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Build your own Paradox Bundle brings big discounts

build your own paradox bundle brings big discounts on linux mac windows pc

Build your own Paradox Bundle brings some big discounts for Linux, Mac and Windows PC strategy games. Thanks to the Humble Bundle team and Paradox Interactive. The sale discounts range from 50% – 85%.

Humble Paradox Management Bundle debuts

humble paradox management bundle releases for linux mac windows pc

Humble Paradox Management Bundle releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Paradox Interactive and the Humble Bundle team. Bringing you a 100% Linux game bundle. It’s so pretty.

Romero Games and Paradox Interactive Partner

romero games and paradox interactive partner in linux mac windows games

Romero Games partner with Paradox Interactive who are known for Linux, Mac and Windows titles. Since Paradox Interactive has support as a publisher and developer. Releasing some great games world wide. While Romero are announcing that they are working together. Creating a new upcoming strategy game. All based on an original IP.

Humble Paradox Bundle 2019 more epic games

humble paradox bundle 2019 more epic games for linux mac windows

The Humble Paradox Bundle 2019 releases another epic deal for games on Linux, Mac and Windows. Actually this is somewhat expected for Paradox. Since Paradox usually releases a bundle around this time of year. While the “beat the average” price is available for purchase and below $7 USD.

Paradox Interactive purchases Prison Architect

paradox interactive purchases prison architect in linux mac windows games

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games, purchases Prison Architect on Linux, Mac and Windows. This follows the news of the game getting multiplayer support right before Christmas. Which also holds a solid 87% Very Positive review rating via Steam.

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