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Mushroom Wars 2 holiday Hero – Sato’Shii

Mushroom Wars 2 holiday Hero Sato'Shii for Linux Mac Windows games on steam

Mushroom Wars 2 gets a new holiday Hero – Sato’Shii for Linux, Mac and Windows available now via Steam. The games developer Zillion Whales just announced the news. So all players can get Sato’Shii for a limited time.

The Usurpers Hero Pack DLC launches for Armello on Linux, Mac and Windows PC

armello board game the usurpers hero pack dlc launches linux mac pc

Armellothe award-winning digital board game from #LeagueofGeeks, #releases today on Xbox One for $19.99 / €19.99 as part of Microsoft’s Summer Spotlight program. The Usurpers Hero Pack, Armello‘s first #DLC, simultaneously launches on Linux, Mac, Windows PC via Steam for $9.99 USD / €9.99, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate Armello‘s one-year anniversary, the base game and soundtrack are 25% discount across all platforms until September 5th, 2016.

The Usurpers Hero Pack adds four new clan rings and a new playable character to each of the four existing animal clans, boosting Armello‘s hero count from eight to 12. Each character has their own distinct stats and special power, allowing players to find heroes that tailor to their style.

You can see the new DLC launch trailer here:

The new heroes include:

  • Magna, The Unbroken – Tank-like member of the Wolf Clan who can reflect opponents’ attacks.
  • Elyssia, Wardress of Warrens – Hero of the Rabbit Clan who builds fortifying walls around settlements.
  • Ghor, The Wyldkin – Bear Clan champion whose magical powers are increased in forests.
  • Sargon, The Death Teller – A legend of the Rat Clan whose cards appear face up when selecting which ones to draw.

Armello merges the deep tactics of card games with the rich strategy of table top and a character role-playing system. Players take turns exploring a vibrant world, battling players and vanquishing evil banes, with the shared goal of claiming the throne from the mad lion king of Armello.

“A year after introducing Armello to the world, the game’s audience is still as active as ever,” said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “Whether you’ve never played a match or you’re a seasoned vet, today’s content drop guarantees you will have a new experience, and with the talent seen in our community, you’re sure to have competition,”

More information about Armello can be found at the official website.


Competitive roguelike Crawl’s release date announced for Early Access

Competitive #multiplayer action-roguelike Crawl is coming to PC, Mac and #Linux on 6th August via Steam Early Access and developer Powerhoof’s website.

roguelike Crawl release date announced for Early Access

It will cost $9.99 (about £6).

Here’s the gist: One player fights a slew of monsters in a randomly generated dungeon while three of their friends play as ghosts trying to stop them. The ghosts can inhabit monsters and traps and whenever someone succeeds at slaying the hero, they become human and assume that role instead. The first player to reach level 10 as a hero can go on the the boss: a monstrosity controlled by all three of the rival players.

Players level up in both human and non-human form. The hero can gain new attacks and spells, while the ghosts can inhabit increasingly powerful creatures in their quest to take the hero’s place.

For more information on Crawl, here’s a video detailing its skeleton enemies. In fact, there’s a whole series of videos examining each type of monster in this complex arcade brawler.

SumoBoy anti-bullying inspired indie game seeks funding on Kickstarter

SumoBoy anti-bullying indie game seeks funding on Kickstarter

A game project seeking backers on Kickstarter bills itself as the “first ever story-driven anti-bullying inspired video game.”

SumoBoy is the game, by the 13-person #development team #TAPRR. Its $100,000 fundraiser opened this week and has 31 days to go. The game is planned for Linux, Mac OS, PC and mobile platforms. It tells the story of Oji, a chubby orphan subjected to nonstop bullying in the orphanage where he lives. Then he discovers his long-lost mother is actually a spirit princess who desperately needs his help.

The game’s makers say they were inspired by classics such as The Legend of Zelda, Bastion and Diablo III and its isometric camera, art style and gameplay show traces of all three. After Oji’s mom appears to him, he sets off on a quest to find his father, a mysterious Sumo warrior. Along the way he adds Sumo moves to his combat repertoire and puts things right in the realm, helping its inhabitants break their own cycles of despair and dysfunction. As he does so, he overcomes his own obstacles.

[kickstarter url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sumoboythegame/sumoboy width=”480″]

“Our protagonist, Oji, is the epitome of the unlikely hero,” the developers write. “As an orphan tormented by bullies, he is far from a traditional video game hero. But that is what makes this game so special; Oji’s greatest attribute is his empathy for those in trouble. His vulnerability and sweet demeanour makes him the perfect hero that symbolises the essence of youthful courage.”

TAPRR, a multinational team founded by Chris Laurent and Rob Salha, say they understand “the connotations that come with a social justice game, and we are aware of the risk of becoming a Public Service Announcement (PSA) instead of a fun game.

SumoBoy, at its core, is a game about bullying, but it’s also the creation of dozens of game lovers who want to bring you the best and most fulfilling gaming experience possible.”

For more on the project, see its Kickstarter page. As of writing just under $5,000 (Australian) toward its $100,000 goal has been pledged.

Reblogged from: polygon.com

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Hero-U Makes Final Stretch For Kickstarter Deadline

Less than three days to go and Corey and Lori Cole are making a final push towards their $400,000 Kickstarter goal. The project is sitting at the $312,875 mark and is scheduled to close in just 70 hours. So if you want to see the original Quest for Glory creators get a shot at their new game, it’s best to support the project as soon as possible.

Hero-U is a throwback to classic adventure gaming, but brought into today’s generation of gaming. In other words, gamers who want a real adventure game without all of the standard-fare hand-holding can look forward to the challenge, intrigue and comedy of Hero-U without having to worry about the game suffering from consolitis.

Additional updates on the Kickstarter project also indicates that the game will be running on none other than the Unity Engine. The game itself will make use of a lot of sprite technology, but what’s more is that Corey and Lori are leveraging the great and ever-growing community of Unity users to streamline their design process with all the great plug-ins and add-ons available for the indie-friendly engine, so designing the game has been a lot easier for them than as opposed to starting from the ground up. There’s even a strong platform available for a Linux port.

You can pledge to the Hero-U campaign right now or learn more by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.

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