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Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound DLC coming to Linux

tyranny: bastard’s wound dlc coming to linux mac windows games

Paradox Interactive, the publisher of #games for good and evil players alike. While having just announced new content for Tyranny. Which is the award-winning role-playing game ( #RPG) from Obsidian Entertainment.
So Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound will launch later this year on Linux, Mac and #Windows. While offering players a new major quest line. All set in the games mysterious illegal settlement of Bastard’s Wound.

“Additionally, regarding the expected release period for Bastard’s Wound, as of now it’s slated for sometime later this year.”

So in addition, players who can’t wait to experience new content. Since new Event Pack has been released today, titled “Tales from the Tiers.” Featuring new world events and expanded quests for the original Tyranny. Tales from the Tiers is available now on Steam and the Paradox Store .

See what awaits in Bastard’s Wound in a new trailer:

Tyranny, an original RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. Since the game takes place in the fantasy realm of the Tiers. Since evil has conquered the known world. And it’s up to the player to decide what is right or wrong as a Fatebinder. Therefore either mercilessly enforce the law or recklessly flout it.
So during this quest, the player will encounter Bastard’s Wound. A settlement and refuge from the dark, war-torn world, established in secret. Since it is a haven for those fleeing the wrath of Kyros the Overlord. So the player must decide what is to become of the inhabitants as they mete out Kyros’ justice.

Featuring new characters and storylines, Bastard’s Wound takes a closer look at the race of the Beastmen, the fate of the refugee settlements, and all-new companion quests featuring three of Tyranny’s most memorable party members: Verse, Barik, and Lantry. Bastard’s Wound will also arrive alongside a free update to Tyranny, including new voice acting, expanded content in the game’s third act, and an all-new path to an unseen ending.

What’s more, players can explore new content starting today. Since a series of hidden stories from the world of Tyranny in Tales from the Tiers. A new Event Pack available now. The Event Pack features the untold stories of the many inhabitants of the hazardous, war-torn Tiers. This includes rebels, merchants, servants of Kyros, and even dangerous creatures. While also including new random encounter events, new quests and new interactions with iconic Tyranny characters. So Tales from the Tiers will allow players to experience a new facet of the game’s rich and compelling story.

Read more details about the upcoming Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound expansion check it out here.

While Tales from the Tiers is available now on Steam and the Paradox Store . Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Hearts of Iron IV with a Free Anniversary Pack

hearts of iron iv with a free anniversary pack in linux mac windows games

Since Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio celebrate their one-year anniversary. Hence this is for the Hearts of Iron IV #release, the World War II Grand Strategy Game. Released to critical acclaim on June 6, 2016 for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC.

So Hearts of Iron IV, is a game that challenges players to navigate the nation of their choice. While engaging the #games players using history’s greatest conflict. Continues to engage players one year later across Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. So to thank the community for their ongoing support for the games success. Paradox just released the Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Pack as free DLC, available now for all players.

Since the game’s release one year ago. Hearts of Iron IV has built a dedicated and growing community of players. Since then, Hearts of Iron IV is played by an average of 250,000 monthly active users (MAU). While over half of those players are playing the community’s creative game mods. Including “Millenium Dawn,” which brings the war into the modern era, “The Great War.” Pulling it all back to World War I, or “Kaiserreich,” an alternate historical setting. Which presumes Germany had won the first world war. And since more mods and newer players continue to flock to Hearts of Iron IV. This continues to set the stage for more new war stories for years to come.

So the Anniversary Pack includes new in-game content. Providing players with a richer and more detailed Hearts of Iron IV experience. While featuring new voiceovers for Polish troops. Something that is frequently requested by the player community.

How to download the new free Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Pack content:

  • New voiceovers for troops while playing as Poland
  • 20 new portrait selections for generals and leaders across nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America
  • 20 new custom division icons

To download the free Anniversary Pack, visit Anniversary Pack official Steam page.

A new addition to Hearts of Iron IV will also arrive next week with the release of Death or Dishonor. A Country Pack is releasing on June 14, 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. Death or Dishonor will add new focus trees. Plus in-game events for the nations of Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.

For more information on the forthcoming DLC, visit the official website.

Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV DLC’s

europa universalis iv and hearts of iron iv both games dlc's launch june 14th on linux mac windows pc

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio just announced that Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome. Hence the first immersion pack for the best-selling historical grands trategy game. While Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor, a country pack for the World War II grand strategy game. Since both #games #DLC will launch together on June 14th, 2017 for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC.

Since both packs are available individually at $9.99. Therefore of these Paradox Development Studios’ global conquest simulators can purchase both packs together as part of a 10% off at Paradox Plaza (Steam key).

Paradox demoed the new features from Third Rome in a live stream on Tuesday.

Paradox demos the games new features of Third Rome (Windows)

The new features in Death or Dishonor are get a reveal in an ongoing stream series. Replays can be found here:

Paradox demos the game new features of Death or Dishonor (Windows)

Since Third Rome expands the governmental, military, and diplomatic opportunities. Hence the Russian empire includes new ranks of governments that give Tsars the power to claim states. So powerful streltsy mercenary units that excel in combat at the cost of the empire’s stability. While there are new interactions with the Orthodox Patriarchate. These changes give Russian players more ways to maintain control over their sprawling territory using a mix of military might, political touch, and religious conviction.

Death or Dishonor introduces new National Focus trees and gameplay options. Since the countries caught between the Nazi and Soviet war machines are Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. In Plus, Death or Dishonor adds new diplomatic and puppet interactions. While including new music and gameplay art. Along with additional national interactions to change the course of history.

Both DLCs will be accompanied by free patches for each of the games. Which bring broader updates to the base versions of Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

For more information on Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome, visit the official website.

For more information on Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor, the official website.

Cities: Skylines Mass Transit releases [on Linux]

cities: skylines mass transit launches for linux, mac pc in gaming news

In gaming news, Paradox Interactive is the official publisher backing the genuine #ColossalOrder. Hence the bona-fide electrified six-car gaming developer has released Mass Transit for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since the announcement came to use back in the beginning of March. Hence the next #expansion for Cities: Skylines, currently #available Steam and Paradox Plaza for $12.99 USD. Since Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit brings a ton of new features to the critically acclaimed city-builder. Including new public transportation options such as monorails, cable-cars, ferries and even blimps.

While the expansion also includes new mass transit hubs. These allow passengers to easily switch between different public transportation options. Check it out in the trailer below:

Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit Features:

  • The Road to Riches: Ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails. So help move your citizens around town, and get their money into your city’s coffers.
  • Home is where the Hub is: The transit hub connects all your transit together. Letting citizens change rail lines in one building. Or hop from the bus onto the ferry. And even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train-metro station.
  • The Traffic Must Flow: New scenarios will test your traffic management skills and transit system vision. New road types, bridges and canals adds variety to your city. While including new ways to solve its challenges. Become an expert in traffic flow and then use that knowledge to improve your city.
  • New Hats for Chirper: No expansion is complete without some new hats for fictional birds!

As with all expansions, Mass Transit news launches alongside a major update to Cities: Skylines.

cities: skylines mass transit free update patch linux mac windows pc

So Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit is available on Steam and Paradox Plaza. Launching with full Linux, Mac and Windows PC support.

System Requirements:


  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+, 3.2GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, 512 MB or ATI Radeon HD 5670, 512 MB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


  • OS: Ubuntu 14.10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5Ghz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 MB available space

Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome announced

europa iniversalis iv: third rome announced in linux gaming news

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio are thrilled to #announce Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome. Since this the #first #immersionpack announcement in gaming news for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Hence the best-selling historical strategy game introduces a wealth of region-specific content. While allowing players to take a deeper look at one of the greatest powers of the early modern era, Russia. Since Russian cultured nations will find new interactions for their government. And the Orthodox Patriarchate, deepening the experience of playing this rich and fascinating region.

So for 500 years, the princes of Russia have kept the faith. While braving through civil wars and Mongol conquest. Hence the word of God has not just survived, but united her people. While those princes who embrace the church will find glory. YEt those who turn their back will be cast to dust. There have been two Romes, and both have fallen. Muscovy is the third.

There shall be no fourth.

Therefore Russia now gets two unique governments. Each with special abilities that allow them to tighten their grip on power. So use your administrative ability to reduce provincial autonomy. While calling on your diplomatic resources to suppress incipient revolts. Use your military resources to quickly recruit streltsy units for your army. While you rule with the iron fist that comes with a divine blessing.

Features of Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome include:

  • Tsardoms and Principalities: New ranks of Russian government with new abilities and, for Tsars, strong bonuses including the right to claim entire States – not just provinces
  • Iconography: Commission great religious icons for the Orthodox Church, boosting your empire’s power depending on the saint you choose to revere
  • Patriarchs: Consecrate highly developed provinces with Patriarchs, adding to the authority of the Orthodox Church, but for a cost.
  • Streltsy: Special Russian soldiers that excel in combat, but raise the cost of stabilizing your empire
  • Siberian Frontier: Russian nations can slowly colonize uninhabited border regions, with no fear of native uprisings
  • New Graphics: Includes three full unit packs and new portraits for Eastern Europe.

As usual, Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome will be accompanied by a free update. Available for everyone who owns the base game. While offering a whole take on historical gaming.

Since Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome is just being announced. We do not have a release date or price on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So we will have more news coming soon.