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Sudden Strike 4 new maps and multiplayer mode

sudden strike 4 new maps and multiplayer mode in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Following on from the successful launch of Sudden Strike 4 on Linux, Ubuntu and Windows. Kalypso Media are eager to announce the new WW2 strategy games getting new maps. While also includes a multiplayer mode from Sudden Strike 2. Since this will have players fighting over control for sets of zeppelins. Which is somewhat of a marked improvement for the game. Which is only available in multiplayer for the time being.

Splody launches on Linux with a nice discount

splody launches on linux ubuntu and steamos with a nice discount in windows games

Since the second major update to Splody releases. This adds support for Linux, SteamOS, Ubuntu and Mac, including cross-platform multiplayer. While the testing phase is over, it’s time to celebrate, Splody. Hence the discount, with 40% off this week. Therefore if you’ve not grabbed it yet, now’s a great time.

Splody Major Features and Fixes

Here are the biggest things since the last major update:

  • Mac OS X Support
  • Linux / SteamOS Support
  • Windows XP Support, because, why not?
  • Bot Difficulty Options allowing for easier bots for new players, and even harder bots for experienced players
  • New rendering pipeline offers more performance and compatibility for these ports, as well as possible future console releases
  • New remote bomb options: unlimited and one simultaneous per powerup
  • Better SteamLink Support when adding/removing controllers from your SteamLink
  • More minor fixes and improvements noted in the ChangeLog.

With this update wrapped up, and the engine in a much more portable state. Therefore next week Dashing Strike will start diving into the technical side of getting Splody on PS4. So there are still some things to work out with Sony regarding cross-platform multi-player. Yet the developer definitely wants existing Steam users to be able to play against users brought in through PS4. Despite that, it’s looking very likely that Splody will be on PS4 sometime in the future. Probably not for at least a few months. For Steam users, this also means a few more features will likely be coming. Which of course includes the games Achievements and Trophies.

Splody Release Trailer:

Splody Features

  • Online multiplayer
  • Ranking and Leaderboards
  • As many local players as you can connect controllers for (4-20 recommended)
  • Play against bots to practice or fill in a game
  • Level editor, share custom levels
  • Music by The Hamster Alliance
  • Taunts
  • Various game modes and settings including:
    • Traditional “Last Man Standing”
    • “Capture the Dino” – Fight over control for a mount in this game mode which keeps all players respawning and in the action until the end of the match
    • Free for all or teams
    • “Humans vs Bots” – a team of human players (online and/or local) vs large numbers of bots
    • Special levels with different behaviors
  • With post-mortem “ghost bombers,” players can affect the game after they are defeated, so no one gets bored between matches
  • Built on a custom engine supporting any number of any kind of controller, smooth performance on low-end hardware, and snappy online multiplayer even on high-latency connections with players from around the world

Therefore, if you do not own Splody, now is the time. Since the games available with a 40% off, week long discount. Playable across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

Super Slime Arena fighting game coming to Linux

super slime arena fighting game coming to linux ubuntu mac windows pc

Super Slime Arena is a minimalist, local multiplayer fighting game. Since the games set to debut on Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows we are keen. Each character has a single, unique attack. So one hit point leads to fast-paced action and adaptive strategy. Where players choose from 19 (and growing) different slimes to play. With multiplayer matches and as many players as you have controllers for. Ranging from keyboard controls to USB NES to Steam Controller. The games in development to be highly accessible. So everyone can play without meters to fill up or combos to memorize.

What was just a class project started in 2013. Super Slime Arena evolved into a simple and accessible arena fighter. A three man development crew, JellyTeam all controllers work with the game. So between six to eight players in a match. Although you can play with twelve for full out mayhem.

Super Slime Arena Official Trailer:

In Super Slime Arena players take on the roll of a random slime. While armed with a certain one-hit-K.O. attack. So when you die, you respawn as a different slime with a different attack. Which players do until they run out of lives. The end game? Be the last slime standing.
So this is a two-button masher, a jump button and an attack button. Therefore most any controller will work, as long as it’s supported via Steam.

Since there are five playable modes in Super Slime Arena. An elimination mode, a pick-three mode where each player picks three slimes they can switch between. As well as a gun-game style mode where with every kill, then move on to the next slime. So die and get demoted. There is also a mode where everyone plays as the same slime. There is also an online multiplayer coming to Super Slime Arena. With consideration of a puzzle platforming campaign as well.

Therefore players choose between 32 different slimes, ranging in size and abilities. With a goal of having the most characters in a fighting game, the record being over 200. All with different maps, styles and platforms. And individual music for each map.

Super Slime Arena is Greenlit via Steam for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. JellyTeam do not have release date yet, so stay tuned for more details.

Splody developer looking for Linux testers

splody developer looking for linux testers via steam games

Splody, an explosive multiplayer battler available for Windows. Since indie developer Dashing Strike Games has blasted onto Steam already. Now they are offering Linux players a chance to be one of the testers. While off against the crazy selection features and gameplay.

How to become a Splody Linux testers:

“If you know anyone else who would enjoy helping testing on Linux. Sign up over at splody.com and I’ll send them a key as well.

Feel free to contact me with any issues you have, either through the public forums (I’ve got a thread for the Linux beta here).

Either way, once in your Library on Steam, to get access to the Beta. Simply right click on Splody in your Steam Library. Choose Properties, go to the Betas or Tests tab. From the drop-down menu (will say “NONE” by default), select “test“. Now, install the games Linux build.”

Since the games simple to learn yet hard to master. Place bombs, get out of the way, destroy your friends. While collecting power-ups and ‘splode your way to victory. All in a variety of game modes adapted for smooth multiplayer with virtually unlimited local players.

Splody Release Trailer:

Splody Features:

  • Online Multiplayer
  • Unlimited Local-Player (4-20 recommended)
  • Play Against Bots For Practice Or To Fill In A Game
  • Intuitive Level Editor
  • Music by The Hamster Alliance
  • Taunts
  • “Orbital Bombers” – Affect Gameplay When Defeated
  • Optimized Proprietary Game Engine

So there are several action packed gameplay modes. Therefore players can take on the classic Last Man Standing. While also playing a Capture the Dino. Where players fight over control for a mount. Which keeps all players respawning until the end of the match. Free-For-All or teams is also included. While Special Levels offers different behaviours.

Splody is great for players of all ages. Therefore not you can get a must-have in your Steam library for Free.

The Escapists 2 prison break strategy releases

the escapists 2 strategy releases for linux, mac windows in steam games

The Escapists 2 is the creation of former roofer, Chris Davis. Since the games release is now available on Steam and Humble Store. Launching on Linux, Mac and Windows.
Hence the solo indie developer of Mouldy Toof Studios. Chris originally developed The Escapists in Multimedia Fusion. Since this is a program which he was originally included on the cover disk of a magazine he bought as a child. Davis took to Kickstarter with The Escapists back in 2013, where it successfully raised just over £7000. While being successfully greenlit by the Steam community with 96 hours. Gaining the attention of Team17’s CEO, Debbie Bestwick MBE. The Escapists joined Team17’s games label in February 2014. Hence Team17 going on to help co-develop the game, recreating The Escapists from scratch in Unity. Due to being able able to bring the game to a wider audience on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Since its initial launch in 2015, The Escapists celebrates over 4 million downloads. Yet now the combined forces of Mouldy Toof Studios and Team17 are back. This time with the fully-fledged sequel releases on Steam and Humble. The Escapists 2 introduces many fan requested features. Such as the addition of local and online multiplayer for up to four players. Which is a first for the series.

The Escapists 2 Features:

  • A dedicated tutorial, Precinct 17, for new players to learn the basics of prison life
    10 unique themed prisons to escape from including 3 transit prisons
  • Play each prison solo or multiplayer with both local and online co-op and versus modes for up to four players
  • Drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer experience. Carefully plan and execute an intricate escape from your initial incarceration with your fellow inmates either online or locally, or simply hop into an existing game already in progress to help pull off the final touches of the escape!
  • A brand-new combat system to make every prison brawl even more bruising
  • Create your con with over 300 customization to create your perfect prisoner
  • New ways to escape
  • New items to craft – Build yourself a homemade Taser to knock out guards plus many more!

The Escapists 2 is now available on Steam and Humble Store and PC, Mac and Linux. Yet the games releases also coming to the Nintendo Switch at a later date.