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Overland turn-based survival gets a full release

overland turn-based survival gets a full release for linux mac windows pc

Overland turn-based survival now has a full release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Finji. The game is now available on Steam and GOG.

Overland 3D survival now has a release date

overland 3d survival game now has a release date for linux mac windows pc

Overland 3D survival game has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Finji. Which is also planned to release on Steam very soon.

Itch.io introduces a unique early access with itch.io refinery

itchio refinery new earlyaccess toolset developers linux mac windows pc

Itch.io released a blog post introducing a #newtoolset for managing early access games called itch.io refinery. The refinery is now live for #developers and growing faster, bringing in a bunch of features not #available with Steam Early Access.

Features in the refinery include:

Limited keys

Developers can now limit the total number of keys available for purchase. This makes for a great way to slowly roll our a game for testing or to target those who are most interested in your game (i.e. from a mailing list.)

Exclusive content (rewards)

Exclusive content is a way of providing a limited quantity reward to a buyer if they purchase your project at a specific price point. Adding a reward to a project is a great way to give exclusive perks to early buyers.

Command-line tools and delta patches

With our command-line tools, developers can push a new build directly to itch.io right from your build script. Additionally, only the changed files will be uploaded by you and downloaded by players to create delta patches, so no more complete re-downloads just for patching. This is great for players of in-development games that are being patched constantly.

Selling physical goods

Another use case for rewards is selling physical goods along with digital content. In this example you might create a reward above the minimum price that comes with t-shirt. As more shirts become available you can boost the quantity. Developers can specify on the reward that you’d like to collect a shipping address. Developers can also add a custom field to get the size of the shirt.

Restricted community access

Developers can now create a message board only available to the people who have bought your game. This is a private hub where creators can be open about your game’s development and gain useful feedback from your players.

Games with itch.io refinery

There are already 5 games that are (or are going to be) using the toolset. Check them out, they’re rad:

Overland is the First Access program used the itch.io refinery to sell an early version of the survival strategy game to a select people. Just 500 people were able to buy Overland thus far, with new content coming each month plus Steam support.

The other games that use the refinery or plan on using the service include a fine range of titles for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Escher-esque puzzler Manifold Garden, detective adventure Jenny LeClue and roguelike shooter GoNNER.


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