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Insurgency mod Day of Infamy update announced a bevvy of new changes and compatibility


With the #release of the Insurgency update today, we are pleased to announce that the #community mod project, Day of Infamy, is compatible with the default version of the #game and will no longer require players to opt into the beta branch.

Day of Infamy (“DoI”) is an open-ended World War II total conversion for Insurgency, founded by New World Interactive and expanded upon by Insurgency’s modding community. You can find more details on the NWI Wiki.

DoI was revealed via Twitch livestream only ten days ago. Since release, the mod has over 60,000 subscribers and numerous community members have already begun creating new maps, weapons, and other content for the mod. The mod’s first community-made map – Landfall, created by Chief-C – is being added to the mod with today’s update.

We have been overwhelmed by the surge of popularity from the launch, and are very excited about the future for Day of Infamy. With the mod being available to a larger audience, we have created the infrastructure that allows modders contributing to the project.


  • To play the mod, simply subscribe to the mod and its maps on Workshop.
    (With the latest update to Insurgency, the beta branch is no longer required)
  • In the Cooperative or Multiplayer menus, select the Day of Infamy playlist to see a list of dedicated servers running the mod. Click a server to expand the view and click the button to join!


  • Check out the Roadmap and Official Forums to see progress on the mod. Determine what has already been created, is in progress, and what needs to be made.
  • Once you have a map, weapon, character, or something else ready for submission, you can submit it into the official DOI GitHub here.


New Gameplay

  • New map: Landfall
  • Expanded Multiplayer:
    • Landfall: Invasion, Push, Skirmish, Occupy and Firefight
  • Expanded Cooperative
    • Bastogne (Day and Night): Outpost, Conquer
    • Landfall: Checkpoint, Conquer

New Weapon Content

  • New 30 and 50 round extended magazine upgrades for Thompson M1928A1. The weapon now defaults to a 20 round box magazine. Drum magazine is restricted to Officer and Support classes.
  • New foregrip attachment for the Thompson M1928A1.
  • New Stielhandgranate model and animations.

User Experience Improvements

  • Created voting images for maps.
  • Team chat will now properly denote teams as “American Army” or “German Army” instead of “Security” and “Insurgents”.

Map Changes

  • Bastogne:
    • Added truck at A push to provide German forces with a bit more protection when approaching the objective.
    • Added a few more bushes throughout the map for cover.
    • Improved fog transition from playable level to 3dskybox.
    • Replaced some dev textures that were visible for the player.
    • Players can no longer hide inside the back of a convoy truck.
  • Dog Red:
    • Improved cover by the right flank up the hill.
    • Improved the right path leading to the rear bunker.
    • Optimized performance past the road.
    • Added new particle effects in various areas.
    • Modified beach bunker floors to force German team to stay close to the edge.
    • Fixed other miscellaneous issues.

Community Credits

  • Landfall map created by Chief-C.
  • Stielhandgranate art created by TKAzA.


Day of Infamy free mod on Steam Workshop

day of infamy free mod linux mac windows pc

Day of Infamy is an open-ended World War II experience founded by New World Interactive and expanded upon by the Insurgency modding community. Taking the fantastic FPS platform of Insurgency, and using it to build on the massive global setting of World War II; Day of Infamy is set to bring back the amphitheatre of war through the community.

Insurgency has shown that realistic, tense FPS experiences are alive and more than well with more than 2 million players playing Insurgency today. With roots built deep in the modding community, the next step for New World Interactive is an ambitious WWII mod through the Steam Workshop titled Day of Infamy.

Unfortunately, we received noticed late yesterdasy, the reveal of the western front as Day of Infamy made the debut on the New World Interactive’s Twitch stream. However the past broadcast is still available for viewing.

Day of Infamy opens up Insurgency to the modding community in a way that is incredibly exciting to New World Interactive team. “Not only is Insurgency a great platform for a gritty WWII game, but with such a vast global setting where so many factions and locations may be represented, it is the ideal platform for a community-created game,” said Jeremy Blum, Founder and Game Director at New World Interactive. “Modders can create the factions and environments they wish to play in, and NWI will help ensure their work is integrated and accessible to the public.”

Two DoI maps also need to be subscribed to on Workshop, including the Normandy invasion with “Dog Red” and the Battle of the Bulge with “Bastogne”.

The manifestation of Day of Infamy is up to players as the project will be a collaborative effort. With such a wide-scale story to tell, Day of Infamy will offer the tools of Insurgency as a creative canvas to see historical vignettes recreated in map form, troops from all nations present, and modes designed to highlight the struggle of war.

Keep in mind, these mods are indeed Free and work nicely on Linux. Follow the links to Subscribe and expand your Insurgency gameplay.


First-person military shooter Insurgency finally makes a Linux debut in the Conquer Update


Today marks another amazing day for Linux and SteamOS gamers, the first-person military shooter Insurgency finally has native #port. And the best deal #available for the #FPS is by far, the Humble Jumble Bundle 5. Marking the only game in the bundle supporting Linux, which also happens to sits at an average price of $5.87 USD.

The Conquer Update update will be a large download because New World Interactive have reworked coop maps and merged them into our main maps. This means players now have support for Outpost Night, Hunt Day, Survival Day. Plus there are over three times the amount of cooperative scenarios.

New Engine Features:

New Game Features

  • New Conquer Cooperative mode. Secure and hold three objectives, while seeking out enemy weapon caches to cripple their supply.
  • New navigation mesh spawning system allowing the game to have three times more coop scenarios while reducing the game by 1.5gb on your hard drive. New coop scenarios which were previously not supported include Conquer (day and night), Hunt (day), Outpost (night) and Survival (day).
  • All new AI behaviors including use of cover, retreating, weapon based stances, bipod usage, pistol swap, arousal system; improved combat logic, use of grenades and targeting system
  • New environment interaction features including sprinklers, breakable radios, cash registers, breakable pots, improved breakable vehicle windows.

New Maps

  • Kandagal.
  • Layout for Contact expanded, with day and night versions.

Weapons and Upgrades

  • Galil assault rifle.
  • Sterling sub machine gun.
  • Model 10 revolver.
  • Grenade launcher sights.
  • Extended magazines.
  • Updated M1 Carbine & L1A1 SLR models.
  • Updated first person pistol animations.
  • New M4A1, M16A4 & MK18 first person animations.
  • New Grenade, Molotov, C4 & IED first person animations.
  • 7x scope is now available on the M16A4 for the designated marksman.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Extended grenade functionality:
    • With cookable grenades, left click will release the spoon on the grenade and will start cooking immediately.
    • Right click will prime a grenade without cooking and the left mouse button can be used to start cooking.
    • Middle mouse button will prime a lob without cooking. Clicking either the left or right mouse button will begin cooking.
  • New C4 “plant” function.
    • Holding right click will stick the C4 to a surface you’re looking at if you’re close enough.
  • Improved blinding effect of flashbangs, they will also suppress enemies who are blinded.
  • New headshot sounds.
  • Updated Classic cooperative playlist’s starting supply and enemy strength to be more of a mid-way point between Elite and Hardcore.
  • New burned and blown-up skins for players who get killed in the corresponding way.
  • Laser sights and flashlights can now be used when using the underbarrel grenade launcher.
  • Lowered arm distance on launched smoke grenades.
  • Laser sight is now shown during the weapon draw animation.
  • Allow getting up from prone in water. In some rare occurrences a player could be stuck in prone underwater.

User Experience

  • Redesigned menu user interface
  • New Community menu featuring Insurgency social networks
  • New Help menu for customer support, mod making, and guides.
  • New Solo menu for creating offline games against bots.
  • Note: This is just the first small step towards overhauling all menus.
  • Improved in-game controller support:
    • Controller-specific recoil handling to make it more manageable.
    • Added bindable combined actions:
    • +stance: Press to toggle crouch, hold to prone.
    • +usereload: Press to reload, hold to use.
    • toggleprimarysecondary, togglemeleeexplosives for switching between those two weapon slots.
    • Updated default Xbox 360 controller binds.
  • Objective dock on the bottom of the screen better highlights the objective you are in.
  • When switching to a weapon or gear item that would otherwise put you over the weight limit, the previous item in the same slot is no longer sold when the purchase is denied.
  • Insurgent weapons now use the Security-style suppressors in coop.
  • End-game map voting now shuffles the map selection by default. Server admins can revert to the old behavior by setting sv_map_voting_shuffle to 0.
  • Added server cvar sv_alltalk_intermission so all talk at the start of the game and between rounds can be disabled (disabled by default in the Competitive Match theater).
  • Added server cvar sv_alltalk_endgame for doing the same when the game ends.
  • Workshop menu is now sorted alphabetically, separates published and subscribed files and is a lot more responsive.

Spectating features

  • Added x-ray overlay which can be toggled with the firemode key (default X).
  • Camera smoothing for the free fly spectator camera, disabed by default. To enable it enter the following commands. The amount of smoothing is configurable for every setting and the maximum banking angle can be adjust as well using spec_bank_angle (negative values make it bank in the other direction)
    • spec_interpolate 1 (smooths mouse movement)
    • spec_interpolate_position 1 (smooths out camera position changes)
    • spec_bank 1 (enables yaw-based camera roll)

Stability Improvements

  • Replaced Chromium HTML implementation with the one provided by Steam. This should resolve an issue that a limited number of users were having where the game would freeze on exit.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crouch and stand transitions when leaning.
  • Fixed grenade launcher not being dropped when a weapon with a grenade launcher was swapped with another.
  • Firefight will now trigger the hero cap voice over.

Full changelist here. And check out the official roadmap to see what’s in store for the future.

As mentioned above, Insurgency is also featured in the latest Humble Bundle. If you are interested in further supporting New World Interactive, donate to the bundle and select “Developers” and then “Insurgency” in the sliders below.

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