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Village and Pillage update releases for Minecraft

village and pillage update releases for minecraft in linux mac windows pc games

Village and Pillage the biggest update yet for Minecraft releases in Linux, Mac and Windows games. There are some nice changes, all thanks to Mojang. Even looking over the changelog. Which is huge by the way.

Minecraft has one million concurrent players online between Linux, Mac and Windows PC


More than one million people are playing Minecraft at the same time, developer #Mojang has #revealed.

“For the first time ever, we finally have the capability to see how many people are currently playing Minecraft right now. Holy crap,” Mojang developer Nathan Adams said on Twitter. “There are currently over 998,000 people playing Minecraft right at this moment. It is not even remotely close to being a peak time. I could have waited 5 minutes to say 1 million, but nobody would believe that.”

Adams said that this number counts #Linux, Mac, and Windows PC players with version 1.3 and higher who are online now. This number would be even larger if Mojang was able to count offline players, players with older versions, and players who did not purchase the game legitimately.

A quick look at Steam Charts reveals that Minecraft is handily beating Steam’s consistently most popular game, Dota 2, which has yet to crack one million concurrent players.

Johan Bernhardsson, another Mojang developer, also revealed that the mobile version of the game, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, has sold 30 million copies to date.

In other Minecraft news, Mojang and Telltale Games recently announced a brand new episodic series based on the game, launching in 2015 for PC, consoles, and mobile.


Minecraft developer now officially part of Microsoft


The Minecraft developer is now #officially part of the Microsoft Game Studios family, executive Phil Spencer #announced today.

Microsoft shelled out $2.5 billion for the former indie in September, and has promised to continue supporting non-Microsoft platform versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft is available on Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. So it will be interesting to see what platform changes will be made with the new ownership.

Mojang founder and Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson said the whole shebang just got too big for him, and is stepping away from the company to preserve his well being.


Will Microsoft develop a sequel – Minecraft 2?

#Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggested last week that the company has no plans for a Minecraft sequel.

When Microsoft #announced its purchase of Minecraft, fans worried it might ruin their beloved game. However, the company has been careful about saying how much it wants to support the game and not make any radical #changes.

On the IGN Podcast, Spencer said that maybe ‘Minecraft 2‘ isn’t “the thing that makes the most sense” for the game. He sounded much more in favor of continuing support for the current game, which has been hugely successful by regularly updating itself free for anyone who’s bought the game.

A new version might upset the huge community, and there are other directions Microsoft could take with the franchise, like movies or TV series. For now, however, Spencer says that Microsoft‘s responsibility is to meet the desires of the Minecraft community before doing anything else.

One thing Microsoft is looking at is how to bring all the different versions of Minecraft (Linux, OS X, Windows, Java, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360/One, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation 3/4/Vita) together. The original desktop versions have things like access to mods and different servers, which console players do not. This could be improved.

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Garry Newman applauds Mojang sale to Microsoft

Microsoft bought Mojang yesterday—you may have heard something about that. You may also have heard grumblings from some corners of the #community that Minecraft #creator Markus “Notch” Persson “sold out” by taking the money and abandoning his game—and, by extension, his millions of adoring fans—to the fickle whims of of a corporate villain. But Garry Newman, the man behind indie darlings Garry’s Mod and Rust, says he’d do exactly the same thing if he could, and you probably would too.

Newman pointed out in a blog post that went up shortly after the Mojang deal was was confirmed that everything changes for an indie developer once he starts hiring people to work for him, because you’re suddenly responsible for a lot more people than just yourself. Citing the case of Blitz Game Studios, which shut down in September 2013, laying off 175 employees, and then effectively re-launched in November under a new name, he wrote, “Those are the guys you don’t want to be.”

“I am sure more than the top guys at Mojang became very financially rich due to this deal and that’s something that should be admired—not seen as a bad thing,” he continued. “Long story short, I’d have done the same thing. The money is enough to very much take care of all the staff. The game is in relatively safe hands. Mojang’s legacy is as a huge success story instead of a one hit wonder. Everyone wins. Can you seriously say you’d have done it differently?”

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