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Linelight gets Linux support and discount

linelight gets linux support and discount in mac windows games

Since #Linelight is a refreshingly inventive, minimalist puzzle-adventure. Hence the #games release only supported Mac and #Windows. While Linux was left on hold. Which is certainly not the case now. Since this very well received puzzle games supporting Linux via Steam. and a 33% discount until July 5th. Since gameplay already takes the wildly simple premise to Windows and Mac. “What if everything takes place on a line?” and rockets it into outer space.

So there no jump or shoot button. Therefore players move and that one ability creates a universe of possibilities. Which is to be one mind-bending experience. Since each mechanic is immediately understandable. So you gradually combine this with familiar elements. All leading to an exponentially large array of puzzles. While each has it’s own one-of-a-kind solution.

Linelight Features

  • Bask in the soft glow of a world made out of straight lines.
  • Experience 6 hours of pure, unadulterated gameplay.
  • Solve more than 250 unique puzzles across 6 unique worlds.
  • Enjoy a Zen-like, ethereal soundtrack, and enter a state of flow.
  • Explore the intricacies of each world to uncover secret challenges.

So the core design mantra is “Simplify until another reduction would remove the puzzle.” Linelight revels in the natural depths of puzzle design. Providing the player everything they need to reach its hundreds of grin-inducing “Aha!” moments.

The straight forward and calming visuals and soothing soundtrack are meditative. Linelight simulates the experience of getting an A+ on an exceptionally hard test. While receiving a back massage.

Linelight is available right now on Steam with a 33% discount in games. Since we now have a Linux release, along with the Mac and Windows builds.

FL337 beat ‘em up action releases on Linux

fl337 beat em up action releases on linux mac windows games

Since it’s time to sharpen your swords and prepare yourself for #FL337. While the #games available now on Steam. Which finally releases this week on Linux, Mac and #Windows PC. Completely set in a world where pirate ships run the seas. So go ahead and embark on a journey to defeat the one fleet that rules them all in FL337. Grab a friend or dare to give it a go solo. Since this is arcade style beat ‘em up. Where each level is more challenging than the last. Every level brings you to a different ship of the fleet. Upon boarding each ship you must know that no ship is without a Captain. Every boss battle brings you and your comrades one step closer to the task at hand. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the Fleet?

FL337 Features:

  • Two player local co-op
  • Three playable characters
  • 8 different themed ships
  • Player leveling with skill tree
  • Melee combos and ranged attacks
  • Unlockable abilities
  • Power ups

Drawing on inspiration from the golden era of side scroller releases. Players immerse themselves into 8 fully realized ships. Since each is filled with deadly enemies at every turn. Each hardship and trial players will gain experience attributes. While having players upgrade their abilities through a skill tree to cater to each style of play.

Since FL337 is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. While not on sale, the games priced at only $4.99 USD. Which is a marked YES if you’re one for decent beat ‘em up release, this is one. Considering the 2GB install, wow.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA hits July 26th on Steam

solstice chronicles: mia hits july 26th on steam for windows then linux mac gaming

So what do you do with an infected Martian colony? Chatty drone companion? While facing off against unending hordes of space mutants that want to tear you limb from limb? Just another day at the office in #SolsticeChroniclesMIA. Coming first to #Windows, then Linux and Mac.

Launching July 26th on Steam. Since Ironward’s Solstice Chronicles: MIA will throw players into the boots of a lone marine. While left for dead, clawing for his own shotgun-induced survival. As he faces off against all manner of sci-fi horrors while #gaming. Don’t believe us? Check out the game’s teaser trailer below for a look at the explosive action lying in wait:

Blending twin-stick shooter gaming sensibilities with deep tactics. So you’d better be ready to flex your brain muscles before the mutants get to them first. The horrors bearing down on you aren’t liable to take it easy. So you’ll need to take advantage of Solstice Chronicles’ class-based skill-trees . With upgradeable weaponry, and countless drone abilities. Making it out alive at least until the bigger baddies start dropping in.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA Features

  • Master fluid twin-stick combat to blast through waves of mutants on Mars.
  • Use your drone’s abilities tactically. Weighing the risk and reward of decisions. Since these drastically change the threat you face.
  • Decide between scavenging for supplies and upgrades. All to face off the oncoming menace or pushing forward. Potentially unprepared for the enemies still to come.
  • Decimate the mutant onslaught with upgradeable weaponry, including shotguns, rocket launchers, and more, as well as special Heavy weapons, like the autocannon and flamethrower, which will obliterate everything in their path.
  • Develop your own skill tree from across four classes–Assault, Demolition, Hellfire, and Terminator–to become the ultimate instrument of destruction.

What about the Linux release?

“Prob by the end of the year, first we must finish the PC one [release].”

Come July 26th, it’s time to let your fight-or-flight instincts kick into overdrive. How will you take the fight to the mutants? Trigger finger can’t wait that long? Scratch that Martian-hunting itch in Ironward’s debut titleThe Red Solstice, on sale for 70% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale starting now. Which is not a native Linux build, just Windows. Yet is still playable using PlayOnLinux or Wine.

Serious Sam 3: BFE releases for Fusion (Linux)

serious sam 3: bfe releases for fusion linux mac windows gaming

Since the Serious Sam Fusion 2017 are all fresh builds for Serious Sam #gaming. Developer Croteam are also instrumental in releasing #Vulkan support for Linux, Mac and #Windows. Which now includes Serious Sam 3: BFE for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Therefore if you own a Serious Sam game listed below. The Serious Sam Fusion 2017 version of that game will be available Free. Which I’m sure you already know by now.

Since these are all existing (and upcoming) Serious Sam games. This enables seamless integration of new engine features, patches and upgrades.

  • Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter – now available!
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter – now available!
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE – now available!
  • VR versions of all games will be a part of Serious Sam Fusion 2017!

The largest changes include:

  • Changes made to the levels and enemies to fix a so called “churn” with the overall gameplay. Where the game seemed to annoying or monotone. Due to these changes, mainly on Normal difficulty. Some battles were changed, some enemies no longer spawn, and some enemy stats have been changed. In general, the game should be less annoying and difficult to play on Normal.
  • Enemies that had a perfect immunity to non-explosive weapons. Like the Khnum and the Technopolip now have a 50% immunity to non-explosives instead.


  • Fixed some smaller rendering problems in Vulkan.
  • Fixed problem with Spot light’s shadows being vertically flipped under Vulkan and OpenGL (and ES) gfx APIs.

Since I did give Serious Sam 3: BFE some quick gaming, WOW. Such a huge difference now with the Vulkan changes and improvements. So don’t get me wrong, the other games in the Fusion bundle are indeed good. And Vulkan support in that regard is alright, but they’re older games. Yet it’s Serious Sam 3: BFE that really has the marked improvement. Since I remember playing the earlier OpenGL build and it lagged on low settings. Now the performance tester throws me on Ultra and everything’s off the charts fast.

Also, right now the Serious Sam Complete Pack is available with a 91% discount on Steam. This includes Linux, Mac and Windows support too.

>observer_ gets new video for the Hidden Horror

>observer_ gets new video for the hidden horror linux mac windows gaming

Since Bloober Team are no strangers to zeroing in on fear-inducing. While taking everything they learned from #gaming in the horror hit, Layers of Fear for Linux, Mac and #Windows. So the Polish indie crew refined their technique for cyberpunk release, #>observer_. Since the developers have broken down their terrifying process in a gameplay video. This is a full in-depth commentary, located below:

“If you played our first game, Layers of Fear. You know that we make a different kind of horror. Something a bit more cerebral, emotional, and psychological. We like to call it ‘hidden horror’. We think of hidden horror as a subgenre. There are a million different types of action games out there. But you don’t see that kind of diversity in horror games. Most horror games are a design completely around survival.”

Catharsis is the goal of Bloober Team. While allowing you to release of your own fears by experiencing them second hand. Check out the video for a full breakdown of their process. And what you can expect from >observer_, launching later this year on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.

>observer_ introduces players to a frightening concept. How would it feel if your fears could be a weapon against you? Det. Daniel Lazarski is an “Observer”? So part of a corporate-funded, specialized police unit with full legal clearance. Due to tapping directly into a target’s mind via neural implant. Since a cryptic message from your estranged son sets you on a journey. So you’ll be exploring the drug-ridden Class C slums of Krakow, Poland. While hacking into the minds of criminals and victims alike to uncover the truth. Hence the mysterious communique, forced into a surreal landscape of the resident’s darkest fears.

>observer_ holds the same fantastic pacing of Layers Of Fear. So using modern themes to illustrate a society where hacking people’s nightmares is a reality. While gaming questions the moral implications of using people’s most guarded memories as weapons. Delve into people’s most disturbing internal struggles to find the answers you seek. Due to solving clues to help rid the city of its seedy underbelly in a futuristic. A Blade Runner-esque narrative.

>observer_ Features:

  • Hack into the twisted minds of criminals and their victims. Traverse a surreal landscape, uncovering meaning behind imagery
  • Unique cyberpunk setting. Since players find themselves in 2084 AD, Krakow, Poland
  • Genre-defining “hidden horror” gameplay in an unsettling and dark atmosphere. Placing an emphasis on deeper primal terror over jump scares

Since >observer_ is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Well no specific release date has been set, summer 2017.

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