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Battle Motion massive battles on Early Access

battle motion massive battles now in early access linux mac windows games

Battle Motion brings massive battles to Early Access games for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to developer Meadow Games singleplayer action game looks good. Which uses non-target directional combat system. And available on Steam.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove the release date

shovel knight treasure trove the release date for linux mac windows

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. The massive update comes with a lot content. But then again, it’s Yacht Club games. So we expect good things in this Free Update.

Exit Fate version Two a fan-made build on Linux for the massive RPG


A fan-made Linux #version of massive RPG Exit Fate, featuring very #highquality music and a god goodie. The game is exactly the same, except that you feel completely different when using headphones, plus this a Linux build!

Also note that the version 2 does not appear on the title screen, where it is shown as v1.02

Please note that Radial Apps has no affiliation with SCF or any of the original creators of the game. The game is completely free, just like the Windows counterpart!

Exit Fate v2 (Linux) – Features very high quality music

Instructions for launching:

Place the downloaded file in your home directory.

To make sure that the game supports all systems, we have created an install-free package.
Right click the file and select “Extract Here”. If you don’t see such an options, you may alternatively go to the terminal and run:

gunzip exitfate.tar.gz

tar –xvf exitfate.tar

This will extract the contents of the package.

Go to the directory and run the file “exitfate” by double clicking on it and choosing “Run”.
If you cannot run the file, right click it and click properties. Check “Allow executing file”. Repeat this step for the files “engine-x86” and “engine-amd64”

Alternatively, you may go to the directory in terminal and run the following command:

chmod 777 exitfate engine*

After that, just play the game and enjoy.


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