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Wrongworld developer holding off on support

wrongworld developer holding off on linux support

Wrongworld developer Sludj Games is holding off on Linux and Mac support. We have been working with the developer in hopes of seeing native support soon. Well there is a lengthy explanation. And the Linux port will also have to wait, sadly.

Artifact launches Open Beta today

artifact launches open beta today on linux mac windows

Artifact the new card game from Valve which now launches the Beta on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. But there seems to be some issue with the game. Since Valve is addressing some of the complaints in a blog post.

This War of Mine The Last Broadcast coming

this war of mine the last broadcast coming to linux mac windows

This War of Mine: Stories second DLC The Last Broadcast is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. So even though it took more time than initially expected, 11 bit studios keep their commitment. Since the team goes through their games hundreds of times. Working to make sure to serve up an utterly thrilling story. Therefore 11 bit studios are eager finally announce This War of Mine: Stories second DLC. The Last Broadcast is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on November 14, 2018.

Circle Empires massive update, native support

circle empires massive update and linux support

Circle Empires receives a massive content update with Linux support incoming. While the title of the post might be deceiving, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Luminous have good news. Since they are announcing the hit real-time strategy game is receiving a massive content update.

Level1Tech and native gaming video feedback

level1tech and linux gaming video feedback

Since there is quite a bit of debate going on in the Linux community about the Level1Tech video with Linus Tech Tips. Well it’s only fitting to post a reply and review some of what is presented in the video.

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