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Rookie Series releases in Horizon Chase Turbo

rookie series new campaign in horizon chase turbo linux mac windows pc

Rookie Series is a new campaign for Horizon Chase Turbo on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Aquiris Game Studio. Available on Humble Store, but there is big discount on Steam. And the reviews continue to be 94% Very Positive.

Horizon Chase Turbo the roadmap details

horizon chase turbo the roadmap details in linux mac windows pc games

Horizon Chase Turbo aims for the horizon in the games roadmap for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since the game continues to hold a Very Positive review rating on Steam. While developer Aquiris Game Studio continues to expand the gameplay.

Horizon Chase Turbo new Playground Mode

horizon chase turbo new playground mode linux mac windows games

Horizon Chase Turbo arcade racer to get a new Playground Mode on Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Aquiris Game Studio is releasing a huge new update for the PlayStation 4 edition. But it’s also coming to PC as well.

Horizon Chase Turbo releases 30 min Demo

horizon chase turbo releases 30 min demo for linux mac windows

Horizon Chase Turbo releases a 30 minute Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows. The developer Aquiris Game Studio published a demo on Steam and Playstation Store.

Horizon Chase Turbo new Trailer and Sale

horizon chase turbo new trailer and sale for linux mac windows

Horizon Chase Turbo introduces an accolades trailer and a decent discount on the Steam Summer Sale for Linux, Mac and Windows.
Since its launch on 15th of May, Horizon Chase Turbo is still receiving very good reviews. Both from the press and players.

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