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Mushroom Wars 2 holiday Hero – Sato’Shii

Mushroom Wars 2 holiday Hero Sato'Shii for Linux Mac Windows games on steam

Mushroom Wars 2 gets a new holiday Hero – Sato’Shii for Linux, Mac and Windows available now via Steam. The games developer Zillion Whales just announced the news. So all players can get Sato’Shii for a limited time.

The Encore Sale begins with some impressive Deals on Steam games


As the #sales come to an end, in the Steam Holiday Sale we have this last list of #suggestions. So if you have money in your Steam Wallet and feel like splurging, go for it. Even if there’s something you want that is not a Community Choice, or one of the “Best” deals, go for it. These last two days will be an Encore Sale and feature the biggest discounts for whatever price they were on the day they were featured.

To shake things up, today’s Steam Holiday Sale picks for January 1st, 2015 are ones we haven’t recommended yet.

      • Screencheat (Linux, Mac, Windows) for $7.99. Why? It’s a very fun game, but it does have a great style of gameplay. Makes for some ridiculous gaming with friends. Literally laugh out loud moments.
      • Hatoful Boyfriend (Linux, Mac,Windows) for $5.99. Why? Be coo. Find love as 2014 ends.
      • Kentucky Route Zero (Linux, Mac,Windows) for 25% off. Why? Having heard good things, it might also make you feel smart.
      • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Linux, Mac,Windows) for $10.99. Why? It’s 33% off and appears to be the lowest price available.
      • Shovel Knight (Linux, Mac,Windows) for $10.04. Why? It’s an incredible, retro-fabulous game.
      • The Long Dark (Linux, Mac,Windows) for $9.99. Why? It’s a really inventive sandbox survival game.

The one exception these games is a title vote Best Game of 2014, Divinity: Original Sin. Just play it. That’s all we can say.

Sadly, this will be our last Steam Holiday Sale update. After all, the Encore Sale runs for two days and there’s only so much we can tell you to buy. We hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and that 2015 goes well for all of you.


More Holiday Sale deals for Linux, Mac and Windows PC games


Today is another interesting day of this year’s Steam Holiday Sale. There are #some good #deals on great #games but not many of the sales are particularly exciting right now. Nothing here has been highly anticipated. There are quite a few titles here that we here at Linux Game News already own, but that does not mean there is nothing that captures our attention

Here are the Steam Holiday Sale picks for December 31, 2014 – New Years Eve. And many of these deals end January 1st, so be mindful.

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Linux, Mac, Windows) for $24.00 with coupon. Why? This way you will get one very sweet discount.
  • The Long Dark (Linux, Mac, Windows) for $9.99. Why? Who knows when we’ll get it again for 50% off.
  • Transistor (Linux, Mac, Windows) for 66% off, $6.79. Why? It’s one of the best discounts ever for it.
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth (Linux, Mac, Windows) for $24.00. Why? It’s the lowest price we have seen yet.
  • Mount & Blade: Warband (Linux, Mac, Windows) for 80% off, so only $3.99. Why? It’s a great game and just a heap of fun.

Didn’t see something you liked? Well, remember to use this rule of thumb for this, and all, Steam sales.

Buy a games when they are:

  1. a Featured Deal.
  2. a Flash Deal.
  3. a Community Choice Deal.
  4. at least 50% off.


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