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Steam and gaming in Linux Mint

Gaming is booming and is one of the most inspiring, exciting and innovative form of art in the IT industry. 2012 was an impressive year. With a global market of $67 billion gaming studios hire the most talented developers, artists, writers, and professionals and provide a huge selection of quality games. The budget and production are so high it’s becoming easier to choose a good game than to find a good movie these days… but most of them work on Windows, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Just as “killer-apps”, games are among the top reasons which prevent people from switching completely to Linux. In 2012, 15 games were scored 90% or higher on Metacritic. None of them were released on Linux.

A couple of things happened though and the future might look a little brighter for Linux gamers.

2012 was a big year for “Indie gaming”. Independent developers challenged major studios with games like MinecraftThe Walking Dead and Journey. The fact that a few developers could achieve so much, without resources, changed the perception of many. Then came the Humble Bundles which sent two strong signals: Linux users want games and they’re ready to pay for them.

At the end of last year, Valve and Canonical announced they were working together to bring Steam (which is estimated to have a 70% share of the digital distribution market for video games) to Linux. Their efforts paid off and the Steam client is now available and working fine in most distributions.

The screenshot below shows Steam running on Linux Mint 14:


Valve is planning a new gaming console in 2013 based on Linux and the company is currently promoting its Linux client, even to its Windows users. Gaming media, blogs and magazines are covering the news and some of the major studios are considering porting their games to Linux.

If you like strategy games for instance, you’ll be happy to know Paradox Interactive already ported Crusader Kings II.


Crusader Kings II was given a 8/10 by IGN and Gamespot and a 9/10 byDestructoid. It is one of the very good strategy games of 2012. Other popular games are likely to follow; some old ones like Counter Strike 1.6 or Half Life, or brand new ones like “The Cave”.

If you’re into gaming and you’d like to play on Linux Mint, don’t hesitate to get involved and to send Valve your feedback:

We’d also like to hear from you on how you’d like us to improve or facilitate things for you in regards to gaming on Linux Mint.

Note: Most popular games are commercial and developed by major studios, so if they come to Linux they’re likely to become available through Steam. However, if you’re interested in HTML5 or online gaming or if you have ideas on how to further promote Indie gaming and Free Software games, please let us know. Many Windows games also run quite well using Wine. We like for things to work out of the box, but maybe we can help here as well. Don’t hesitate to comment if you’ve some experience to share with Wine or wine-related software.

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Anarchy Enterprises' Devil's Cove haunting Kickstarter this October!

Anarchy Enterprises just confirmed Linux and Ouya support, bringing their title “Devils Core” to both platforms.  
I just happened to come across the following post on IT News Online and rather intrigued:

Anarchy Enterprises conjures up their new adventure game “Devil’s Cove” and invites players to join the development by supporting it through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The project is live now and ends October 31st – Halloween Night – under the full moon when devils and monsters are roaming the streets!

Devil’s Cove is an old school, classic point-and-click adventure for the PC, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android. The game centers around a sinister Plague Doctor who is wreaking havoc in a cursed harbor town. Players will return to the golden days of adventure gaming as they uncover ghastly horrors and even contribute their own diabolical ideas to the gameplay.

By making a pledge through Kickstarter, players receive the finished game (for ALL platforms!), and get to be a part of the development process. Players will get to help shape the game by playing beta versions and giving direct feedback. They also get a backstage pass to see how Anarchy Enterprises makes games.

For only $15, players get a digital copy of the game along with lots of bonus materials and behind-the-scenes access to the development process. Additional rewards are available at higher tiers that include a bounty of swag – unique game props, signed original game art, limited edition game collectibles, listings in the game credits, and the opportunity to become an actual character in the game!

“Anarchy Enterprises has always been a small, indie studio,” said Alex Jamiesonof Anarchy Enterprises. “We’ve always wanted to be directly connected with the players, and now we have a tremendous opportunity via Kickstarter to make that happen!”

“The new golden age of adventure games is upon us. Adventure games like Double Fine and Broken Sword kicked the door down, and revealed that players are hungry for the kinds of games that us developers have been dying to make again, but that publishers didn’t want to take a chance on. Now we’re ripping the doors off our walls and welcoming the players into our development process. The making of Devil’s Cove will be an amazing experience for everyone involved and we hope that you will join us!”

As a personal note, I would recommend the $20 package at the very least.  It comes with everything the $15 comes with,  plus:  Download of the Collector’s Edition of Devil’s Cove for all supported platforms: • An in-game Strategy Guide • Bonus gameplay • Additional game locations • Alternate endings depending on decisions you make during the game • (not available in the Standard Edition)

Here is the introduction from the Kickstarter campaign…..

Anarchy Enterprises' Devil's Cove haunting Kickstarter this October

First off thank you for taking the time to check out our Kickstarter project. Anarchy Enterprises has been developing independent games for over a dozen years. Our first retail game Moon Tycoon came out way back in 2001, but this is our first crowd-sourced project. We are extremely excited to be able to work more closely with you – the people who actually play our games!

Sometimes game development feels like working behind closed doors. When working with a publisher, us developers can get isolated from the people that are most important to the game development process – the players. Game developers tend to have to deal with publishers, distributors, hardware techs, lawyers, corporate middlemen and a myriad of others that will never end up playing and enjoying the games that are being created. Anarchy Enterprises has always been a small, indie studio that tries to stay directly connected with game players, and now we have a tremendous opportunity via Kickstarter to make that relationship even closer.

Anarchy Enterprises' Devil's Cove haunting Kickstarter this October

Devil’s Cove is a classic point and click adventure that we are making for the PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android Phones and Tablets. The adventure takes place in the cursed harbor town of Devil’s Cove where a series of heinous crimes have been committed. The sinister Plague Doctor is wreaking havoc and the town is cowering in fear. Even worse, the local authorities appear to be complicit and have silenced all who have tried to stop these tragedies. Time is running out – and you are the only one who can solve the mystery, discover the darkest secrets of Devil’s Cove, and banish the evil forever.

That’s a great question. The number one reason we have decided to make our new game a Kickstarter project is that we can cut out all the middlemen and work directly with you – the game players. Financing video games is usually done through publishers who can have an important role to play, but also their funds and support can come with some very big strings attached. Many times important gameplay decisions get made to satisfy corporate suits and lawyers which can severely compromise both the player’s experience and our artistic vision. We want our new game to be free from those strings. To make the most enjoyable game possible, we only want to be held accountable to you! If it works out, it opens the door for us to make more games this way.

Update #1 – Beware The Plague Doctor, plus Linux Support, OUYA and more

Special treat
Get ready to meet the Plague Doctor, we’re working on some new renderings and will soon give you some tasty bits about his ghastly horrors. Here’s a shadow, just to tease you…

Linux Support

We understand that there is a sizable group of gamers running Linux and we definitely want to get the finished game into your hands.

We are using Unity3D to develop Devil’s Cove. There are many great reasons for why we are using Unity3D, but probably the most important is the ability to publish to so many platforms. Good news – the next release of Unity3D (version 4) promises to support Linux!

OUYA Support

We are very excited by OUYA – it has to the potential to be really huge, especially for indie developers like us! Since we are developing in Unity3D and will already be publishing to Android we feel confident that a OUYA version is a strong possibility!


We plan to release Devil’s Cove in English, German and French, and are looking into releasing other languages as well. We have also received some inquiries from backers about a community supported localization system, where backers would be able to contribute to localizing the game. Do you like this idea? If so, we’ll set it up to expand the number of languages included when Devil’s Cove launches – so let us know what you think!

Thanks again you all of your support, and please help us spread the word! Here are some links you can use:

Short link to our project on Kickstarter.

Facebook (be sure to like us!)

Twitter (follow us!)

Tumblr (follow us!)

Source: Kickstarter


Relics of Annorath : Upcoming MMORPG For GNU/Linux

Relics of Annorath is an upcoming MMORPG in Alpha-testing stage which takes place in a medieval/post-modern setting features a complex economic system.
It’s being developed by a Swiss company “Quantum Bytes” and uses the beautiful GNU/Linux friendly Unigine engine.

Even at this early stage of the development they provide a native GNU/Linux support (for the Alpha testers).
Sadly currently most of their website contains info in German with very little English (so maybe the Swiss/German readers could give us more info about the game as google translate is unable to translate https websites – so it seems).

The game is looking great at the Alpha stage but I assume that it would take some time till the open beta.
Also it seems that they are using the excellent foss program Blender for this game.

Relics of Annorath
native GNU/Linux support
Quantum Bytes

The Advantages of Using Linux

This article started out as a reply for the article, “Disadvantages of Using Linux.” from DarDuck; By Lisa Hann. The full story is here.

* No Standard Edition – MS Windows has basic, home, premium, ultimate. While Linux has more varieties of names and approaches, it is all the same. The differences with, for example, Opensuse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian are minor. The package management, the default set up and programs/tools. And of course the Desktop Environments or Window Managers. It is all the same though. It is like owning/buying a vehicle. Some come with Cd players, others with mp3 players. Some cars come fully loaded while others are just the basics. Some are four wheel drives, some rear wheel, some front wheel drive. When buying that vehicle you would want to either research it or ask a professional. Same goes for Linux. Research it or ask a professional.

Web Africa home uncapped ADSL gets FreeZone

Web Africa’s home uncapped ADSL subscribers will now benefit from the company’s FreeZone service

Web Africa has announced that their ADSL home uncapped subscribers will get access to the ISP’s FreeZone service.

FreeZone offers subscribers unmetered bandwidth usage from a range of servers, including Web Africa’s gaming servers, Linux downloads, gaming downloads and Steam servers.

Web Africa explained that the data used on FreeZone will not affect the thresholds of uncapped accounts. “Any bandwidth transferred will be allocated to FreeZone data and not your normal data. You can download as much as you like on FreeZone,” said Web Africa.

“On the initial product planning on launch, FreeZone wasn’t on the cards – but we listened to the online communities and added it, making our uncapped product better,” the company concluded.

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