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Darkened Abyss mystical RPG hits Kickstarter

darkened abyss mystical rpg hits kickstarter and windows games

Darkened Abyss makes a crowdfunding debut via Kickstarter. While the #games coined for being a minimalistic, zoomed-out, top-down perspective, mystical RPG. Yet the trailer seems to give off a dystopian feel. And it’s coming to Linux, Mac and #Windows. Yet the games designed to redefine the exploration and #adventuregame genre. So that might all seem a big wordy, but the concept is somewhat straight forward.

Okay, so imagine yourself stumbling around in darkness. When suddenly you are rewarded with an amazing and astonishing discovery. So you take caution. However, because your next discovery may be your last. This is what developer Shard Machine wants to make as captivating as possible. Since the games expected to boast inorganic monsters and ancient civilization relics. While being set in strangely beautiful landscapes.

So what would do if you find yourself unconscious at the bottom of an abyss? While you have no memory of who you are or how you got there? And since the only way out is through exploration. Will you embark in the discovery and electrifying combats using your wits and courage?

Darkened Abyss Features:

  • Discover new clues, puzzles, fighting abilities. Including powerful ancient weapons to help you unlock mysteries. And battle against mystical creatures lurking in the dark.
  • Explore different and unique levels in the vast world within the abyss. The deeper you go the more chaotic your surroundings become. Search for hidden rooms and treasure spots. Giving you an advantage during your journey.
  • Encounter a variety of monsters. Since each represents the traits of their environment. While also giving clues to pieces of your past. The further down you go, the stronger and smarter they get. Approaching you with more advanced attack patterns, rapid movement and traps. With special abilities of their own.

Since some of Darkened Abyss details sound familiar. However it’s the games development and creative aspects that give it the edge. And to be honest, the whole setting reminds me of Jotun. Yet it’s still a very unique experience coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. And check out the campaign, such as the Core Mechanics. Which are the weapons and attacks outlined for the game.

So Darkened Abyss is currently looking for crowdfunding pledges on Kickstarter.

Eon Break brings Nikola Tesla to Kickstarter

eon break brings nikola tesla to kckstarter in linux mac windows games

Since Eon Break is a brand new campaign release on Kickstarter. We are interested to learn more about this fast-paced action adventure game. While the #games main character is Nikola Tesla. Yes the same man who is bending time and space to his will. All so you can fight the Nazis and mushrooms on Linux, Mac and #Windows PC’s.

“There’ll be ~10-15h of gameplay for sure. If we raise >$50k on the Kickstarter, will add +5-10h more.”

So Eon Break is a #metroidvania-style game. Set in a huge open world waiting to be explored. And since players take on the roll of Nikola Tesla trying to survive. Exploring the dark and twisted forests, haunted with disgusting mutants. While you stumble upon a Nazi research laboratories deep in the ground below. Discover a crashed alien spacecraft. Hence the main source of Nazi power and technologies.

What about Linux release?

“It’s Unity, so Linux is not a problem. We haven’t listed it but plan to build for Linux also.”

So the Kickstarter campaign just has just begun. And while Linux is not listed, clearly we will have native support. Since Eon Break is under development using Unity 3D.
Since the games whole concept plus Nikola Tesla has our interest. As soon as I caught the campaign I kept thinking, Dead Cells? Wait not, this might be more of a mix of Hollow Knight as well. And while both are metroidvania’s or roguevania’s to some. I can’t help but want to know more.

What’s the story?

Since the story is straight forward: the world is in grave danger. The Third Reich have turned the tide of war with their ultimate weapons and overwhelming forces. Yet there is a tiny bit of hope to defeat them. This is hidden deep within a giant research laboratory. All built onto an alien structure.

So this includes hundreds of custom locations filled with enemies and puzzles. Each will challenge your reaction, accuracy, intelligence and ingenuity. All coming Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

And since people say, that you cannot stop time. Well that is nonsense. With an autonomous ILSD droid you can create CHRONOSPHERE that will stop time. Along with anything else within it. Which is helpful if you’re feeling particularly lazy. Since the droid also can be utilized for higher firepower. Yet also better survivability and relatively safer exploration. Just be sure to upgrade the unit with new abilities from time to time.

Therefore players can learn awesome technologies. Then infiltrate mysterious areas to find the root this evil. And since there are a great variety of abilities to discover. Each one grants new possibilities for movement, fighting and puzzle solving.

So clearly, Eon Break tells the story of an alternate World War II. The Nazi forces have created horrendous weapons and are now destroying the last Allies in Europe.

Eon Break is available for pledges on Kickstarter. And since we know Linux is supported, we have to release the games details. Since Mac and Windows users will want to jump on this as well.

Deep Sixed a duct tape strategy on Kickstarter

deep sixed a duct tape strategy on kickstarter games linux mac windows

Recently released Deep Sixed brings #space exploration strategy to #Kickstarter. Hence the #games coined a suicide mission to explore a massive nebula on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence using duct tape and your ingenuity to live another day. While currently being developed by Little Red Dog Games. Hopefully the crowdfunding campaign will bring the cross-platform adventure to life.

A secretive corporation that holds a monopoly on the technology necessary to “fold space”. And since travelling light-years shows an obsessive interest in a large uncharted nebula. Hence players explore a distant arm of the galaxy in Deep Sixed.

So to make things more interesting, the Pilot is working off the remainder of her sentence. Hence the position as an involuntary stellar cartographer for this corporation. Therefore she is issued a small spacecraft that is equipped with a finicky deep space scanner. While being aided by the support of an infantile Artificial Intelligence unit. Yet following orders to map as much as possible and report back with her findings.

Deep Sixed features for Linux, Mac and Windows:

  • Life without an “undo” button. Your ship stays with you from start to finish. If something breaks, it’ll stay broken until you figure out how to fix it.
  • Universe of procedurally generated mysteries for the ambitious explorer.
  • Diverse ecosystem of intergalactic fauna with their own predator, prey and scavenger roles to play.
  • Steep difficulty-curve that will push your ability to stay calm under pressure to the limits.
  • A compelling story of friendship and compassion that promises to surprise and entertain.

So from the Kickstarter video, the games appearance seems to a combination of FTL meets Stellaris Leviathans. While mixing some classic Star Trek aspects to bring it all together. And since there is a fair bit to learn in games overall experience. Plus the gameplay itself looks like a mix of actual ship command. Along with puzzles, space combat, exploration and simulator. So there is a lot of potential here.

Deep Sixed is seeking support for their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. While a release is expect for November 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam.

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator on Kickstarter

nedieval shopkeeper simulator on Kickstarter games - linux mac windows pc

Since Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is a hybrid 2D-3D game. So we are keen to share the #games pixel art and low poly style via #Kickstarter. Hence players will have to craft, sell and create your Merchant Empire. With confirmed support for Linux and Windows via the Unity 3D engine. While now having passed the funding goal of the crowdfunding campaign. Developer Breakfast Studio is looking to expand Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator even further.

What’s the story here?

Since your character is abandoned once more. Without help from anyone. Players are tasked with having to keep their little shop with a few coins and resources. Can you learn to live by your own on this kingdom and turn this shop into a merchant empire?
Ever since the new king came to town, the old ways of life have all disappeared. Hence the church, once the city’s most important place of activity. Now hides many things like never before. While the kingdom seems full of opportunity and light. With a little dedication and effort. Players might just be the one to restore this kingdom to greatness.

The main goals of Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator are simple:

  1. The game is designed with a randomly generated play-through. Hence keeping replayability high and fresh. And since Breakfast Studio favour roguelikes, expect to see such elements.
  2. So player decisions affect everyone (for real!). This it’s not a linear story, players create the story through their actions.
  3. The goal is to create a game that makes you feel like little by little. So players become the most powerful merchant in the whole region. Controlling every trade in the kingdom

So the build system in Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator works by placing Work-Kit’s on the floor. While the players stay near them, they will let you craft specific items. Depending on the Work-Kit type.
For example: With a cooking work-kit, you can make special recipes with food. Wizard work-kit will let you create magic potions and spells. Hence later combining them with swords and make epic weapons.

Yet playars do not have to craft items. Since every morning, a local merchant will come to your store. So players what they need from him, such raw materials, work-kits, epic gear and spells. Therefore Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator can be played in many ways.

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is currently on Kickstarter right now. Since the games funding is successful, the crowdfunding campaign will continue via Stretch goals. While the estimated release date for Linux and Windows is late November 2017.

Blasphemous 2D platformer on Kickstarter [Linux]

blasphemous 2d platformer on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc games download

The creators of the The Last Door #games released a Kickstarter. Hence the #epic but dark and brutal 2D non linear platformer, Blasphemous. Already funded via #Kickstarter crowdfunding and passing the first stretch goal. While very close to the second stretch goal and climbing fast. Set to release as a download for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So games will have players vanquishing bloodthirsty creatures. Since these are the devotees of a twisted religion. All created using hand-crafted pixel art from developer The Game Kitchen. While your journey through a nightmarish universe full of hellish, bloodthirsty creatures. Exploration, intense combat and a very twisted religious world awaits you. Hence this epic action platformer. Which will release with a Linux, Mac and Windows PC download.

Since gameplay is at the core of Blasphemous. Players can expect fast, intense and non-stop action combat. Hence a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core. Where you will fight and slay creatures. Each one bigger and more fearsome than the last. Delivered through rewarding exploration. Hence an intricate world comprised of non-linear levels.
So chain encounters at the right pace and you will be unlocking the Martyr’s Excommunication mode. Where you will become almost unstoppable. While epic boss battle await you in your journey through the lands of Orthodoxia. That is if you manage to survive their minions. Hence your skills will be challenged by the enormous and fierce creatures.

What’s the real Story

Set in the decaying land of Orthodoxia. A place where religion is of the utmost importance in the eyes of the populace. Since superstition runs amok and churches outnumber people two to one. You will find yourself in this agonizing territory in the wake of the Age of Corruption. During which practically the entire population was transformed into hideous beasts. Solely as a punishment for their mutual blasphemy and inadequate worship. These creatures that had deepened their profound faith. Developing an unstoppable bloodthirst you now have to contend with…

Blasphemous Features:

  • Awesome pixel art, featuring very large sprites with smooth animations, entirely created using traditional pixel by pixel, frame by frame techniques.
  • Explore a huge, doomed land, a universe that feels open, delivered through a non-sequential level design that puts you in control of where to go next.
  • An insane focus on pleasant combat, meticulously crafted so every push of a button delivers a rush of dopamine directly to your brain.
  • Blasphemous’ levels tell a story that is challenging to decipher, but very rewarding to those who dare to put all its pieces together.
  • Deep progression system with equipable and consumable items: Find your personal combat style by equipping rosary beads, crown thorns, or carrying around relicæ that boost your combat abilities.

Why a Kickstarter campaign

Blasphemous development started around November 2016. The Game Kitchen are able to fund the first stages of development by ourselves. All thanks to their previous game, The Last Door. This enabled the team to start work on the playable prototype. While simultaneously creating the materials for the campaign.

So Kickstarter, is being used two reasons. The first to remain creatively independent while giving shape to the game. While the second is to develop the game towards its community of players. Hence keeping an open fashion, as they did with The Last Door. Beyond this, The Game Kitchen are hoping to sign with a nice indie publisher. Ideally allowing the game to get even bigger. While supporting more platforms and all major consoles. Launching in more countries with proper language support.

Therefore, you can pledge the crowdfunding campaign Blasphemous now. Since the games release will have a Linux, Mac and Windows PC download.

The Last Door – Season One and The Last Door Season 2 are both discounted. Hence Steam, GOG and Humble Store have at least a 66% discount until May 30th. With full Linux, Mac and Windows PC support.