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>observer_ gets new video for the Hidden Horror

>observer_ gets new video for the hidden horror linux mac windows gaming

Since Bloober Team are no strangers to zeroing in on fear-inducing. While taking everything they learned from #gaming in the horror hit, Layers of Fear for Linux, Mac and #Windows. So the Polish indie crew refined their technique for cyberpunk release, #>observer_. Since the developers have broken down their terrifying process in a gameplay video. This is a full in-depth commentary, located below:

“If you played our first game, Layers of Fear. You know that we make a different kind of horror. Something a bit more cerebral, emotional, and psychological. We like to call it ‘hidden horror’. We think of hidden horror as a subgenre. There are a million different types of action games out there. But you don’t see that kind of diversity in horror games. Most horror games are a design completely around survival.”

Catharsis is the goal of Bloober Team. While allowing you to release of your own fears by experiencing them second hand. Check out the video for a full breakdown of their process. And what you can expect from >observer_, launching later this year on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.

>observer_ introduces players to a frightening concept. How would it feel if your fears could be a weapon against you? Det. Daniel Lazarski is an “Observer”? So part of a corporate-funded, specialized police unit with full legal clearance. Due to tapping directly into a target’s mind via neural implant. Since a cryptic message from your estranged son sets you on a journey. So you’ll be exploring the drug-ridden Class C slums of Krakow, Poland. While hacking into the minds of criminals and victims alike to uncover the truth. Hence the mysterious communique, forced into a surreal landscape of the resident’s darkest fears.

>observer_ holds the same fantastic pacing of Layers Of Fear. So using modern themes to illustrate a society where hacking people’s nightmares is a reality. While gaming questions the moral implications of using people’s most guarded memories as weapons. Delve into people’s most disturbing internal struggles to find the answers you seek. Due to solving clues to help rid the city of its seedy underbelly in a futuristic. A Blade Runner-esque narrative.

>observer_ Features:

  • Hack into the twisted minds of criminals and their victims. Traverse a surreal landscape, uncovering meaning behind imagery
  • Unique cyberpunk setting. Since players find themselves in 2084 AD, Krakow, Poland
  • Genre-defining “hidden horror” gameplay in an unsettling and dark atmosphere. Placing an emphasis on deeper primal terror over jump scares

Since >observer_ is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Well no specific release date has been set, summer 2017.

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Hello Neighbor release date announced [Linux]

hello neighbor release date announced linux games on steam

Ah yes, so the wait is finally over. Hence tinyBuild can reveal that Hello Neighbor #releasedate. So today we can officially confirm the #games theory is true. Since the release is expected to launch on #Steam and Humble Store on August 29th.

Hello Neighbor AI Rundown Video

Since you move into a brand new suburb. Taking notice that your neighbor is hiding something. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he’s hiding. Which is totally normal, right?

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your suspicious neighbor’s house to figure out what he’s hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced self-learning AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There’ll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

Hello Neighbor Features:

  • Suspenseful horror gameplay (not jump scares) that focuses on sneaking around your neighbor’s house
  • Constantly evolving experience where the Neighbor’s AI counters your moves, and learns from what you do
  • Sandbox-style gameplay with plenty of environmental interaction and physics

A Linux release of Hello Neighbor?

LGC: I thought there were always plans set for Linux and Mac releases?

tinyBuild: Yep, that was always the plan for Hello Neighbor!

May 26th Update:

“The dev team will try to port the game on Mac and Linux to launch it alongside the PC game.”

Since the game has been in Early Alpha Access since October. Embracing an open development method. tinyBuild have released 4 Alpha Builds and a Free Pre-Alpha that’s available on HelloNeighborGame.com.

So Hello Neighbor the release date is expected to include the launch via Steam and Humble Store with a release date of August 29th.

tinyBuild have 10 keys left from the Humble tinyBuild Bundle. These keys unlock all games that participated in the bundle. Including Early Alpha Access. For a chance to win, simply:

Sundered closed Beta [launches today]

sundered action horror closed beta launches today in linux gaming news

Today, Thunder Lotus Games kick off their #ClosedBeta for Sundered. Bringing with it a dramatic new trailer, titled “Resist”. Showcasing gaming footage from the highly #anticipated action-horror game. Coming this summer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence this news shows off the first #gameplay region and spectacular boss fight. And while​ Sundered’s Resist trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse at the content. While Thunder Lotus awaits the game’s Beta players feedback this week.

Sundered ​Resist Trailer:

The Resist trailer juxtaposes background narration from General Waters, a fallen military leader from the ​ Sundered’s ​ Valkyrie faction, and images of the protagonist, Eshe, exploring the game’s first areas and confronting its foes. The trailer builds to a reveal ​ Sundered’s stirring first boss fight against Xea’sh’kaebt, a corrupted priest from the game’s rival faction, the Eschatons.

“The Resist Trailer puts ​Sundered’s ​best foot forward,” said Will Dubé Creative Director. Who also happens to be the President of Thunder Lotus Games. “The new region we’re revealing features some of the best work our team has ever produced. And I’m excited that so many of our fans will get to experience it in the Beta.”

Sundered Gameplay and Let’s Play (Beta walkthrough)

Sundered ​is a horrifying fight for survival and sanity in gaming. Hence a hand-drawn epic game from the creators of Jotun. So players take the roll of Eshe, a wonderer in a ruined world. Due to being trapped in ever-changing caverns teeming with eldritch horrors. So go on and harness the power of corrupted relics to defeat gigantic bosses. All at the cost of your humanity. Resist or Embrace?

Since we originally brought news of Sundered via Kickstarter. Hence the 4,600 backers will get access to the Closed Beta. While the the final development phase will take place until the game’s release. Coming to Linux, Mac, Windows PC and on PlayStation 4 in July 2017. Which will be available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

White Noise 2 full release now available on Steam

white noise 2 full release now available on steam in linux gaming news

Some of the bigger gaming news this week. White Noise 2, the Early Access sequel to the successful White Noise Online has a full #release on Steam. Hence the Unity based game is #available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where gameplay takes the player in the roll of an investigation team. Or even the roll of the creature, devouring prey. White Noise 2 offers up some impressive 4v1 horror gaming. Trust me, the gameplay will get your attention and keep your focus. Which is why we are keen to release the news.

Hence all the helpful community support and game mechanic changes for developer Milkstone Studios. Since it’s only been 6 months since the Early Access release. There are some great improves to the game. And naturally Milkstone Studios are keen to thank their backers for the support and feedback. Hence all the information offered throughout the process to shape the game. So Milkstone Studios are offering all backers a free copy of Pharaonic. Which should be automatically added to the Steam library of those who bought the game. Which also includes the Supporters Pack DLC for Free.

“Rest assured, the release is not the end but just the beginning! We’ve got plenty of content planned that will be available soon, and plan to keep improving the game as long as there’s a community playing it, so please pass by the Steam Forums, the Official subreddit, or the Official Discord group and leave your comments.”

Also with the full release. A new update launches featuring more changes:

New White Noise 2 features:

  • Added Supporters Pack DLC with 2 new items: The Fungus and the Metallic Flashlight
  • Enabled Steam Trading Card drops
  • Added a Tutorial Videos section, with links to Youtube videos with Investigator/Creature tips.

Gameplay changes:

  • Changed the unlock order of some flashlights
  • Creatures: Reduced overall light resistance (less time to catch investigators once flashed)
  • Creature: Standard teleport distance has been increased a bit, and it’s less random (before it was 80-120% of a base value).
  • Investigators: Increased overall bravery (more time before losing control)
  • Investigators: Increased overall flashlight battery.
  • Improved some 1st person hand animations

So White Noise 2 is some impressive 4v1 gaming. The full release is available on Steam and Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Roots of Insanity first person horror launches on Steam

roots of insanity first person horror launches on steam in linux gaming news

The latest news in gaming. The #horror #game Roots of Insanity from Crania Games launches on #Steam. Which seems to be one of those titles that keep asking for more. Since the story pulls you in. Hence the fluid gameplay and a hospital full of mysteries. Roots of Insanity invites you to an impressive experience built on Unreal Engine 4.

Check out the launch trailer:


So players take on the role of Riley McClein. Hence this epileptic doctor soon finds his usual night shift twisted into something more dire. A scream in the night pulls you from your office. Only to find the hospital and yourself in a state of chaos and unreality. So gaming is about your helping Dr. McClein uncover the sources of the horrors in the hospital. Since rescuing your patients is not unexpected news. Deal with his epileptic attacks and perhaps you’ll survive this mind-bending night. Can you hold onto reality in Roots of Insanity?

Linux support?

So yes there will be Linux support soon. There anyone interested in some good first person horror gaming can wait. Since Crania, “we want to release our game’s macos and linux version one or two months after our game release if would be possible.”
Obviously the dev team can see how well game sales progress. While also ironing out any bugs, fixes, etc. Since this an Unreal Engine 4 title, system optimisation is not quite as easy as say Unity. Hence the one to two month native release window.

Right now, Roots of Insanity is available now on Steam for $9.99 USD. While more information is available on the official website, make sure to follow on Twitter and Facebook.