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Pecaminosa upcoming Indiegogo campaign

pecaminosa detective exploration game on Indiegogo for linux mac windows pc

Pecaminosa detective exploration game coming to Indiegogo this week for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Cereal Games. A studio that is dedicated to the game development scene. With a crowdfunding campaign due to release this week.

Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics crowdfunding date

bot net: ramshackle robotics crowdfunding date for linux windows pc

Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics turn based strategy is coming to crowdfunding for Windows PC, but with Linux already in mind. According to a recent reply from developer Caffeineware. And also release a campaign on IndieGoGo soon.

RE:OZMA sandbox hybrid coming to Indiegogo

re:ozma sandbox hybrid coming to indiegogo for linux mac windows pc demo

RE:OZMA is a new sandbox hybrid coming to Indiegogo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to indie game developer Shiftrick. Who now reveals details and a new trailer. Showing off the Terraria and space strategy simulation gameplay.

Rainswept cinematic murder mystery now on Indiegogo

rainswept cinematic murder mystery on indiegogo for linux mac windows

Rainswept cinematic murder mystery is now available on Indiegogo campaign for Linux, mac and Windows. Which also 155 funded toward the pledge goal of only $4,000 USD. Releasing in January 2019.

Atari VCS welcomes Xbox console system architect

atari vcs linux system welcomes xbox console system architect

Atari VCS is back in the news with a big welcome for the Xbox console system architect Rob Wyatt. Since Atari is one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers.

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