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Surviving Mars now has modding support

surviving mars now has modding support in linux windows games

Surviving Mars official modding support in Linux and Windows games. Thanks to Paradox Mods. Since this enables sharing of user created game content. Available across multiple platforms. Also available now as a free update.

Darkest Dungeon get Steam Workshop mod support

darkest dungeon get steam workshop mod support in linux gaming news

Right now in gaming news, it looks like Darkest Dungeon [official site] has #launched a Steam Workshop #support. Which is easy to find and install #mod support on Linux. Since we have a while to wait for Darkest Dungeon’s expansion, Crimson Curse. Hence the Mods cover everything from to a slight makeover with UI tweaks. While also including new classes and making gameplay more challenging. Which should all be agnostic and work on Linux.

So here are some of the more popular mods. The first one adds more colour options for characters. While others include new classes, Pit Fighter and a rework of the Musketeer. Or change some UI tweaks, make things all snowy and even go completely Pitch Black Dungeon. Which comes with hundreds of new enemy variants, quests, more potions and re-balancing.

However, before using the mods, Red Hook Studios does recommend backing up your saves. So we know that most of the mods should work on Linux. Which could be an issue here and there.

Red Hook have recently explained a bit more of their plans for Crimson Court.

“Crimson Court is a parallel campaign. Hence experienced alongside the main Darkest Dungeon content. This will provide you with new challenges at every difficulty level. The narrative grounding sheds some light on the Ancestor’s early days. Which will be presented in the same style of cutscenes seen elsewhere in the game.

“As the Crimson Curse spreads unrelentingly over the estate, parties will battle new enemies in familiar regions, as well as setting foot in a completely new sprawling environment: the Courtyard. There, amidst unique curios, traps and obstacles, a complete faction of new blood-crazed foes lie in wait, overseen by three distinct boss encounters. These slavering enemies and epic encounters will introduce new combat mechanics, testing the limits of your favourite strategies.

“As the infestation grows, and your roster begins to sicken, the Fanatic will emerge to roam the hallways, confusing friend and foe alike in his zealous quest to exterminate the Curse.

“The odds are not completely stacked against you, however! So a new playable hero class will be added. Alongside powerful new trinkets. Hence new town events, and a fresh way to expand and upgrade your Hamlet.”

So we’re hoping to see the release for Crimson Court making gaming news in late May or early June.

Long War Studios releases two new XCOM 2 Mods ‘Perk Pack’ and ‘Laser Pack’


Two new XCOM 2 mods have been published by Long War Studios, a small team that #partnered with 2K and #Firaxis to create several #officialmods for the game. Having already introduced a variety of new weapons and abilities for XCOM 2 and the community to defend against the aliens.

And, now that The Governor is in XCOM 2, these additional weapons and abilities are also available with these two new mod packs from Long War Studios. Now available on Steam Workshop, this Long War Perk Pack reworks character abilities, and adds a load more, while the Laser Pack adds, um, laser weapons.

The Perk Pack features:

  • Choice of three perks per promotion rank instead of two
  • More than 70 new and reworked Abilities that can be assigned to soldiers, gear or aliens
  • Reworks the four base classes into seven, including the assault, gunner and shinobi, or create your own class
  • Adds ten new PCS items, each granting a unique ability
  • Support for more than 15 active abilities in the tactical UI

The Laser pack features:

  • Adds a new laser tier of XCOM weaponry, which includes a new variant for the assault rifle, shotgun, cannon, sniper rifle, pistol and SMG, plus all attachments
  • Mod includes models, textures, particle effects and sounds
  • Tier exists between magnetic and beam tiers, with two new technologies

Long War Studios previously released three mods to coincide with the XCOM 2 launch, with the Long War Toolbox arriving back in April. All six mods are available from their Workshop page, if you you care to indulge in the works Long War.


Dying Light Dev Tools Contest now open for public voting


Beyond Dying Light II, the second Dying Light Dev Tools contest is now #open for #public voting. The contest will see the first place winner receive an Alienware Alpha machine + a stash of Dying Light merch. The core Dying Light production team played through all the submissions and based on creativity, gameplay, and overall quality selected their top 5 which now go to the public to vote on.

“The Dying Light fans seriously continue to surprise us with their creativity and it was the exact same thing with these mods. Some of these are so unique and fun that we found ourselves even playing them in our spare time.” says Producer Tymon Smektala. “That led us to start talking about trying to make these available for our console fans. We’re looking into it, but we’ll have to see.”

The top 5 mods include:

  • The Winchester Tavern –  a near perfect replica of the famous pub from the cult-hit movie Shaun of the Dead. Grab a pint and defend your local watering hole.
  • SkyFall – an intricate and twisted journey through a man’s troubled dreams. Various levels and puzzles that get more and more warped the further you delve.
  • Escaping Death – a classic action-packed Dying Light experience full of combat and parkour.
  • Repetition: Horror House – recreating the tension of the infamous P.T. house but with a Harran-flavoured twist.
  • Little Big World – “Honey, I shrunk the outbreak.” Battle and parkour your way through an infested house, all while being the size of a bottle cap.

You can download the five competing mods from Steam workshop and cast your vote on the contest website.

Voting closes on September 13 and a winner will be announced shortly after.


Garry's Mod developer outlines his views for Paid Mods on Steam


#GarryNewman chimed in with #opinions about Paid Mods, but it is worth taking time to understanding the #developers position. The creator of Garry’s Mod, which is a fully paid title which originated as a free Source Engine mod, has a unique position on the transition from free to paid.

Given that Garry’s Mod started as a mod for Half-Life 2 letting players change the games art, physics, creating your own tools, and of course screenshots got the word out there. Eventually this evolved into full-game with Valve’s permission. “I sold a mod once and everyone was angry that it was happening, until it happened and they got a much better product than they’d have gotten when it was released for free, then they seemed to calm down a bit. It has given me a carreer for 10 years. It’s bought me two houses, a bunch of cars. It’s created a company that has hired 30+ people.”

On the fact of Paid Mods Newman outlines details on his website, “It’s probably no big surprise that I’m all for it. I sold a mod once and everyone was angry that it was happening, until it happened and they got a much better product than they’d have gotten when it was released for free, then they seemed to calm down a bit. It has given me a career for ten years. It’s bought me two houses, a bunch of cars. It’s created a company that has hired 30+ people.”

The argument for Newman, the modding marketplace will balance, eventually. Both the supply and demand what dictates what gets attention or not, gamers are vigilant. And of course free mods will still high priority.

“Some stuff won’t be worth charging for. Some people won’t want paying for their stuff. If a mod takes ten seconds to make and someone wants to charge $10 for it then they won’t sell any copies because it’s not worth it. This is how the market balances itself. They’ll either have to lower their price or make it worth the price,” Newman writes. “There was a time where they’d almost completely stopped making PC games because of piracy. Should we really let the fact that sometimes people are assholes dictate what we do? Or should we just deal with it when it happens?”

Checking out Newman’s full write-up` here where  all the the pros and cons are broken down for each participant in the transaction. Outlining the benefits being bound to Valve and the game developer. “It’s obvious that Valve and the game developer need to make money here too, enough to cover costs at least – but it’s the modder’s work that is making the money,” Newman said.


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