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Dead Man’s Trail zombie survival needs votes on Greenlight

dead man's trail zombie survival needs votes on greenlight in linux gaming news

By now the whole #zombiesurvival genre is overdone. Well that’s not quite the case in this bit of gaming news. Hence Dead Man’s Trail is a zombie survival #game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via #Greenlight. Yet this is more of the classic travel survival game with some new twists. Since the game recreates the drama of modern zombie fiction. Hence making team members core to the player’s travel progress. Due to randomly generated cross-country journeys.

Here’s the deal:

While each character has their own job to help the party along the way. This includes a firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, mechanic, and more. You get the idea.
However, all of these characters must be kept happy and healthy. So search through the randomly placed obstacles while gaming. Sort of like the emotional rollercoaster of Darkest Dungeon or even Rimworld. All while looting supplies in the procedurally-generated 3D environments. Therefore in each journey the player takes in Dead Man’s Trail, creates a highly replayable undead drama.

Dead Man’s Trail Features

  • Choose your vehicle: the nimble 4-Wheel Rocket, the balanced Grave Digger school bus. Or the powerful Ark tractor-trailer.
  • Keep your team of travelers healthy and happy. Each has their own job that will help the party along their journey. Firearm expert, melee expert, paramedic, and mechanic. Lose one and you’ll be limping down the road!
  • Loot randomly generated 3D cities for supplies and weapons. Get in and out quickly or you will face the horde (and maybe join them.)
  • A vast arsenal of weapons including revolvers, tactical shotguns, field hockey sticks. Oh and katanas, which will enable your players to survive and onslaught of Zombies!
  • Dark comedy story and diverse cast of characters.
  • Keep your senses about you and your ear to the ground. So the ambient sound changes when you’re being hunted.

Dead Man’s Trail – Beta Demonstration:

So, inspired to vote on Greenlight?
This is the sort of zombie survival that would adds nicely to the list of Linux games. Hence the reason for the news, well that and the fact that the gameplay style has some solid potential. With a release coming this June for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While being developed in Unity 3D, of course.

Stay tuned for more details.

Age of Space strategy simulation now on Greenlight

age of space strategy simulation now on greenlight in linux gaming news

Space #strategy #simulation game Age of Space from developer #Tiddan, is now looking for votes on Steam Greenlight. Since the game is set to make a Windows PC debut, this Unity title will also be coming to Linux. While the concept of the game may seem similar to that of Avorion, minus the sandbox aspect. There are some unique player balancing changes to even out the gameplay. Plus this is a title designed to always keep the player thinking. Hence strategy gaming, which is not really news.

“Hi Todd,

I’m not promising anything yet, as I don’t know if it will work yet but I intend to release on Mac OSX and Linux.

Expected release is December 2017 or early 2018. I’m not sure of it’s going to be EA or not. I’m not going to release before I feel that there is sufficient value to the game on either EA or as finished game.”

Age of Space gameplay allows player to us the ship editor to configure your setup. Since the cost of the ship is decided upon a combined cost of ship and all the modules. Therefore players are able to save as many ship configurations as you decide. However players will only want to bring three of these into battle. A concept similar to say Battlefleet: Gothic Armada, but no Linux support.

Check out the Greenlight trailer:

While I’m sure we can all agree, that was an uneventful trailer. But the truth is, the concept behind the game is as real as news gets. So learning more about Age of Space will make a difference.

Engaging in battle

So players start a new battle in either a singleplayer or multiplayer gaming mode. While on the battlefield players will encounter two motherships. Where these motherships will immediately start firing one another. The players task is the following:

  • Setup mining priorities to best supply you with the minerals you need to buy your ships.
  • Deploy fleets that aid your mothership in the destruction of the enemy mothership.
  • Aid your fleet by giving them primary targets.
  • Know when to push and know when to wait.
  • Analyze your enemy. The only way to understand your enemies setup is from visual cues; weapon and module effects. Find a way to counter your enemy!

The Re-evaluate

Players will have to constantly reevaluate their ships setup. So each ship, weapon and module price will adjust according to their usage across the full player base. Which means that if one of the weapon types or ship setup is more commonly used, the price will adapt. Hence actually auto-balancing the game, so players should always consider their ship configuration.


  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Put your skills to the ultimate test playing against other player online. Rank up on the leaderboard and chase the title as the best commander in the galaxy.
  • OPTIONAL VR MODE: Experience real time strategy in VR. Watch your fleet from the front row as they devastate the enemy fleet while you act as their tactical commander.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR FLEET: Customize your fleet by arming your spacecraft with weapons and modules of your choice. Find the ultimate combination to get ahead of your opponent.
  • MINING: Get the upper hand by mining the right minerals for building your army. Make sure you try to interrupt the enemy miners to get ahead.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Easy to play – difficult to master. Learn new ways to beat the opponent by playing around with your fleet composition.
  • AWESOME CINEMATIC MODE: Sit back and watch the battle in the built-in cinematic mode or view the battle from the tactical camera angle.

The real gaming news:

Age of Space is available now has an Alpha demo available. Keep in mind this is only available for Windows PC. However running the Unity game in Wine 1.9 in Linux should be straight forward via PlayOnLinux.

So Age of Space presents a different challenge in gaming. And the best news, Linux support will be available. For now it would be better to upvote the game on Greenlight, so

DYO co-op puzzle platformer now on Greenlight

dyo co-op puzzle platformer now on greenlight in linux gaming news

DYO is a two person co-op puzzle platformer where #twoplayers each take on the roll of a minotaur. Developed by #Waterman7 games and created using Game Maker, the title is now available on #Greenlight. Albeit Windows is the only listed platform, but we have reached out to the developers. So Linux and Mac will see support, while DYO is now seeking that community vote.

The best part of gameplay and what really is gaming news. Both of the split screen‘s can share in accessibility. So one player can work ahead or take on one part of the level, while the other navigates based on the first players actions.

So connect your screens and to help each other out, working together to escape the maze. Therefore both players have to work in tandem to make their way through the level. And should you risk plummeting to your death, there is a rewind option. Hence the necessary two player co-op aspect and working together. Check out the trailer below to get a sense of how this works:


  • 1-2 player local co-op
  • More than 30 mind-bending puzzles
  • Merge and split your screens to manipulate the level around you
  • Rewind mechanic lets you undo any mistake you made
  • No precision platforming. No enemies. No timers. Just you and your brains.

dyo co-op puzzle platformer greenlight gif linux gaming news

DYO puzzle platformer started out as a holiday project of three Game Design students. Then after a month, the three had what they thought was a small “finished” game. Through university they had the forunate opportunity to exhibit the game at several events, including the Gamescom in Cologne. And since DYO received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hence the three decided to get back to working together as Waterman7 games. Now working on the title a half a year, getting it ready for Steam.

Right now, DYO is available to demo on Itch for Windows PC. But a Linux and Mac build will follow given the positive success of Greenlight.

House Flipper a game about renovating now on Greenlight

house flipper a game about renovating now on greenlight linux gaming news

So House Flipper is a unique chance to become the one-man renovating crew on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence players can buy, repair and upgrade devastated houses. While giving them a second life to sell at a profit. Basically taking a reality tv show and bringing it into a #unique #game now on #Greenlight.

So in gaming news, House Flipper a first-person renovator about repairing, remodelling, painting, and decorating homes. Tasks like knocking down walls, fitting kitchens and painting look like fun. Kind of like Surgeon Simulator but a renovator of mayhem. The downside of gameplay seems to be singleplayer-only mode and this would be a really impressive multiplayer.

Since the Linux gameplay comes with a collection of tools and parts at your disposal. Hence using a hammer, drill, nails, screw, and do what needs to be done to fix or repair things.

Experiment with interior design and decorating style you like.
Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items to choose from.
Express yourself!

Do you love interior design and want fill up empty room in your favourite style? You can buy empty apartment and furnish it.
Do you prefer things only engineers would understand? You can focus on repair and installation.
Are you expert in “small move, big change” approach? You can buy decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.

Ultimate goal of house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker? Do you like to invest?
Estimate profit and find best risk/reward ratio for you.

House flipping business is very challenging. Improve and sharp your skills. Get better tools. Unlock new mechanics and earn money to be able to invest more and progress faster. Have fun!


  • The first house flipping simulator on Steam
  • Unique repair mechanics
  • Decoration and furnishing interiors with hundreds of unique items to choose from.
  • Randomly generated house interiors
  • Budget management

Personally I like the idea of smashing things. So I do hope developers Empyrean get co-op in this mix. The hilarious moments of teamwork and accidents could be great.
Hence this fun-looking renovator is wrapping up inside a metagame. So you’re trying to buy cheap houses and fix them up to sell them for a profit to unlock more options. As someone who can buy a house and fix it up, it’s a pleasure to be able get into such a game. So anyone looking to renovate houses could be really entertained. However I can see this being more of a comical experience. Sure there are some serious efforts to be made, but it’s those “oops” moments that will keep players coming back.

The big gaming news, House Flipper is expected to launch at the end of 2017 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Runic Rampage action RPG now looking for votes on Greenlight

runic rampage action rpg now on greenlight for linux mac pc

So Runic Rampage is a #action #RPG now looking for votes on Greenlight. Hence the #storybased game will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While also coming loaded with some similarities to The Dwarves and Victor Vran. At least that’s what comes to mind when I think action RPG’s in gaming, at least according to the description and trailer.

So Runic Rampage is a story-driven action RPG. Featuring intense melee combat, badass bosses, and a beautiful, handcrafted fantasy world. While legend says that once a rune stone protected the dwarfs. But then it disappeared and war destroyed the mighty kingdom.
Players take on the roll of Grimbard, last champion of the dwarfs. On your quest to defend your village you have to enter dangerous realms and stand countless battles. So master your skills in combat, study powerfull spells, and arm yourself with legendary gear. If you do so, you might have a chance to discover the truth about your nation’s downfall.

Survive the desert, enter dark and mysterious woods, descend to the deepest caves and climb the top of the Frozen Fortress. Master your skills in combat, study powerfull spells, and arm yourself with legendary gear. You are about to change your kingdom’s destiny!


  • Lots of blood and gore
  • Feel the RAMPAGE when crushing your opponents!
  • Simple and satisfying combo system!
  • Unleash devastating magic attacks!
  • Badass armor sets and powerfull weapons!
  • Enemies hurt you but also each other.. utilize it in battle!
  • Adaptive game music, original soundtrack!
  • 4 unique boss fights!
  • Hand-crafted models and textures, 8 different settings!

Runic Rampage the blood, the carnage, the AOE attacks. It’s all there, with a massive hammer and a Dwarf. So vote for the action RPG on Greenlight, and let’s bring the mayhem into the Linux gaming community.

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