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Holmgang hack and slash hits Kickstarter

holmgang memories of the forgotten hack and slash game hits kickstarter for windows pc linux mac

Holmgang: Memories of the Forgotten hack and slash game hits Kickstarter for Windows PC, but Linux and Mac is in the mix. Thanks to developer Zerouno Games. Who just went live with their crowdfunding campaign. Along with a free playable Demo.

School of Magic new roguelike reflects on support

school of magic new hack and slash roguelike reflects on support for linux windows pc

School of Magic is a new hack and slash, roguelike for Windows PC, but reflects on Linux support. Thanks to indie developer PartTimeIndie. Announcing the game coming to Steam.

Fallen Angel turns you into a devil on Kickstarter

fallen angel turns you into a devil on kickstarter for linux windows pc

Fallen Angel will turn you into a devil on Kickstarter for Windows PC, with plans for Linux too. Thanks to developer Matrioshka Games and their creative madness. You can check out the newly released crowdfunding campaign for yourself.

Kingshunt multiplayer action and support

kingshunt multiplayer action and support in linux windows games

Kingshunt multiplayer action games coming with support for Linux and Windows. All thanks to Vaki Games. Who also released the first gameplay teaser trailer. And the so far looks like a solid hack and slash.

Book of Demons deck building launches v1.0

book of demons deck building launches v1.0 for linux mac windows

Book of Demons, Thing Trunk’s unique deck-building, papercraft Hack and Slash launches on Windows and Mac, but is playable on Linux. Since the games officially leaves early access with Book of Demons 1.0 landing on Steam. It’s time to save the Paperverse from evil by facing your foe with the new Archdemon reveal trailer.

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