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Deus Ex Machina 2 coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC this month

Mel Croucher #officially #announced Deus Ex Machina 2 is coming this month and pretty much every platform including mobile devices will see a #release. This was the same game up on Kickstarter recently getting funding for its completion which appears to be happening.

Here’s a rundown of the Deus Ex Machina 2 experience. Remember, this is no conventional game, it’s a full-length interactive movie for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, so here’s what you’ll enjoy …

  • PRELUDE: make the choices that will affect your whole life, before you navigate your roller-coaster journey through existence. You may encounter, touch, enjoy and exploit all the good things in your life. Or you may avoid, reject, overcome and defeat all the bad things in your life. Or to hell with the rules … you may decide to do the opposite!
  • FERTLIZER: outwit your rivals and their comedy tactics to fertilize that tempting egg and create life.
  • BIRTH: navigate the pulsing slalem to the outside world and dodge the squid-cam spy probes of the Defect Police.
  • INFANCY: learn to crawl, stand, balance, walk, run and jump your way through your childhood, as dark forces try to control your mind and condition your behaviour.
  • SCHOOL: run your own race and resist all the propaganda to obey, as the teacher from hell force-feeds you the rules of the institution.
  • ADOLESCENCE: battle those sprouting hairs and erupting zits, and navigate a hormone-fuelled pathway of teen-dreams.
  • LOVE: accept those tempting lips and get jiggy aboard that yellow submarine. You know you want to.
  • BETRAYAL: reject the spotlight of publicity and manipulate your privacy shell through the catwalk, because the war-mongers have plans for you.
  • SOLDIER: this is no place for heros. Run, dodge and flee the urban battlefield to survive.
  • CRIPPLE: your body lies shattered in a nightmare hospital, but your mind is free to navigate and heal.
  • WAR CRIMES: face your trial and evade entrapment in the courtroom of your worst nightmare.
  • DANCE: send in the clones and have a ball, as you party the night away in the ultimate club scene.
  • GUILT: your pathway is through the heart of the global trading world, where every investment you make will affect the lives of millions.
  • POWER: the lonliest road of all to navigate, with a supercity under your control. But is there anyone left to command?
  • DECLINE: now you battle the enemy within, through your own veins and arteries, hunted by white killer cells as you try and bust the blood clots of a massive heart attack.
  • DANGER: a race against time, with your brain under attack and its neural pathways acting like a rogue pinball machine.
  • OLD AGE: your geriatric home looks like a comedy clockwork hallucination, and every time you pop a pill or swap your eyeware your world mutates into something even weirder.
  • SENILITY: your pathway is through a dreamscape of false memories and real events from your incredibly long life. Can you even walk without help?
  • WONDER: but hey … that futuristic buggy provides a mean ride towards the ultimate portal.
  • DEATH: well, what did you expect … multiple endings?! We all come to it, and it’s nearly game over.
  • TRANSFIGURATION: except for one final surprise, involving a wheelchair, some wings, an entire morphing planet and a free ride home.
  • THANKS: actually, two final surprises if you happen to spot your own face in there!

Imagine if your life was nothing more than an electronic game. Imagine if you knew then what you know now. Imagine if you could replay your little life all over again.

Welcome to DEUS EX MACHINA 2.

Built on the Unity game engine and it will probably be as weird, if not moreso, than the original game was. Essentially this titles takes you on a surreal journey from before your own birth, all the way through the temptations and dangers of your life, and beyond your own death. The visuals will be as weird and cool as the original game but with more definition to them considering they are being made with Unity.

The game will launch February 21st, 2015 globally for Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows PC, Oculus Rift, XBox, Playstation, Wii Plus. According to sources, the title launch for $6.99, distributed on Amazon, Amazon Prime TV, iTunes, Steam. We’re guessing Google Play will follow at some point.


Humble Weekly Sale: Jim Guthrie and Friends plus Games

The Humble Weekly Sale is here with eleven albums from Jim Guthrie as well as a game, a movie, and a little something extra!

This is a one-week, pay-what-you-want promotion where fans can support Jim Guthrie and charity and receive these albums DRM-free in FLAC and MP3:

  • the most recent pop-rock album by Jim Guthrie, Takes Time
  • the album of instrumentals and demos from Takes Time, Takes Time: Instrumentals & Demos
  • the invigorating game soundtrack, Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies
  • the masterful compilation of tracks from the movie Indie Game: The Movie,Indie Game: The Movie (Soundtrack)
  • the remixed game soundtrack celebrating the localized Japanese version of the game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, The Scythian Steppes:Seven #Sworcery Songs Localized for Japan
  • the impressive album recorded on a Sony Playstation using the MTV Music Generator, Children of the Clone
  • the album created for the music platformer Sound Shapes, Corporeal
  • the quirky and charming collection of pop-folk songs, Now, More Than Ever
  • the mellow yet ebullient indie soundscape, Morning Noon Night
  • the experimental debut solo album, A Thousand Songs
  • the six-track album of some of Jim Guthrie’s finest work, FREE-P


If a buyer pays more than the average price at the time of purchase, they will also receive:

  • the future-retro audiovisual concoction Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPby Capybara Games for Windows, Mac, Linux (DRM-free and on Steam)
  • the beloved feature-length documentary Indie Game: The Movie by BlinkWorks

Every purchase also includes a 50% off coupon for a double LP vinyl of Indie Game: The Movie (Soundtrack). We’re also excited to say that the top 10 contributors will additionally receive a special box set of several vinyl records signed by Jim Guthrie!

Customers can choose to allocate a portion (or all) of their purchase to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (who fight for our freedom on the Internet) and the Child’s Play Charity (who provide technology & games to children in hospitals around the world).

The Humble Weekly Sale: Jim Guthrie and Friends marks our departure from previous game-centered weekly sales. After the success of our first music bundle about a year ago, we thought it would be a great idea to bring music to our weekly sales as well, especially with such an esteemed musician as Jim Guthrie. We are thrilled about this new weekly sale and hope that our regular bundle buyers will also enjoy this intersection of music and games.

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'Tube': the open-source 3D animation experiment funded by Kickstarter

3D animation director Bassam Kurdali has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for his latest project, Tube. The film is being made by a team from around the world, using open-source digital modeling software Blender to create the characters and environments. The project is an exercise to show the power and flexibility of open-source, with the final product being released under a Creative Commons license for all to share, mix, and re-interpret. However, those who choose to back the project financially will still be rewarded, with anything from exclusive artwork, to a place in the credits, or even being immortalized with a cameo appearance in the movie.

Tube is inspired by the poem The Epic of Gilgamesh and follows the story of Gilgamesh, a female soldier, as she is caught in an ever-accelerating vortex. The final release will allow users to see all elements of the film’s creation, and even adapt the character models for their own work.

We’ve seen Kickstarter used to crowdsource fund a diverse array of projects, from point-and-click adventure games to Bluetooth Smartwatches. Kurdali released another open movie in 2006, Elephants Dream, and says that he hopes that with the funding from Kickstarter this project will be complete within seven months. The money will be used to fund the work of the existing crew, with any excess raised used to hire in more artists and eventually fund the distribution, promotion, and festival entries of the film. After just two days, Tube has almost reached 50 percent funding, with more than 240 backers already pledging to the project.

Indie Game: The Movie tour begins next month

Public screenings to take place in 15 different US cities such as Chicago and San Francisco

The directors of the critically acclaimed Indie Game: The Movie are to screen the film across 15 different cities in the US, its has been revealed.

The film, which follows indie developers as they create their games, is to be self-published by the directors, and presented by Adobe.

The documentary had previously been offered to various traditional distribution deals, but filmmakers Lisanna Pajot and James Swirsky opted to go it alone after concerns about when the film would release.

The first public screenings of the film is set to take place at the Rio in Santa Cruz, California on March 2nd, whilst second and third viewings will be held at the Embarcadero in San Francisco on March 6th.

Further venues include Seattle, Asheville, Portland and Chicago, whilst further tour stops and dates are to be announced in the near future.

“We’re really excited to finally share this film with so many audiences, in person, throughout the country,” said Swirsky.

“This project has truly been a labor of love for us and we are thrilled that Adobe is helping us take it to indie game developers and fans on such a large scale.”

As well as the nationwide tour, Indie Game: The Movie will be shown at GDC on March 5th to the first 500 pass holders at the door, with a special panel of all the developers in the film and the movie’s creators.

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