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Robocraft update includes new RoboPass

robocraft update includes new robopass linux mac windows

Robocraft the Free to play hit has been update to include a brand new seasonal pass on Linux, Mac and Windows. With over thirteen million registered Robocrafters now able to unlock new cosmetic items by earning EXP in game with ‘RoboPass’ on Steam.

Dead in Vinland strategy RPG has a Public Test

dead in vinland strategy rpg linux public test how to join

Dead in Vinland the strategy RPG now has a Public Linux test on Steam. A game that pulls from many genres with survival management systems. Also RPG and adventure elements with a focus on player choice. Plus we have details on how to join developer CCCP’s test branch.

Slay the Spire deck building full release date

slay the spire deck building full release date on linux mac windows

Slay the Spire the roguelike deck-building game has a full release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which will leave Early Access on January 23, 2019, thanks to Mega Crit Games. Currently holding a solid 98% Overwhelmingly Positive via Steam reviews.

KURSK improvements, new content and support

kursk improvements new content and linux support after version 2.0

Kursk now has new improvements, content and a Linux support update. Thanks to developer Jujubee has update to Version 2.0, more features a lot of improvements, new content and incoming support.

Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus to get soft launch

warhammer 40k mechanicus to get soft launch for linux width=

Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus has some good news for Linux gamers with the soft launch. So it’s time to augment your Tech-Priests, ready your Skitarii and power up your Kastelan Robots. We have a soft launch coming this week on Steam.

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