “This bundle is a gift.” Hence a great way to share the joy and love of Linux gaming.

Pay what you want for games that normally have a total cost for these games peaks at $99 USD. So this is solid deal, even if you opt in for that $10 tier.
Also, just a heads up Helldivers has an issue running in Wine. However it is a great game, so wth a longstanding positive rating on Steam. So the game will work in VMware Player via Windows. As an alternative

All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows, not really news. The same goes for the Linux and Mac too. Pay $1 or more to access Steam keys.

Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle is available right now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Humble Jumbo Bundle 8 launches new hand-picked games

humble jumbo bundle 8 launches new hand-picked games linux mac pc

Humble Jumbo Bundle 8 comes with a new bundle of hand-picked games. So players will be able to get into nice array of epic games. While it includes some solid native based #games.

So the the new bundle of hand-picked games for your entertainment. Get Warhammer: Vermintide (Windows PC), #Jotun (Linux, Mac, Windows PC), #Turmoil (Linux, Mac, Windows PC), Valhalla Hills (Linux, Mac, Windows PC) and The Journey Down 1 & 2 (Linux, Mac, Windows PC).

humble jumbo bundle 8 launches hand-picked games linux mac pc

Since we are familiar with Valhalla Hills, it’s epic to see the game listed in the bundle. While Legends of Eisenwald is a surprisingly expansive medieval strategy, but not native support. And we already know that The Journey Down is a great point-and-click adventure but it gets even better at the “beat the average” price. And the moment is still the best choice with Turmoil, Jotun, and Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide.

So your money will also buy you the Turmoil soundtrack. Along with ten percent off a new subscription to Humble Monthly and more games that will be revealed in a week. The Humble Jumbo Bundle 8 itself will be around for two weeks, which means everyone can get in on the action until March 21th.

Pay what you want. Normally, the total cost for these games is as much as $143. But at Humble Bundle, you still choose the price!

DRM-Free and on Steam. All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam, with some are also DRM-free.

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