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The Waylanders hits Kickstarter goal

the Waylanders hits kickstarter goal for windows and linux

The Waylanders has hit their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign goal on Windows, yet we have some good news about Linux support. So naturally Gato Studio is ecstatic to announce that time-travelling, fantasy RPG, is fully funded at $150,000.

No Time to Relax game of life on Kickstarter

no time to relax game of life on kickstarter for linux mac windows

No Time to Relax ultimate game of life now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Porcelain Fortress, a Reykjavik, Iceland-based gaming design and development team, working to create well-polished games. So now they are announced ahead of their latest game release with a crowdfunding campaign.

Epicinium turn based wargame hits Kickstarter

epicinium turn based wargame hits kickstarter for linux mac windows

Epicinium is a turn-based wargame hits Kickstarter crowdfunding for Linux, Mac and Windows. But the games unique, in that nature is a finite resource. This is also a game the employs fast turns, simultaneously. Since players have to balance firepower and resources. As the victor score focuses on how much nature remains when the dust settles.

IMMURE psychological horror on Kickstarter

immure psychological horror on kickstarter for linux mac windows

IMMURE is a story driven, psychological horror game for Linux, Mac and Windows. And there is also an available Demo with native support. The crowdfunding campaign is asking for $75,000 USD in the Kickstarter from Wither Studios.

Striped Swipers and Kickstarter to see support

striped swipers and kickstarter to see support for linux and windows

Striped Swipers: When Booty Calls 2D point and click adventure game on Kickstarter for Windows and Mac, but also coming to Linux. Since the games inspiration comes from 90’s cartoons, comics, and adventure games. This is a crowdfunding campaign that also deserves more support and love for that $10.000 USD goal.

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