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BATTLETECH hits Kickstarter funding goal within an hour for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Legendary BattleTech is all about #mech combat, a game #franchise that is now returning to the Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Harebrained Schemes just launched a Kickstarter, having already #achieved the $250,000 (£164,400) funding goal in just 53 minutes.  Having already raised over $1,200,000 USD. Marking the first turn-based PC BattleTech game in over 20 years.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next month


So it looks like we can expect to see the next #Shadowrun #adventure from #HarebrainedSchemes next month for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is one of the rare Kickstarter games that will actually make the original launch outline by Hairbrained Schemes in the Kickstarter campaign, “we estimated that we would release the game in August… and that’s why we’re releasing the game in August!”

Seeing it has been a while since we have heard anything regarding development, the Harebrained team behind the cyberpunk RPG are ready to make their move. Shadowrun: Hong Kong co-director Mike McCain confirms the studio’s next Shadowrun game will be available before the end of August, as promised. The news is officially posted on the Hairbrained Schemes website confirming the upcoming release.

“Estimating, scheduling and delivering something as complex as SR:HK is tough and I’m extremely proud of the entire team for their focus, dedication, and hard work. I’d like to say a special thank you to our ace Producer, Chris Klimecky and my co-Director, Mike McCain for their work in getting the game to you on time. Mike joined me at the helm a ways back so I could dedicate more time to writing, and his work has been first rate – just like it was onShadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut.”

According to Harebrained Schemes video, the long-awaited debut will take place on August 20th, which is just over two years since Shadowrun Returns launched. Check out the news in the video below, which is less than a minute long, featuring senior members of the Shadowrun: Hong Kong development team.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong will expand gameplay with a new story, with the cyber-ware and magic systems available in Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall. This will include a new Foci for casters and hopefully some new body modifications for those willing to sacrifice a bit of Essence. The development team also promises a revamped take on the Matrix with an updated campaign editor, for anyone looking to design their own Shadowrun adventures.

“The game’s really coming together and it’s amazing to see the team’s hard work and creative collaboration on-screen. Making games is an incredible challenge but making games with these folks is an absolute pleasure.

We’ll be sending out another update in the next couple of weeks regarding how to get your keys from BackerKit and an update on all the remaining Kickstarter rewards.”

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Releasing August 20th, 2015 at 10am PST, to be specific on Steam, GOG and Humble.

For more details, make sure to follow Hairbrained Schemes on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Shadowrun: Hong Kong smashes Kickstarter goal in just two hours for Linux, Mac and PC


Shadowrun Returns, from #HarebrainedSchemes, hit Kickstarter back in 2012 with a reasonably modest $400,000 goal. It promised to bring back the #Shadowrun role-playing game franchise, offering a mixture of technology and magic set in a #cyberpunk alternative future, as a proper RPG – as opposed to Microsoft’s 2007 reboot, which re-imagined the franchise as a multiplayer first-person shooter. The project smashed its goal, ending with $1.8 million in funds, and launched on tablets, smartphones and PCs in 2013 to generally positive reviews.

So this Hong Kong spinoff still has a ways to go before it can smash Harebrained Scheme’s previous record, but it’s got until 17th February to do that. So far it smashed the $100K goal in two hours. By hour three, it had achieved its first stretch goal of adding enhanced player controls. It’s since raised a total of $276,761, enough to fund stretch goals for animatic scene transitions, new party member Ractor the Russian, and more animatic endings.

[kickstarter url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webeharebrained/shadowrun-hong-kong width=”480″]

An expansion, Dragonfall, followed both as an add-on for the original game and as a standalone title – and now the company is back for a third crack of the whip with Shadowrun: Hong Kong. ‘We’ve already begun development of the Hong Kong game,‘ claimed Mitch Gitelman, co-founder of Harebrained Schemes and executive producer of Shadowrun, at the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. ‘We’re self-funding the first 12 hours of gameplay at the quality level of Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut. But we have plenty of ideas for features and runs that didn’t fit into our budget. We love Kickstarter and we think there’s no better co-funding partner than our fans to help us take our game to the next level.

The promise that development is already under way from a studio proven to have succeeded with Kickstarter projects in the past, and that backers will be given an opportunity to influence the game’s design, appears to have struck a chord with the company’s fanbase. Its extremely modest $100,000 goal was smashed within two hours of the project going live, with the current total standing at nearly $316,000 with 34 days still to go.

At this stage the developer is only looking into developing the cyberpunk RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. “We have elected to focus all our efforts on PC in order to deliver the best game we can without the current processing and memory limitations of tablets,” the developer noted on its Kickstarter. “This focus allows us to have higher-fidelity visuals, larger map sizes, and more stuff on screen.”

[Hitting the goal] means we’ll be able to add Enhanced Player Controls, Animatic Scene Transitions and Racter, our favourite Russian, to your team,‘ the company announced in its first update to the project. ‘All we want is to do our very best work for an audience who wants what we’re making. So, thanks for the (rapid) outpouring of support.

The game is expected to launch in mid-2015 for Linux, Windows PC, Android, Mac, and iOS. More details are available on the official Kickstarter page, where rewards start at $15 for a digital copy of the game on PC plus soundtracks from all three titles.


Shadowrun is coming back to Kickstarter in January 2015


#ShadowrunReturns #developer Harebrained Schemes LLC is back at it; they left a #teaser message on the Kickstarter website suggesting a new project is coming our way.

The completely unexplained and purposefully short message was in the form of an image with “Kickstarter” and “January 2015” written over a logo of the game (check out thhe image above). The post heading itself reads:

Harebrained Schemes LLC released Shadowrun Returns last year for Linux, Windows PC, Mac, iPad and Android. The latest version was released to Linux in October 2013.

This was followed by Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall expansion which was received with equal enthusiasm as the original game. Along with a Director’s Cut.
Now, it seems like they have exhausted all the plans for the game; which is good since it has made them think of the next game in the series.

As far as the development studio itself is concerned, they have really created repute for themselves with people talking of their projects in praises. The Kickstarter campaign is concerned, it seems like the right thing to do because the previous game in the series has outdone its campaign target by a multifold. Instead of the $400,000 goal, the game was funded with $1.84 million!


Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut expansion coming next month

Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut expansion coming next month

Shadowrun Returns’ Dragonfall #expansion was a huge improvement over the main campaign, so it was a little frustrating that you were required to fork out for Returns in order to play it, particularly when it only shared a setting with the original #game. As mentioned last month, the situation is thankfully about to change, with a new standalone version of Dragonfall that will be available for free to existing owners (and Kickstarter backers). A few more details have just come to light about what the new version entails, and it sounds like there will be a fair bit of additional content on offer, plus changes to the combat system and interface. There is also a release date: 18th September.

New missions, new music, a revamped interface and combat system, and swisher visual effects are the order of the day here, along with a new armour system that will be detailed in a developer diary before release. You can see the new interface below, complete with sexy, sexy toolbars that no longer require you to click through to access your other weapons or abilities.

Another interesting titbit: the original, expansiony version of Dragonfall will be removed from sale (but not from your game library) when this new version releases, for the same price of $14.99. As such, there will also be a new Steam Workshop page to go along with it. Devs Harebrained Schemes will provide details on how to change your mods so they’ll be compatible with the new editing tools—the Kickstarter’s updates bit is likely where that info’ll be posted.

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