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Richy’s Nightmares horror platformer on the cheap

richy's nightmares horror platformer on the cheap for linux mac windows

Richy’s Nightmares 2D logical platformer is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also dirt cheap, at $5.09 USD until July 14th.

Hide Or Die asymmetrical horror native release?

hide or die asymmetrical horror game linux release

Hide or Die is a large scale asymmetrical horror multiplayer game for Windows, but what about Linux?
Since the recently successful Kickstarter, which hit all of it’s Stretch Goals. We reached out to developer VecFour Digital with with some surprising news.

Deluded Mind horror adventure disappointment

deluded mind horror adventure disappointment for linux gaming

Deluded Mind is a horror adventure coming to Windows, but what about Linux? Well we reached out to German developer Pyxton Studios for details. What followed is quite surprising.

Twin Soul co-op puzzle horror announced

twin soul co-op puzzle horror announced for linux mac windows

Twin Soul [official website] is a cooperative puzzle-horror game, aimed mostly on mature gamers on Linux, Mac and Windows. So thanks to indie developer White Noise Team releasing details for Twin Soul.

Gray Dawn first person horror coming release

gray dawn first person horror coming release for windows and linux

Gray Dawn, is an all new first person horror game coming to Windows, and then Linux. While blessing your PC June 7th, 2018.
From the minds of Interactive Stone, a small indie game studio located in Romania.

Play With Me point and click horror hype

Play with Me point and click horror hype inspired by Saw for linux mac windows

Play With Me the point and click horror is back to gain more hype on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since everyone loves a good scare. And indie developer AIREM has partnered up with IQ Publishing.
Who are looking to gain more notice for the point-and-click adventure game with horror-elements. Which is also loosely inspired by the seminal terror-classic, SAW.

The Last Deadend FPS horror native release

the last deadend fps horror linux release beside windows games

The Last DeadEnd [official website] is an FPS horror adventure game for Windows, but could likely see a Linux release. Well according to game studio Azdimension.

Without Escape point-and-click now on Steam

without escape point-and-click now on steam and itch for linux mac windows games

Bumpy Trail Games’ Without Escape, an unnerving point-and-click adventure game releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. While taking inspiration from ‘90s classics Myst and The 7th Guest, is launching on Itch.io and Steam.

With complex puzzles and horrific and surreal environments. Without Escape takes players on an unforgettable journey from our “reality” straight down to a hellish plane of existence.

Crucible Falls co-op horror to get native release

crucible falls together forever co-op first person horror release in linux windows games

Crucible Falls: Together Forever [official website] is a co-op first person horror game for Windows, and likely coming to Linux. Which is also the first release from studio Bakeneko Games that requires two people to play. Developed using Unreal Engine 4 and available now, on Steam.

We reached out to the studio for further platform support.

Without Escape classic horror launch date

without escape point and click horror launch date for linux mac windows games

Without Escape a point-and-click horror game gets a launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also inspired by classics such as Myst, Night Trap and The Adventures of Willy Beamish. All set to launch April 24th on Steam and itch.io.

Saint Kotar playable demo release delayed

saint kotar playable demo release delayed for linux mac windows games

Saint Kotar’s playable demo release is delayed for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the Kickstarter campaign, the launch is set for Spring 2018.

As announced back in November, the playable demo release and Kickstarter campaign launch were both scheduled for April 10. So now with great sadness that we are have to wait. Since developer Tanais Games are delaying the campaign and the demo.

The 13th Doll first person horror debuts October

the 13th doll first person horror debuts october in linux mac windows games

The 13th Doll is a first person horror game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games release is due in October, hence Halloween.
So players will explore a haunted mansion. Which also includes full motion video actors. All telling the story of the haunted Stauf Mansion. The mysterious missing toymaker, Henry Stauf himself.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles gets native

outbreak the nightmare chronicles gets linux and mac support in games

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles gets Linux and Mac support via Steam. Soon fans can explore a nightmarish environment. While scrounging for supplies. And battling the undead in Outbreak. A series of survival horror nightmares.

Deluded Mind to “ship native support coming

deluded mind adventure horror to ship linux support in games

Deluded Mind developer Pyxton Studios will likely support Linux for the psychological adventure horror. We reached out for details and the reply is surprising.

So after more than two years of development. Pyxton Studios has set a date that will delight horror fans, June 15th, 2018. Since the games set to release on Windows via Steam. Unreal Engine 4, if you are wondering how Linux support is possible.

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