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Microsoft acquires Obsidian and inXile

microsoft acquires obsidian and inxile known for linux mac windows games

Microsoft acquires Obsidian and inXile, which are more than just rumours for studios issuing, Linux, Mac and Windows games. So for one, some people consider this to be the more promising moment for Microsoft. This also throws Linux somewhat under the bus, since the platform being outlined here in X018 is XBOX.

CrossOver 17 Discount and League of Legends

crossover 17 discount and league of legends support to linux windows games 2017

CodeWeavers releases CrossOver 17.0.0 with a discount and League of Legends support for Linux. The games still popular and now quite playable in 2017. That is if you’re a League player. Mind you, being that the base games free to play. This might be your chance.

So the latest build also supports Microsoft Office 2016. This is the newest Microsoft Office suite. Since you can now install Office 2016 Home and Office 2016 Business from your Office 365 account. So this might be great if you use a business account for work. Or you just like using the full featured versions of these products.

The Windows Store is getting Linux?

the windows store from microsoft is getting linux distros in gaming news

Since this is not really gaming news, it is worth noting. Hence Microsoft’s Build developer conference plays host to Windows and Microsoft’s other endeavours. Hence one on the biggest announcements, Microsoft will host #Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE Linux. Since all of these distributions are coming to the Windows #Store. These major Linux distro’s can be installed on #Windows. While they will have the same command line utilities available. Yet still be a full installation running in a virtualised environment. All side-by-side on Windows 10.


So Microsoft is helping developers. Since Windows received support for Bash in the command line. And this would allow developers to develop on Windows between operating systems. So now we have news that anyone can set up a virtual Linux install with Windows 10. Although we are keen to see how much capability this will allow. Despite the lack of Windows 10 on my home computer.
Yet developers will not have to waste time finding tools. Even other apps to create the virtual environment. So having availability in the Windows store also means the apps will work on Windows 10 S. Hence making the Surface laptop more appealing for students in computer science.

Students and Windows 10 S?

Since Microsoft trying to appeal to students and pro-users that feel neglected by Apple. And we know that Microsoft offers higher end laptops that look like other Apple laptops. So now Microsoft is working on making Linux a more important part of Windows. Hence developers will not just use a Bash terminal, but run it all in a virtual environment. Which is similar to how Linux users do it, run a VM with Windows, some even using KVM or Xen.

Since the idea here is to persuade engineering and computer science students to run Windows. While being able to develop on an open-source platform. So Microsoft is expecting those users to flock to Windows 10. Which should be interesting to see if developers take the bate and switch. Since Windows is still a clunky operating system. And I can’t help but wonder how this will play out in Linux gaming?

What are your thoughts. Tell us in the comments below. Will you install a virtual environment of Ubuntu, Fedora, and SUSE Linux on Windows 10?

Steam for Linux and OpenGL advantage over Windows 10 – Rich Geldreich

steam for linux and opengl advantage over windows rich geldreich

So recently we posted news about the Windows 10 market share according to #Steam. Since then, ex Valveemployee  Rich Geldreich is back in the news regarding Steam and Linux. Geldreich worked on games such as Portal 2 and Linux versions of other Valve titles. While these titles are based on the original Source Engine, the developer issued a blog post. The post shows Valve’s efforts with Linux and OpenGL on the industry. Particularly in getting Microsoft to support PC gaming better.

Tim Sweeney Windows 10 making Steam buggy

tim sweeney microsoft force patching window10 make steam buggy

Tim Sweeney the founder of Epic has pointed out that #Microsoft is force-patching Windows 10 to make Steam #progressively #worse and buggy. This game about during a recent interview with EDGE magazine, as Neogaf user GoFreak points out.

During this interview, Tim Sweeney outlines his recent warnings, Microsoft is locking down the PC with its Universal Windows Platform. And this lockdown initially started with some “sneaky” PR moves from Microsoft.

“They’ve been able to [start] this via some sneaky PR moves. They make a bunch of statements that sound vaguely like they’re promising openness but really they’re not promising anything of the sort”, Sweeney points out to EDGE.

According to a recent Tweet from Tim Sweeney, he still stands by his thoughts on the matter.

Below are the details of what Sweeney explains about Microsoft locking down the PC, plus trying to ‘bug’ Steam through Windows 10 patches.

How exactly do you think Microsoft is locking down the PC to make it a closed platform?

There are two programming interfaces for Windows and every app has to choose one of them. Every Steam app – every PC game for the past few decades – has used Win32. It’s been both responsible for the vibrant software market we have now, but also for malware. Any program can be a virus. Universal Windows Platform is seen as the antidote to that. It’s sandboxed – much more locked down. The risk here is that, if Microsoft convinces everyone to use UWP, then they phase out Win32 apps. If they can succeed in doing that then it’s a small leap to forcing all apps and games to be distributed through the Windows store. Once we reach that point, the PC has become a closed platform. It won’t be that one day they flip a switch that will break your Steam library – what they’re trying to do is a series of sneaky maneauvres. They make it more and more inconvenient to use the old apps, and, simultaneously, they try to become the only source for the new ones.

Given that Steam is so widespread and popular, how could Microsoft truly win that battle, in terms of games at least?

Slowly, over the next 5 years, they will force-patch Windows 10 to make Steam progressively worse and more broken. They’ll never completely break it, but will continue to break it until, in five years, people are so fed up that Steam is buggy that the Windows Store seem like an ideal alternative. That’s exactly what they did to their previous competitors in other areas. Now they’re doing it to Steam. It’s only just starting to become visible. Microsoft might not be competent enough to succeed with their plan but they are certainly trying.

Isn’t it the case that Microsoft is simply mimicking Apple’s model, given how lucrative it’s proven to be for software distribution?

Sure, that’s the motivation. They’re trying to copy Apple’s model, but they realise you can’t just flip a switch. It has to be achieved in small step changes.

Sweeney already urged developers to “fight” against Microsoft several months ago, “first apparent step towards locking down the consumer PC ecosystem”. And Sweeney’s take on Microsoft’s UWP initiative outlines that this is Microsoft’s most aggressive move to date to monopolize app distribution and commerce.

Linux and Gaming:

The upside here, this will likely do one of two things, try and force people to use the Microsoft Store or abandon Windows for an alternative. The positive side, this could mark a big push for Linux, plus the added bonus of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 already having native support. Needless to say, there is a great deal more potential and work that needs to be done here, despite the state of the Vulkan API.

What’s more, according to a post on the Verge Microsoft will only support the latest Intel processors on Windows 10, making Windows 7 & 8 null and void.


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