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White Noise 2 full release now available on Steam

white noise 2 full release now available on steam in linux gaming news

Some of the bigger gaming news this week. White Noise 2, the Early Access sequel to the successful White Noise Online has a full #release on Steam. Hence the Unity based game is #available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where gameplay takes the player in the roll of an investigation team. Or even the roll of the creature, devouring prey. White Noise 2 offers up some impressive 4v1 horror gaming. Trust me, the gameplay will get your attention and keep your focus. Which is why we are keen to release the news.

Hence all the helpful community support and game mechanic changes for developer Milkstone Studios. Since it’s only been 6 months since the Early Access release. There are some great improves to the game. And naturally Milkstone Studios are keen to thank their backers for the support and feedback. Hence all the information offered throughout the process to shape the game. So Milkstone Studios are offering all backers a free copy of Pharaonic. Which should be automatically added to the Steam library of those who bought the game. Which also includes the Supporters Pack DLC for Free.

“Rest assured, the release is not the end but just the beginning! We’ve got plenty of content planned that will be available soon, and plan to keep improving the game as long as there’s a community playing it, so please pass by the Steam Forums, the Official subreddit, or the Official Discord group and leave your comments.”

Also with the full release. A new update launches featuring more changes:

New White Noise 2 features:

  • Added Supporters Pack DLC with 2 new items: The Fungus and the Metallic Flashlight
  • Enabled Steam Trading Card drops
  • Added a Tutorial Videos section, with links to Youtube videos with Investigator/Creature tips.

Gameplay changes:

  • Changed the unlock order of some flashlights
  • Creatures: Reduced overall light resistance (less time to catch investigators once flashed)
  • Creature: Standard teleport distance has been increased a bit, and it’s less random (before it was 80-120% of a base value).
  • Investigators: Increased overall bravery (more time before losing control)
  • Investigators: Increased overall flashlight battery.
  • Improved some 1st person hand animations

So White Noise 2 is some impressive 4v1 gaming. The full release is available on Steam and Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Roots of Insanity first person horror launches on Steam

roots of insanity first person horror launches on steam in linux gaming news

The latest news in gaming. The #horror #game Roots of Insanity from Crania Games launches on #Steam. Which seems to be one of those titles that keep asking for more. Since the story pulls you in. Hence the fluid gameplay and a hospital full of mysteries. Roots of Insanity invites you to an impressive experience built on Unreal Engine 4.

Check out the launch trailer:


So players take on the role of Riley McClein. Hence this epileptic doctor soon finds his usual night shift twisted into something more dire. A scream in the night pulls you from your office. Only to find the hospital and yourself in a state of chaos and unreality. So gaming is about your helping Dr. McClein uncover the sources of the horrors in the hospital. Since rescuing your patients is not unexpected news. Deal with his epileptic attacks and perhaps you’ll survive this mind-bending night. Can you hold onto reality in Roots of Insanity?

Linux support?

So yes there will be Linux support soon. There anyone interested in some good first person horror gaming can wait. Since Crania, “we want to release our game’s macos and linux version one or two months after our game release if would be possible.”
Obviously the dev team can see how well game sales progress. While also ironing out any bugs, fixes, etc. Since this an Unreal Engine 4 title, system optimisation is not quite as easy as say Unity. Hence the one to two month native release window.

Right now, Roots of Insanity is available now on Steam for $9.99 USD. While more information is available on the official website, make sure to follow on Twitter and Facebook.

ECHOPLEX the puzzle horror could see Linux release

echoplex the horror puzzler could see linux release in gaming news

In gaming news, cyber puzzle horror game ECHOPLEX caught our attention. While #gameplay is set in a mind-bending near future world, and coming to #EarlyAccess. This #Unity based game has a strong potential of seeing a Linux build.
So gameplay in ECHOPLEX has players being followed by an “Echo”. Hence a duplicate of yourself, that repeats everything you do. Yet faced with a series of puzzles. The goal, outwit your Echo. So the player will have to use some strategy and cunning. Then retrieve memory fragments which hold the secret to your past…

Also, ECHOPLEX combines the minimalist graphics with live action footage. Which creates a deep yet chilling puzzle horror in the virtual world.

The thought-provoking ECHOPLEX will soon have you questioning your very existence. Leaving players wondering if you’re only an echo of a future self.

Since ECHOPLEX gameplay keeps the player moving. Why? If you stand still for too long, it’s game over. So the secret to surviving has the player using the entity’s mimicry to your advantage. For example, walking through a door’s trigger will lock the door in front of you. So as the Echo passes through the same trigger, the door will open. Hence allowing you to pass right through.

Therefore the ECHOPLEX’s non-linear storyline explores the mysterious connection. Which is interesting, this runs between an engineer working at Clonochem Corporation. While also including and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum. So when the engineer calls a phone number written on a severed arm. Then he finds himself as one of many iterations caught up in an endless cycle of repeating events. Do you have what it takes to break free in this puzzle horror?

ECHOPLEX Features:

  • Solve unusual spatial puzzles anchored by an innovative Echo gameplay mechanic.
  • Experience the story through puzzle-solving and live-action video clips shot by an indie film director.
  • Explore intriguing, minimalist environments.
  • Enjoy an abstract soundscape augmented by a “cyber-horror” score composed by Revin Goff.
  • Play under intense time pressure as your Echo draws near…

Also, make sure to check out the 5-level demo for Linux.

So Output Games are interesting to launch a Linux release. Which may or may not make it into Early Access. The live action cut scenes and the playback seem to have an issue. Unity’s standard way of playing videos does not produce great results. Hence the developers have to “rely on a third party video playback asset.” Which only supports Mac and Windows. And since the core team is two people, “we don’t have the resources to build a custom player.”

Never the less, ECHOPLEX comes with a gripping, self-contained storyline. Which makes the puzzle horror rather unique. Since we haven’t seen a game developer going quite this far in gameplay. Hence this bit of gaming news.

ECHOPLEX is expected to release this month on Early Access. Hopefully we will see as Linux build post release.

Inner Chains FPS horror release date announced – April 20th

inner chains fps horror release date announced in linux gaming news

Global publisher IMGN.PRO and #developer Telepaths Tree have #announced news.  Hence the #release date for Inner Chains. Which the game will be available on PC next month, April 20th. So take notice, there is no mention about a Linux release yet. Despite being a Kickstarter Stretch Goal. So this news post is solely to highlight the coming release and the gameplay itself.

However, eager players will be able grab their own copy of the game on Steam for $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99 next month.

Inner Chains Cinematic Trailer:


Now free from human interference, nature has been adapting to its new conditions. Hence reclaiming what has been taken away. While in pursuit of perfection begins to assimilate the abandoned technology. While giving life to biomechanical beings. Soon you’ll be able to experience this harsh, ominous world for yourself.

Telepaths Tree

So the trailer above shows the creators showcasing their surrealist artistic vision. Yet drenched in a dense, suggestive atmosphere, in the newest cinematic trailer. Alls produced at accomplished production studio ORKA. The cinematics for Inner Chains are their first project with this kind of visual production. ORKA was responsible for all stages of the creative process. From general concept, to script, to post-production. The animation process alone behind bringing the developers’ challenging. A symbol and metaphor-laden vision to life took two and a half months.

“From the very beginning of taking on this challenge, we knew this project would be worth 100% of our commitment. This opens a new chapter in ORKA’s history,” says Magda Zimecka, CEO.

Krzysztof Azarewicz, co-writer of Inner Chains, was brought to the project, as well as Tomasz “Orion” Wróblewski, the vocalist and bassist of the cult death metal band Behemoth, who voiced the narrator of the trailer.

About Inner Chains

As one of the inhabitants of this world. So your head is filled with the teachings of the Ruling Caste. You have only one goal: to get to a mythical place called the Last Hope. Leave this sick, degenerated, dying planet once and for all. So embark on your journey full of fanatical zeal, but soon it becomes clear that nothing is what it seems in this strange world. To discover your role in it, you’ll have to fight for survival, face hostile fauna and flora. Overcome your own weaknesses, remain vigilant to your surroundings, and explore the secrets of the game’s world. Your survival depends entirely on your watchfulness, logical judgment, quick reflexes, accuracy, and your ability to use your surroundings to your advantage.

Forgotten ruins and caves in the mountains. A dangerous forest where both flora and fauna lie in wait to attack you. And numerous religious sites and majestic temples adapted by the Ruling Caste. Whose existence and goals hide many secrets – in the vast, surreal world of Inner Chains. So you’ll visit all these places and learn their unique histories. While arming yourself with knowledge which will help you in your ultimate battle with the enemy.

Inner Chains Main Features:

  • Interaction between weapons, their users, and the environment.
  • An unparalleled biomechanical world where both fauna and flora lie in wait for your slightest stumble.
  • Stunning surreal visual style.
  • Deadly, intelligent, and challenging opponents.
  • Unusual locations with their own unique stories.
  • A dense, suggestive atmosphere of terror, magnified by the fantastic soundtrack.
  • Subtle thriller elements that will fill you with fear in unusual, inventive ways.
  • Thrilling action combined with an interesting, hair-raising story.

So the way it looks right now, Inner Chains has been announced. But Telepaths Tree could be waiting to see the how well the game sells before releasing on Linux. Hopefully we will have more specific news before the release date.

Inner Chains will launch 20th April, 2017 on PC and it will be available on Steam. Hence a price of $19.99 / €19.99 / £17.99. So we will update this news post as soon as we have more details for Linux.

More information for Inner Chains is avialable on the official website. So make sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

P.A.M.E.L.A. first person survival horror now on Early Access, no Linux

P.A.M.E.L.A. first person survival horror now on early access linux gaming news

Indie development team NVYVE Studios have announced that P.A.M.E.L.A.. Hence the Unity 3D based #first person, #openworld, utopian, sci-fi, #survival #horror game. Now available on Steam Early Access, with Linux to follow.
Awakening from the depths of cryosleep in the glimmering fallen utopia of Eden. While P.A.M.E.L.A. challenges you to survive by exploring the remnants of the once great paradise. The Afflicted, the maligned citizens of Eden driven mad by a horrific biological outbreak stalk the vibrant streets and architecture of the game’s future idyll. The harrowing threat and a constant reminder that paradise must fall. So it’s only through your survival and exploration of the city that you will uncover the tragedy of humanity’s craving. Along with the technological and biological advancement, hence a perpetual thirst for a brighter future.

“We’re hugely excited to share P.A.M.E.L.A. with players across the world. Situating the core aspects of the horror survival genre within our handcrafted sci-fi setting. Yet not been without challenge but we believe P.A.M.E.L.A. now presents a unique proposition. Eden is alive with the richness and detail of a once functional city. Hence a perfect backdrop for the player’s own story of survival, and truth they will uncover. We hope players take delight in the world, in the quiet moments amidst the conflict ,” said Adam Simonar, Studio Director of NVYVE Studios. “Early Access represents the next step for the development of the game as we begin to work closely with the community. While evolving P.A.M.E.L.A., community input crucial to the features and content we will introduce between now and the game’s full commercial launch.”

Survival is paramount in P.A.M.E.L.A. Eden’s lone AI overseer, Pamela itself, will provide information on how to survive within the city. While bestowing amplified abilities upon you. Wield future, modular technology, hack into the city’s still functioning power grid. Yet enhance your body with bio-augmentations. This is all achieved through your holographic “AARM UI” system, the game’s seamless interface. Which projects directly into the game world to heighten immersion and build tension during battles. Hence the harrowing, disfigured antagonists, The Afflicted. So defence is just as important as attack, made possible by the game’s freeform base-building system. Since this enables you to build a personal safe haven amidst Eden’s hostile world.

Shifting deftly between glistening, utopian beauty and the horror of its disease ravaged citizens, Eden itself is a handcrafted marvel. Meticulously constructed by NVYVE Studios. The spatial and environmental flow of the city’s spaces evoke the metropolises of the real world. As you explore the city, scavenging for resources and defending yourself against The Afflicted. You will uncover poignant insights into the lives of individual citizens of Eden, both through the environment itself and discoverable data logs. So search Eden for over 200 unique pieces of loot and resources. All ranging from food to building materials and hi-tech weapons and upgrades. While you give yourself the best possible chance of survival. The city, though, isn’t just an environment to survive from. It’s blood covered environments reveal the depths to which the city has been lost.

P.A.M.E.L.A. debuted at GDC in March 2015 with an announcement trailer that immediately made clear the scope of the project and the chilling beauty of its fallen utopia setting. Shown again at GDC in 2016 and with two subsequent trailers, Rebirth and Downfall, P.A.M.E.L.A. release on Steam Early Access is the culmination of two years of intense work for NVYVE® Studios. The story, though, is not over yet. Early Access is just the beginning with regular updates provided on additional content and bug fixing in order to make P.A.M.E.L.A.’s full commercial launch later this year the most complete, terrifying and challenging experience it can possibly be.

NVYVE Studios redefines ideas of what a small team can do and will be revealing more about its release calendar and how players can help shape the future of this exciting new open world survival game over the coming months.

P.A.M.E.L.A. is available on Steam Early Access for $24.99 USD, £18.99, and €22.99. Linux support to follow, stay tuned for more details.

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