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Monster Prom content update for Halloween

monster prom content update for halloween on linux mac windows pc

Monster Prom content update drops for Halloween on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys. While releasing the “A Ghost Story” update on Steam.

Tricky Towers gets free brick skin pack (Linux)

tricky towers free halloween brick skin for lnux mac windows gamse 2017

While celebrating the coming of Halloween. Developer WeirdBeard Games are releasing a free brick skin pack for Tricky Towers. Which is available to get into the spirit of the holiday before October 31st. So the Halloween bricks feature Halloween favourites like pumpkins, bats and spiders. They are part of the latest Tricky Towers update on Steam. Which is currently discounted 50% for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Dungeons 3 gets Halloween Treats of fright

dungeons 3 gets halloween treats of fright for linux mac windows games 2017

Halloween is the Absolute Evil’s favourite time of year. While it might be a little fuzzy on a few of the details (knocking on doors, smashing down castles…same thing, right?). Also, the ever-festive Dungeon Lord does have a treat in store. This is for Dungeons 3 players on Steam and GOG. For a limited time only, up until Monday 6th November. The Snots under your command can be found wearing special Halloween hats. While your dungeons will also be decked out with pumpkin decorations. Getting you in the Halloween spirit as you lure scores of do-gooders to their inevitable demise.

Albion Online Halloween Time-Limited Rewards

Albion Online Halloween Time-Limited Rewards or linux mac windows games 2017

Fall Season has reached Albion Online, and shortly before Halloween on Linux, Mac and Windows. So Sandbox Interactive is kicking off special events for the games spooky season. The cities now feature decor with fallen leaves. Also carved pumpkins and all sorts of spooky props. While putting the players in the right mood to tackle a number of autumn events.

As adventurers roam the lands during Fall Season completing tasks. They will find and collect Pumpkin Pips. They can be found, e.g., in camps, chests, the arena, on expeditions. Or in locked pumpkins which randomly appear near resources. The Pumpkin Pips may then be redeemed for special Halloween rewards or traded with other players.

Tangledeep Halloween update features (Linux)

tangledeep rpg roguelike coming to linux mac windows games

Independent game developer Impact Gameworks announces more. Also their roguelike dungeon crawlerTangledeep, has undergone a special Halloween transformation. So this applies now for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. The games features set now offers limited-time items and unique. Powerful rewards to daring explorers with a sweet tooth for challenge. So the games just getting better.

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