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HTML5 open-source puzzle game engine PuzzleScript now available

HTML5 open-source puzzle game engine PuzzleScript now available

 English Country Tune developer Stephen “increpare” Lavelle has released an open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine called PuzzleScript.

The PuzzleScript editor comes with dozens of examples of demake games, such as Microban by David Skinner, 2D Whale World by Lavelle, Notsnake by Terry Cavanagh, and Lime Rick by Tommi Tuovinen.

Lavelle has also documented the first steps new and old developers can take with the engine to make tile-based puzzle games. Any developers interested can visit the official website and dive straight in.

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GameMaker Studio 1.2 is now live

GameMaker Studio 1.2 is now live

YoYo Games claims new Compiler runs projects up to 100x faster than before

YoYo Games has released the latest update for it GameMaker: Studio engine, version 1.2.

New additions include the YoYo Compiler, which the firm has claimed will allow projects to run up to 100x faster than before across all supported native platforms.

 New cross-platform shader support has also been included, which allows developers full access to low level shaders, with the built-in editor also receiving a full colour syntax highlighting for shaders.

Other features include full Ouya and Tizen 2.2 support, MOGA controller support, a new audio system and Web GL 3D support for GameMaker: Studio HTML5.

“Today’s update raises the bar in the visual quality and the complexity of games that can be made in GameMaker: Studio,” said YoYo Games CTO Russell Kay.

 “Our goal with today’s update and all future enhancements to GameMaker: Studio is that the imagination is the limiting factor in the game development process, not the technology.”

To date GameMaker: Studio has been downloaded more than one million times and attracts close to 20,000 daily active users.

Visit the official GameMaker website for more information.

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Gamefroot lowers entry level to game development

A new browser-based game creation tool aims to

take the hard work out of developing for Flash or



Gamefroot is a free online game development tool, released last month by Wellington-based firm Instinct Entertainment. It’s aimed at artists, storytellers, junior game developers, “noobs”, and people who can’t code.

Instinct Entertainment director Dan Milward and programmer Vlad Wolstencroft spoke at last weekend’s NZ Game Development Association conference, showing Gamefroot in action and giving attendees a few tips on game design.

Milward said that the service “aims to democratise game creation”, lowering the entry level to game development.

The tool is entirely browser-based, implemented in HTML5 and Javascript. There’s no need for game developers to download or install any software, and Gamefroot works in modern web browsers on any platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux or even Android).

It may not be as comprehensive as the Game Developer Degree at the Media Design school, but it has simplicity in its favour. Programming knowledge is not required to create games using Gamefroot: instead, a drag-and-drop system is used to define events and behaviour of objects within the game world.

Gamefroot can currently be used to build platform, puzzle and top-down-perspective games.

Finished games are stored on the Gamefroot website, and can be played there as Flash games, or via the Gamefroot iPhone app. Gamefroot can’t be used to create standalone Flash games or iPhone apps; the only way to play your games is via Gamefroot. Despite this limitation, games remain your property if you’re the developer.

Try Gamefroot’s Game Creator


Two Guys from Andromeda’s SpaceVenture

The unnamed Kickstarter game of Two Guys


You’ve covered Kickstarter projects for Linux games before (Vigrior, and coryholl’s big list, for example)… recently there has been a HUGE renaissance of old-school game developers bringing their goods to our favorite open-source OS.

Currently, the creators of the old-school Sierra On-Line Space Quest series, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (“The Two Guys from Andromeda”) have a campaign going for a spiritual successor to the beloved Space Quest series! It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and the Linux port is right there in their committment, from the beginning, no overfunding goal required.

These games are remembered for their self-deprecating humor, fourth-wall breaking metagame jokes, popular culture and science fiction references, and for turning gaming cliches inside out!


This campaign is also novel in a couple of cool ways; one, they are planning to turn HTML5 prototype demos at each $100,000 mark; they’ve hit the first within two days, and release them at no cost on Google’s Chrome App Market. The first HTML5 demo plays great with the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS packaged Chromium browser (I’m not currently using Chrome). They’ve also already polled for the second prototype to ask backers what they want to see next. I’ve never heard of any campaign so interactive in that way, supporting Linux out of the gate, and using standards-compliant web technology for truly cross-platform gaming demos!

Currently the project is called “Two Guys SpaceVenture“, as the final game title has not been announced yet.

by Crusader


Cross Platform Mobile Game Technology Company spaceport.io Attracts Investment From YouWeb and BBC Worldwide

Strategic partnership with BBC Worldwide will power its new HTML5-compatible social games and apps with native performance on iOS, Android, and Smart TVs

Social games technology company and author of the PerfMarks Report, spaceport.io, is announcing today that it has raised a new strategic round of funding to further accelerate the company’s development of its breakthrough technology platform.

This second round of investment allows spaceport.io to continue to staff its team and to develop its HTML5 technology and flash compatible native performance technology. This technology allows applications to be created once and then simultaneously released across mobile and web platforms. The business is part of one of the most prestigious incubators in Burlingame, California and currently the market leader in the HTML5 sphere, having been the first social games company to make this increasingly popular platform available for multiple devices.

BBC Worldwide joins the list of investors with a view to use spaceport.io’s technology to design its next generation of games and apps. In addition to reducing the timeframe of launching on multiple devices, the arrangement will help BBC Worldwide significantly lower development costs, and help it to become more innovative in emerging markets, such as connected TV, HTML5 and social mobile gaming.

“BBC Worldwide’s strategic commitment in our technology is another step towards the Spaceport platform becoming the industry-standard for cross-platform mobile game development.” said spaceport.io Chairman Peter Relan. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with a globally-renowned organization such as BBC Worldwide — whose reach spans 200 countries as well as hundreds of millions of consumers — in order to help leverage their major media properties.”

Robert Nashak, BBC Worldwide EVP Digital Entertainment & Games said: “Spaceport is the leading HTML5 game development platform for creating high-performance game applications. This partnership signals our continued support of innovative new businesses like spaceport.io and will allow fans of BBC Worldwide brands to access to our latest games on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems.”

The first project from BBC Worldwide and spaceport.io is due for launch summer 2012.
spaceport.io is part of YouWeb — one of the most prestigious games incubators in the U.S. — and is currently the market leader in HTML5 application development, having been the first social games company to make this increasingly popular platform available for multiple devices and operating systems. The industry-standard Spaceport platform uses JavaScript to support high performance HTML5 games on Android and iOS, and offers enormous improvements in game performance.

In just two years BBC Worldwide has released almost 40 titles and sold over 6 million physical and download versions of games such as Top Gear Stunt School and Doctor who Mazes of Time- as well as a multi-year partnership with Top Gear and Forza Motorsport for Xbox. Upcoming launches include the hugely anticipated Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock console download game for Sony’s Playstation 3 and Vita platform and Jane Austen’s Rogues and Romance for Facebook.

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