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Humble Bundle gets acquired by IGN

Humble Bundle gets acquired by IGN linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since I follow Humble Bundle on Tumblr, I noticed this post. Media giant IGN just announced the acquisition of Humble Bundle. The company we all know for selling packs of indie games at pay-what-you-want prices. While terms of the deal are not disclosed.

What about Linux and Ubuntu support?
What about indie games?

This is potentially a big deal for game developers. Since Humble has also seen expansion into publishing gaming. Paying devs to make games for its subscription-based monthly game club. Maintaining the subscription-based online game trove. Plus operating an online game storefront.

Ataribox reveals details of their device and Linux

ataribox reveals details of their device with linux ubuntu games from atari

Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment. So, they now have new information about Ataribox. Since the product brings gaming and more to the living room. The launch also signals a return by Atari to creating its own hardware in a broad eco-system of accessories and content.  Even though the device came to light three months ago. The company now has more than 90,000 registrations on Ataribox.com.

The device has a unique modern design, influenced by iconic Atari products such as the Atari 2600. So technology wise, it uses an AMD customized processor with Radeon Graphics technology (an interesting choice). While offering games and more: bringing a full PC experience to the TV. Since it will also include streaming, applications, social, browsing, and music.

Ataribox will run a Linux OS, with a user interface customized for the TV. Ataribox will launch with a large back-catalogue of Atari classic games. As well as current titles from a range of studios.  Additional details on content and partnerships will be available at a later date. Given the open nature of the Linux OS. Players will also be able to access and play compatible games from other content platforms.

Which should be interesting, since this will drive more and more developers to Linux. Atari has been around the games industry for quite some time. This change could mean a significant step up for Ubuntu and other distro’s. So it’s not just Steam pushing for native support anymore.

“With Ataribox, we wanted to create an open system, a killer product where people can game, stream and browse with as much freedom as possible. Atari games and content will be available as well as games and content from other providers,” said Fred Chesnais, Atari Chief Executive Officer. “We also wanted to launch Ataribox with our community, and reward our fans with exclusive early access, special editions, and include them as active participants in the product rollout.”

Ataribox will first be made available via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform this fall, with targeted global launch in Spring 2018. The expected price range will be $249-$299 USD depending on specific editions and memory configurations.

A brand new Atari product Ataribox:

“People are used to the flexibility of a PC, but most connected TV devices have closed systems and content stores. Ataribox is an open system, and while our user interface will be easy to use, people will also be free to access and customize the underlying OS,” said Feargal Mac, Ataribox General Manager. “We’ve chosen to launch Ataribox with Indiegogo given their focus on delivering technology products, and their strong international presence in over 200 countries, allowing us to reach and involve as many Atari fans around the world as possible.”

This push into Linux gaming could put the platform on the map. That and distro’s like Ubuntu and others could see a boost. I’m keen to know if Snaps or even Flatpak will be part of the game installs? So I’m eager to learn more about this device. Although that AMD graphics option is interesting.

Today, new assets are released on social channels including Facebook and Twitter. People can get access to early information and additional details by signing up at AtariBox.com.

What do you think of the Ataribox? How do you think this will impact Ubuntu and other distro’s?

Ryan “Icculus” Gordon next new games to port

ryan icculus gordon next new games port steam linux

Since Ryan “Icculus” Gordon is back in the news. While the latest Twitter post highlights the demand to port more games to Linux. So yes, this is not new news. But the more impressive feature, Icculus is getting some solid support via Patreon. Well he is the man maintaining development tools like SDL 2. And yet eager to get more action given all the financial backing. So it’s time to parooze that Steam Wishlist.

I can’t believe how many people have shown up in the last 24 hours! There’s a ton of really good suggestions in the Patreon thread, in my Twitter mentions, my inbox, on Reddit…

I’m starting to build my _own_ wishlist from all these wishes I’m reading, and even made an initial pitch to a developer last night. We’ll see where it goes. There’s still so many responses from all of you to sort through, developers to contact, and work to be done!

I’m really overwhelmed by all this. Not just the money–which I genuinely appreciate!–but all the stories of games that are so loved and are _this close_ to coming to Linux. We’re all going to move this forward a little. We’re all gonna make a few dreams come true.

While having some solid work with Crytek, Valve, even Epic games and Activision. And quiet honestly, I’ve always found Icculus to be the go-to when it comes to porting games to Linux. Since he is not keeping to just one game engine, such as Unity 3D. And I’ll admit, I’ve referred a few developers to him in the past.

So what games would you suggest Icculus to port?

So the initiative is real. Yet what games would I like to see on Linux. Let’s start with Dishonored 2, Skyrim, Prey, wishful thinking but GTA V.

Therefore, if you are a developer or know developers eager to port their game. Now is the time to get Ryan “Icculus” Gordon into the mix. All of the contact information is available via the Icculus official website.
Find the game on Steam, hit the link for “Visit the website”. Look for hit up the developers Twitter and get @icculus in the tweet.

All Walls Must Fall to hit Early Access August 8th

all walls must fall tech-noir tactics to hit early access in linux mac windows games

Back in at the end of March, #AllWallsMustFall launched on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and #Windows. Since the tech-noir spy thriller has done rather well in crowdfunding. Partially because the #games storyline based in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended. So players in the isometric action tactics genre command secret agents using time travel, social stealth and combat. While working to prevent nuclear annihilation. Bring down the Wall. Love, kill, and remix reality to explore the games meaning of freedom. All in a parable reflecting upon current global issues in the mirror of a fantastic future past.

Since these are three ex-YAGER devs. Previously working on Spec Ops: The Line and Dead Island 2. While having gone indie after losing their previous project.
Therefore, after 3 months in closed alpha with our Kickstarter backers and 1.5 years of development we’re now finally bringing All Walls Must Fall to Steam Early Access and itch.io on August 8th. The game’s current version covers the first act of a replayable roguelike campaign in East Berlin.

So going forward we’ll be releasing regular monthly updates to gradually extend and improve the game. Based on player feedback as we already did during the closed alpha. Starting with the outstanding reached stretch goals from our Kickstarter campaign (called BAD LANGUAGE and DISCRIMINATION). Hopefully much more beyond that with a successful Early Access.

All Walls Must Fall Early Access trailer:

All Walls Must Fall Features:

  • Isometric action tactics game for download on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Procedurally generated levels and campaign that plays different every time
  • Developed by a team of former AAA professionals using Unreal Engine 4
  • Sci-Fi noir Berlin as a divided city in which the Cold War never ended
  • A parable that reflects on free will, moral ambiguity and the meaning of freedom
  • Mixed 2D/3D art style of a propaganda poster brought to life
  • Mind-bending time manipulation abilities
  • Pausable games, real-time tactics with actions on the beat of the music
  • Synaesthetic nightclub environments and audio
  • A simulation sandbox featuring crowd simulation and destructible objects
  • A focus on player agency and expression fostering different play styles including combat, hacking and social stealth using specialized secret agent characters
  • An inclusive representation of the people of Berlin including their diverse cultural, sexual and gender identities


So expect to see All Walls Must Fall on Steam Early Access and itch.io (not yet listed) on August 8th. The release will include support for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Fractured MMO launches The Foundation

fractured mmo launches the foundation linux mac windows games

while Italian game developer Dynamight Studios just released The Foundation. Which is the first community engagement program for its upcoming sandbox MMORPG #Fractured. Since the #games coming to Linux, Mac and #Windows, we are eager to share the news. As the Foundation platform is integrated in the web portal of the game (Fracturedmmo.com). Which is available to everyone with a registered Fractured account for Free.

So The Foundation is part of the effort of Dynamight Studios to increase community involvement. Since the games currently in development stages. Company CEO, Jacopo Gallelli, states that the program “rewards you for doing all the small things that show your interest in Fractured. And its success: along with posting your feedback and ideas. Engaging with other members of the community. And browsing the latest updates and sharing them with your friends”.

Fractured game engine and quality:

Fractured means state-of-the-art technology only. Our game engine of choice is Unity. With its great reliability and guarantee of high development speed. The backend of Fractured is based on SpatialOS. A revolutionary world-building platform from Improbable. This will allow us to host tens of thousands of concurrent users. All in the same seamless, fully interactable universe.

By climbing the ladders of The Foundation. Members of the Fractured community can obtain several unique rewards. Among which forum and game titles, armor skins, mounts and pets. In the words of Gallelli “These are the kind of rewards you would expect from a Kickstarter pledge pack. With The Foundation, they can get rewards for free”.

On top of this community engagement. The Foundation is tied to the already running referral program of Fractured. Following the inquiry of several followers of the project. The company has stated it will stay clear of RTM cashbacks and other practices. Since that could be an issue and controversial with the community. Therefore, rewards for friends’ purchases will have a limit to virtual goods. Which includes hard currency.

The launch of The Foundation comes only a few days after the announcement. Since Fractured has reached the milestone of 2,000 registered users. All in less than 2 weeks by going public. While being an encouraging start, the company has states that it wants this figure to increase tenfold. Since they will be starting a Kickstarter campaign for Linux, Mac and Windows.

The Foundation is part of the web portal for Fractured (Fracturedmmo.com).