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Moonlighter the 11 Facts new Features Trailer

moonlighter the 11 Facts new features trailer for linux mac windows

Moonlighter is a new action adventure RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Since we are eager to learn about this different world flooded with monsters. We get to see what kind of bosses await you in the darkest of dungeons.

So In the 11 Facts about Moonlighter video. Digital Sun and 11 bit studios are also giving you everything you’ll need to know about surviving your adventure.

Runner3 native support with enough demand

runner3 to get linux support with enough demand

Runner3 could see Liux support with enough demand for the rhythm action platformer. Which is also set to release on May 22nd via Steam.

So walk, don’t run, to the next offering from Choice Provisions. Runner3 is the third entry in the BIT.TRIP RUNNER series. Launching on Steam, GOG and Humble. So pre-orders are available now at 15% off until May 22nd.

Tooth and Tail RTS Crossplay is now live

tooth and tail rts crossplay is now live for linux mac windows ps4

Tooth and Tail the multiplayer RTS is now available via Crossplay on Linux, Mac and Windows with PS4. So eager fans and those willing to challenge those PS4 players. It’s time.

Trailblazers the co-op racing launch discount

trailblazers the co-op racing launch discount in linux mac windows games

Trailblazers co-op arcade racing game has a launch discount on Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the racing game, is now available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store, discounted to $26.99 USD, from $29.99 USD.

Lake Ridden no native release disappointment

lake ridden release does not have Linux just disappointment

Lake Ridden adventure puzzle game hit Steam with a release for Window, but no Linux. Also a significant disappointment seeing the games Steam Reviews are 100% Positive. So players get the jist of the gameplay.

Dead Cells update issues native release details

dead cells update issues native release details for linux and mac

Dead Cells update on Steam issues details about the coming release for Linux and mac. Since developer Motion Twin is eager to announce that Dead Cells will leave Early Access in August 2018.

Trailblazers Retro-Futuristic Co-Op Racer is Out

trailblazers retro futuristic co-op racer release in linux mac windows games

Trailblazers [official website] the revolutionary co-op arcade racer out now on Linux, Mac and Windows. So aliens across the galaxy, start your rocket engines. Since the revolutionary co-op arcade racing game is now available via Steam. Also releasing on PlayStation 4, both platforms are priced at $29.99/ £29.99.

Transport Fever Performance Patch launches

transport fever performance patch launches in linux mac windows games

Transport Fever launches a new Performance Patch for Linux, Mac and Windows. This also includes a new trailer from developer Urban Games.

So yes, this is all about the joys of building a successful empire. Since gameplay spans 150 years of transport history. Which does not grow old to fast apparently.

Aragami: Shadow Edition release announcement

aragami shadow edition release announcement for linux mac windows games

Aragami: Shadow Edition has a release announcement from Lince Works including all DLC’s for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the amazing third-person action stealth hit is still getting new content.

Wizard of Legend dungeon crawler release date

wizard of legend dungeon crawler dungeon cralwer release date for linux ubuntu mac and windows games

Wizard of Legend release date is just around the corner for Linux, Mac and Windows. A fast-paced dungeon crawler coming on May 15th.

While gameplay includes a strong emphasis on dynamic magical combat. So things like quick movement and even quicker use of spells. Allowing you to chain spells together. And also unleash devastating combinations against your enemies.

Stardew Valley multiplayer update now in Beta

stardew valley multiplayer update now in beta for linux mac windows

Stardew Valley and the highly anticipated multiplayer update is live for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this comes after several months of internal testing. ConcernedApe now opens the beta up to a wider audience.

Faeland metroidvania doing well on Kickstarter

faeland metroidvania doing well on kickstarter for linux mac windows games

Faeland is a metroidvania action adventure RPG on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. Taking inspiration from the nostalgia of 8-Bit classics. So the games created via pixel art

Since it is in development for Linux, Mac, Windows. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is also funded, passing the $29,000 goal.

Basingstoke roguelike arcade action releases

basingstoke roguelike arcade action releases in linux mac windows games

Basingstoke is a tense rogue-like that mixes stealth and arcade action game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Well it’s also officially available today. Since it is fact the worse place to be than anyone had previously imagined. Which is now dealing with an alien invasion from the evil moon Titan.

The Swords of Ditto 2D roguelite RPG releases

the swords of ditto 2d roguelite rpg releases in linux mac and windows games

The Swords of Ditto [official website] 2D roguelite action RPG releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. A release from independent developer onebitbeyond, SIE Studios Japan. Also Devolver Digital release The Swords of Ditto.

Also the 2D adventure RPG / roguelite hybrid is available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, priced at $19.99 USD.

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