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Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Finally Released

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice Finally Released

Much awaited Battlestar Galactica game Diaspora: Shattered Armistice has been finally launched after being in development for 4 years. The game is free and open source and it is based on the FreeSpace 2 Open engine.

Diaspora is cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). The game has following features:

  • Fly the MK VII Viper, the Raptor or the new MK VIIe strike variant.
  • Take part in furious battles against Cylon forces.
  • Play multiplayer missions against your friends as Colonial or Cylon forces.
  • Completely voice acted throughout.
  • Original soundtrack inspired by the show.
  • Create your own missions and share them with the included mission editor.

Check out gameplay video:

Unfortunately, due to huge traffic, it seems their servers are down at the moment. You can directly download Diaspora: Shattered Armistice from the links HERE:

rack Torrent

System Requirements


Minimum Recommended Specifications:

Operating System: Windows® XP/Vista/Windows 7
CPU:  Core 2 Duo, i3 or similar
Memory: 2GB Ram
Graphics Card: ATI 9600 or comparable nVidia with 256MB Ram (Integrated INTEL graphics will not work)
Sound Card: Windows® compatible sound card
Input Device: Windows® compatible mouse and keyboard
Installation: 3GB free HD space

Mac OS X

Operating System: OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher

Current Mac Products (2010+) and Diaspora Compatibility:

Will run on:
Macbook Pro
Mac Mini

Will not run on:
Macbook Air  (Integrated INTEL graphics will not work)


CPU:  Core 2 Duo, i3 or similar
Memory: 2GB Ram
Graphics Card: OpenGL 3/GLSL 1.5 compatible graphics card.
Sound Card: OpenAL compatible sound card.
Input Device: Mouse and keyboard.
Installation: 3GB free HD space


Best Open Source Games

Linux gaming has acquired bigger dimensions lately, after the active involvement of well known commercial games developing studios and other independent efforts, but we should not forget to support the great selection of open source games that Gnome users can enjoy!

The following article is not about presenting every single open source game in existence, but more like selecting the best out of popular gaming categories that are really modern, enjoyable and alive as projects.

Category: Racing

Our choice: Speed Dreams

Being a fork of TORCS, this game started its development in solid grounds. The aim was to bring a fully featured racing game that would include a wide selection of tracks and cars, while also constantly improving the physics and graphics of the game.

Version 2.0 was released this April, making this game the most complete open source racing game. Every aspect of the game is very polished, with shiny menus, nice engine sounds, weather conditions, a great selection of car skins, optically enriched tracks, realistic shadows etc. You can even play a “Career Mode” where you can compete with different car classes, during multiple seasons, on randomly selected tracks and against balanced random opponents, earning points in championship rankings!

The experimental SimuV3 and the aim to rework the 3D engine leaves promises for a bright future for this racing game.

Speed Dreams Homepage

See also: VDrift

VDrift has been under heavy development for more than 7 years and still has a lot of people working around many of its aspects trying to make it a modern and complete racing game. Although there is still work to be done, VDrift is already fantastic.

One of the things that make this game great is the aim to use real world cars and tracks. I suppose that this is one of the main reasons that this game attracted the interest of many contributors.

VDrift initially used the Vamos physics engine, but now the engine is written from scratch showing the high goals that this project has. If it was a little bit more stable and polished it would have been our choice, but still it is a magnificent open source racing game with nice graphics, 45 real tracks, 39 real vehicles, atmospheric sounds and a competitive AI!

VDrift Homepage

Category: First Person Shooter

Our choice: Xonotic

Based on the dead now Nexuiz, Xonotic is the gem that shines in the most overcrowded category in Linux gaming. It features all the good vulgar gameplay characteristics of Nexuiz, while trying to evolve into something even greater and more modern.

Currently in version 0.6, Xonotic offers all the classic game modes found on most FPS games and also includes some unique. The gameplay is damn fast and intense. Speed and precision are the main principles of the good Xonotic player.

As graphics are a big factor for such kind of games, Xonotic developers have invested a lot of time into supporting modern effects like bloom, dynamic lighting and shadowing, offset mapping, and high dynamic range rendering. This combined with the futuristic environment and the gameplay results in the best open source fast paced atmospheric arena shooter!

Xonotic Homepage

See also: Smokin’ Guns

Smokin’ Guns is a first person game inspired by Western movies. It is based on Quake III and offers pure multiplayer fun for the nostalgic gamers.

You can play duel and bank robbery modes, use historically accurate weapons, buy more using money that you get from killing opponents and go Akimbo mode using two different weapons at the same time.

This game brings the true atmosphere of a Western movie through the music, sounds, maps, realistic weapons, gameplay details like the inability to heal etc. A truly wonderful game that could only use some better graphics to enslave our hearts completely.

Smokin’ Guns Homepage

Category: Real Time Strategy

Our choice: 0 A.D.

From the moment that 0 A.D. begun development 9 years ago, it blew our mind with the high goals set and the abilities of Pyrogenesis engine. It looks amazing and it really is a very high quality open source project that has already built a huge community around it.

The game has succeeded in gathering the contribution of hundreds of people and now offers its own music, sounds, graphical effects, save/load game function, an advanced AI, 11 unique civilizations with their own buildings, units and special technology, and magnificently designed realistic maps with trees, animals, mountains, rivers and sea.

This is also the only RTS game that aims to be historically accurate! It may not be completely finished yet and you may encounter some performance issues while playing, but it is already the best open source RTS way to waste some free time.

0 A.D. Homepage

See also: MegaGlest

MegaGlest is a fork of Glest aiming to evolve and enrich the game with more material like new tribes with buildings and units, while also new features like the ability to play multiplayer games on-line.

This game is very stable and mature, it offers tutorials in many languages, you can play with other people on-line or play a scenario versus one of the most difficult AI opponents ever made, and download new content directly from inside the game!

Although this is currently the most “complete” open source RTS game, it looses many points due to its outdated graphics. It is very amusing and challenging to play though, and I hope that the graphics will improve from now on.

MegaGlest Homepage

Category: Simulation

Our choice: FlightGear

FlightGear is one of the greatest open source projects ever. It is a sophisticated flying simulator that gives the ability to do flight dynamics research, or just fly around for pure fun. FlightGear uses realistic physic simulation and real world airplanes and terrain.

You can basically download the whole world and fly in it in real time, and fly together with other people from around the world on multiplayer. There are literally hundreds of free to download airplanes modeled after the originals using the same sounds and technical details like real engine thrust, maximum speed, ceiling height etc.

The simulator is currently on version 2.8 that brought shadows among other things and surely has a very bright future ahead it!

FlightGear Homepage

See also: Rigs of Rods

Rigs of Rods is a driving, flying and sailing simulator. It uses a soft-body physics system that simulates the flexibility and deformation of bodies, chassis and wheels under the stress they bear.

Rigs of Rods main power is the ground vehicle simulation where you will find all types of different vehicles from tractors buses and transport trucks, to pick ups, ordinary or racing cars. All vehicles are designed after the originals with accurate attributes and driving characteristics.

This is an ever evolving game that has a big community of contributors around it. This year we saw the introduction of trains, submarines and motorcycles! There are many additional maps and vehicles to download and enrich this sandbox simulator. You’ll never get bored playing Rigs of Rods!

Rigs of Rods Homepage

Category: MMO RPG

Our choice: Second Life

Second Life is a partly open source online 3D virtual world imagined, created, and owned by its Residents that offers a platform for communication, business, education, and organizational development to anyone who wants to try it.

You can meet and talk to other people, visit places flying, join religious groups, own land, buy a house, create objects, make deals with other players, buy things using real money like clothes, or furniture etc. You can do almost anything you would do if you had a second life!

Second Life Homepage

See also: PlaneShift

PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game immersed into a 3D virtual fantasy world which is fully free to play. Fully free means you will have no surprises of premium content which will limit your gameplay or unbalance the game. There are no limitations in skills, ranks, abilities, items you can gain with your free account. There are no time limits or additional constraints.

One aim of the game is to explore all the available areas and to learn knowledge about the world by speaking with the NPCs who provide hints and tips on how to proceed and unlock areas, items and powers. You can trade, chat, fight, explore, use magic or weapons and evolve your character into something better.

PlaneShift is not yet considered “finished”, but I am sure the RPG lovers will find it very interesting. Maybe the most truly free to play RPG out there!

PlaneShift Homepage

Category: Turn Based Strategy

Our choice: UFO: Alien Invasion

UFO: Alien Invasion is a turn based strategy game that is heavily inspired (if not the evolution of) X-COM. It features unique artwork and music and offers a perfect atmosphere of danger and tension to the player.

The story is that in 2084 aliens attack Earth and you are in control of an elite team that will try to defend the alien attack, while both trying to find out more about the aliens.

This game offers amazing strategic depth and requires the careful and logical planning of every attack, defense, base building, research funding etc. Fighting is conducted through a turn based system where you control your squad using the move or attack points of every unit in a square map. There are many different weapons to use, and as you progress more things become available through technological research.

If you played X-COM as a child and you have some free time now, you should give this game a try!

UFO: Alien Invasion Homepage

See also: Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is a classic and very popular turn based strategy with a fantasy setting. It is under development for many years and is considered to be one of the most mature open source games. The game offers cross compatible multiplayer and amazing campaigns to loose your mind in.

Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host against whom none can stand! Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition.

Battle for Wesnoth Homepage

Source: By bill toulas @WorldofGnome 


Indies collaborate on tools to make talking to the press easier

Indies collaborate on tools to make talking to the press easier

If you want easily-distracted players to stay with your game, to give it a chance and discover all the work you’ve labored over, you make it as approachable and as easy to pick up as possible, right?

That’s the same attitude indie developers should take when it comes to attracting the attention of the press, to ensure people are helping others find out about your game. That’s where the press kit comes in.

“It’s a general problem in the indie scene, where so many beautiful and lovely games go unnoticed simply because the developer doesn’t know how to present their game to the press,” says Rami Ismail, an indie developer himself at Dutch studio Vlambeer (Super Crate Box).

It’s not a magic bullet that solves all your marketing problems, but the press kit can sometimes be the critical item that decides whether those journalists who are inundated with dozens of pitches a day cover your project.

An effective press kit offers all the information and assets someone needs to quickly get a feel for your game and write knowledgeably about it — if a journalist can’t easily find your contact information or a good screenshot to use with their article, they might skip your project in favor of one that’s easier to cover.

Creating a good press kit takes time, though — time to figure out and collect what you need, decide the best way to present it all, and put together the online page. That’s all time you could spend on making your game better instead.


Indies collaborate on tools to make talking to the press easier
Game Oven’s Presskit() page

Ismail saw there were few tools serving game makers’ needs when it came to marketing their projects, so he released Presskit() several months ago, a free tool enabling developers to create a site that compiles their project’s essential info in as little as 30 minutes.

Using information provided by developers, Presskit() builds a simple page that offers studio factsheets, bullet point feature lists for games, screenshots, videos, logos, sections for awards and previous coverage, and more. The design of the page isn’t anything fancy, but it gets the job done.

“I strongly believe that a press kit isn’t supposed to look fancy or colorful – a press kit is supposed to be a resource with easy-to-access information and assets,” Ismail explains to Gamasutra. “If people want to modify presskit(), they’re free to do so by editing the css-file that is installed on their server during installation.”

Plenty of independent developers have already started using Presskit()’s beta, including Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), Broken Rules (Chasing Aurora), and Young Horses (Octodad). It was even used for PAX’s Indie Megabooth, which needed to provide details for 16 different titles.


Since debuting the tool in May, Ismail has updated it based on feedback from the press and developers, and added support for Google Analytics and Andreas Zecher’s (Spirits) valuable Promoter application, the latter of which served as inspiration for Presskit().

Promoter automatically tracks online mentions of your games, sending you notifications and creating a timeline for your projects’ coverage. It also compiles the reviews your games have received, and calculates their average scores.

The app offers other useful features like a promo code manager, a calendar for upcoming indie festivals and competitions, lists for hundreds of sites you can contact for coverage (depending on their platform), and the ability to see which journalists and publications you’ve already contacted.

Indies collaborate on tools to make talking to the press easier
Promoter’s press coverage timeline

Tools for managing press relationships are key, because one of an indie developer’s biggest strengths is the ability to personally getting in touch with journalists, which is completely different from how AAA studios talk with the press.

“As an indie, the press is talking directly to the mind behind the game,” says Ismail. That’s interesting to journalists, because there are more interesting stories to tell through people than through PR representatives.”

With its integration of Promoter, Presskit() can update your page with recent coverage and awards your game has received. Zecher’s app features a free plan for one project, but you will need to spend €99 ($125) a year for unlimited uses — Ismail says Promoter’s fees makes up 90 percent of Vlambeer’s annual marketing budget.

Release() and other tools

The next update Ismail will put out for Presskit() is a new feature called Release(), which aims to help developers write a proper press email. While talking with journalists about what to include in his presskit tool, he noticed that one of their major concerns was the quality of mail they receive from indie studios.

Along with trying to improve the quality of press releases, he wants to get rid of the hesitation some developers might have when it comes to contacting journalists. Ismail says it can be scary to reach out to the press about your passion project, especially if you’re not sure how to do it.

Though he hasn’t put out Release() yet, you can still get an idea of best practices for reaching out to journalists with Pixel Prospector’s excellent and thorough guide published earlier this week: How To Contact Press (And Increase Chances To Get Press Coverage).

There are other potential services he wants to see solve common problems that indie developers face, like tools that help studios pitch their games, handle their finances, or manage who they should meet up with at events to promote their titles.

However, Ismail is wary of tools that take creative freedom out of the hands of developers. He notes that presskits, press releases, and tracking press mentions aren’t really about creativity, but creating pitches is.

He adds, “There’s a fine line between where a tool is empowering and where it’s limiting, and it’s a line I’ve come to explore while working on Presskit() and Release().”

Source: Gamasutra


Diaspora: Shattered Armistice for Linux [Free Game]



Here’s the Linux version of Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, a single and multiplayer space fighter combat game set in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe.

It has been 40 years since the devastating war between the Colonials and the Cylons. 40 years where no one has seen or heard of the Cylons. 40 years where the armistice has held.

Game Features

Fly the MK VII Viper, the Raptor or the new MK VIIe strike variant.
Take part in furious battles against Cylon forces.
Play multiplayer missions against your friends as Colonial or Cylon forces.
Completely voice acted throughout.
Original soundtrack inspired by the show
Create your own missions and share them with the included mission editor.

Watch the release trailer for a better idea of how the game looks

System Requirements


Minimum Recommended Specifications:

Operating System: Windows® XP/Vista/Windows 7
CPU: Core 2 Duo, i3 or similar
Memory: 2GB Ram
Graphics Card: ATI 9600 or comparable nVidia with 256MB Ram
Sound Card: Windows® compatible sound card
Input Device: Windows® compatible mouse and keyboard
Installation: 3GB free HD space

Mac OS X

(Coming soon, but you can guess them from the PC specs!)


CPU: Core 2 Duo, i3 or similar
Memory: 2GB Ram
Graphics Card: OpenGL 3/GLSL 1.5 compatible graphics card.
Sound Card: OpenAL compatible sound card.
Input Device: Mouse and keyboard.
Installation: 3GB free HD space

Known Issues

Due to the size of the installer it may take a long time for the installer to actually start. This may last several minutes (up to five minutes in some instances). There are reports that virus checkers may extend this delay so you may wish to turn them off during the installation process.
Multiplayer is currently very much in beta. Also, in order to enhance the eventual multiplayer experience, the team decided not to finalise the balance between ships. Feedback from players is very welcome. The true multiplayer experience will be available in the next release. Till then, if you wish to experiment, here’s how to get started.



Simply download the installer and run it. The Installer will guide you through installing the game.

Mac OS X

Mount Diaspora.dmg, and follow instructions within to copy Diaspora to the Applications folder. Note: Before you play for the first time (only need to do this once), please double click on RUN_ME_ONCE.command to install the most appropriate graphics settings. Double click on wxlauncher, and press Play, located in the bottom right corner.


First, open a terminal and change to the directory where you downloaded Diaspora.

Then open the archive by typing

tar —lzma -xf Diaspora_R1_Linux.tar.lzma

or if that command doesn’t work, the following two commands instead:

unlzma -z -k Diaspora_R1_linux.tar.lzma

tar -xf Diaspora_R1_Linux.tar

Then follow the instructions in Diaspora_R1_Linux/Diaspora/README.txt, with one correction: after you start the launcher in step 5, select your screen resolution from the drop down box in the Basic Settings tab before you press Play. Otherwise, you’ll be running in 1024×768.


During the time we’ve spent developing Diaspora, we have frequently been asked which songs from the show we’ve used in our trailers. The fact is that almost all the music in the game or trailers has been original. So for that reason, we’re also releasing the soundtrack. You can find details on it here.

Download Servers @ Atomic Gamer:

Download from Public Server #1 5 minute wait

Download from Public Server #2 5 minute wait

Download from Public Server #3 4 minute wait

OS: Linux
Type: Full Version
Size: 1280.2 MB
Downloads: 11
Added: 9/5/2012 2:41:11 PM
MD5: 22b55ae9bc9366ccbeb1642cd50dc3f8

Source: atomicgamer.com

”linux-game-gaming-gamer-news” title="Linux

Kalamazoo's "S2 Games" boosting Michigan's economy

Courtesy: “S2 Games”

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WZZM) – It’s no secret that the video game industry has exploded worldwide. Trying to find a niche in the highly-competitive arena is no small feat.

A company from Kalamazoo has not only found a niche, it’s cornered the market, and the game they’ve created has almost become a religion in some countries.

“Heroes of Newerth” is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by “S2 Games” for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The game was released on May 12, 2010 and then re-released as a free-to-play game on June 29, 2012.

“We publish the game and provide support for it,” said Nathan Garcia, who is “S2 Games” marketing manager.

“Heroes of Newerth” puts two teams of players against each other: the Legion and the Hellbourne. Players on each team choose ten of two heroes, featuring a variety of abilities and advantages. Players control a single hero from a top-down perspective. The game ends when the opposing team’s main structure is destroyed.

“The characters in the game were created by people working here [in Kalamazoo]”, added Garcia. “Heroes of Newerth is a completely made in Michigan game.”

Garcia says new heroes are added monthly to the game, which has gone global. “Heroes of Newerth” has been downloaded over 8 million times, and it currently has more than 2.5 million active players worldwide.

“To say the growth is explosive I think would be very fair at this point,” added Garcia.

The success “Heroes of Newerth” has brought to “S2 Games” has allowed the Kalamazoo-based company to add several new jobs in the past year.

“Our production team has grown from 12 people in 2011 to 50 in 2012,” said Garcia. “We’re always looking for new people, especially locally.”

Garcia says “Heroes of Newerth” is the number one played video game in Thailand. It’s also extremely popular in Singapore, Russia and the Philippines.

Thanks to “Heroes of Newerth”, “S2 Games” has emerged as a major player in the gaming industry. They’ve created a good-versus-bad game that’s – good – for the Michigan economy.

“S2 Games” plans to release a new character for “Heroes of Newerth” sometime this week.

Five years from now the company plans to grow the game’s player-base and elevate into a worldwide “e-sport”, with a competitive, international video game league featuring elite and pro gamers battling to become world champions.

Source: wzzm13


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