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BATTLETECH release delayed until 2018

battletech release delayed until 2018 linux mac windows games

Just recently, Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes re-announced the release. Therefore BATTLETECH will now release in early 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the games initial plan for release was later this year. Yet the move will give the Harebrained Schemes team the time to deliver a quality experience. One the company is known for.

“Throughout development our Backers have been clear. ‘Don’t rush it, just make it great.’ So we have taken that advice to heart,” said Jordan Weisman. The CEO of Harebrained Schemes and creator of the original board game and BattleTech universe. “HBS, Paradox, and our Backers all share a deeply personal attachment to the project. We have a commitment to delivering a game that not only meets the high expectations. Both for Backers and fans. Yet introduces BattleTech to a new generation of players.”


“The feedback and enthusiasm from Beta participants has shown us just how great BATTLETECH can be. And rushing development to fit a timeline would be a disservice,” says Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. “We believe in the Harebrained Schemes team. And want them to give the game the time and attention they need to create a turn-based game worthy of the name.”

So to help eager MechCommanders pass the time. Harebrained Schemes are again updating their Backer Beta this week. Since this will include a large number of improvements including gameplay changes. Such as AI upgrades, balance changes, and interface enhancements based upon the reams. Hence the useful feedback they’ve receive from their community. A subsequent update coming soon. Since this also allows Backers to go head-to-head in the games PvP multiplayer. Allowing them to test their skills against human opponents. The Beta will last at least another month. So players interested in becoming Late Backers to gain access to the Beta. Just go to the official website to get in on the action.

BATTLETECH will now release in early 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows. Coming to Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Stellaris new Synthetic Dawn Story Pack coming

stellaris new synthetic dawn story pack coming linux mac windows games steam

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of digital entertainment for organic minds. Just announced a new Story Pack for Stellaris the sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio. So this new content is titled “Synthetic Dawn‘ coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam and Paradox Plaza.
Since this adds new ways for players to experience Stellaris. While also focusing primarily on synthetic life forms. Including robot workers and citizens can now form entirely mechanical societies. Since this feature is available at the games beginning. While seeking greatness among the stars. Including the ability to rise up and conquer those squishy organics.

Stellaris Synthetic Dawn Story Pack – Announcement Trailer:

So Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn provides an all-new way for players to establish their empire. Since they can now start the game as a Machine Empire. A society made up entirely of robots. So unique that the games features and event chains allow the machines to expand. Hence the new robotic consciousness. Creating an AI-led network that grows to galactic dominance.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Features:

  • You, Robot: Play Stellaris as a customized robotic civilization, complete with a series of robotic portraits for science robots, worker robots, and more
  • AI, eh? Aye!: Follow new event chains and story features to lead your robot race to greatness as an intergalactic AI empire; pursue mechanical perfection in the stars
  • Rise of the Machines: Oppressed synths may rebel against their masters and form new empires — or you may even discover a fallen synthetic civilization deep in space
  • Digital Enhancements: New synthetic race portraits, and expanded voice packs for VIR

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn will be released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s later this year. For more information about Synthetic Dawn, visit the official website. Coming as DLC available on Steam, Humble Store and of course Paradox Plaza.

Paradox Interactive acquires Triumph Studios

paradox interactive acquires triumph studios linux mac windows gaming

Since Paradox Interactive announced that they have acquired #TriumphStudios. The creators of the critically-acclaimed Age of Wonders and Overlord-series. All of the games are available on #Windows, with some Linux and Mac #gaming in the mix.

So the studio was founders are Lennart Sas and Arno van Wingerden, taking place in 1997. Both of whom remain with the gaming company today. Yet Triumph Studios is known as one of the top-tier strategy games developers worldwide. The Age of Wonders-series has sold in excess of one million copies to date. Age of Wonders III, the first in the series to make a Linux debut on March 31, 2014.

Following this acquisition, the current team and management will all remain with Triumph Studios. While all ongoing projects will remain in development. Which will see publishing support by Paradox Interactive of course.

“Triumph Studios is a developer of our own heart. They are world-leading within their niche and have built a large and dedicated community over the years. Counting quite a few Paradox employees among their hardcore fans. We have great faith in Lennart, Arno and the Triumph team. And our main focus now is to ensure that they can continue to create their magic under new ownership,” said Fredrik Wester, CEO at Paradox Interactive.

“We have been approached by others before with an interest to acquire us. But this is not merely a business transaction for us. This is a liaison with a partner that can help us grow sustainably. Ensuring the stability and continuity needed for us to do more of what we do best. Develop some of the best turn-based strategy games on the market today. Paradox is a good match for us both culturally and games-wise. They get it. It’s as simple as that, and we are extremely excited about the acquisition,” said Lennart Sas, CEO and co-founder of Triumph Studios.

Livestream replays about the acquisition:

Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester and Triumph CEO Lennart Sas did host a live stream about the acquisition. Skipping ahead to 17:15 minutes there is some mention of Linux in the mix. Hence the release of Age of Wonders III. While Sas does mention they are working on another turn-based strategy, likely Age of Wonders 4. Although unconfirmed at this time.

Since Paradox Interactive is a leading global publisher of strategy games on Linux, Mac and Windows. Supporting the world-renowned strategy catalogue stretches back to 1999. The company holds a particularly strong gaming presence in the United States and Europe.

The publisher’s steadily-growing portfolio includes firmly established PC franchises such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis, Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, Magicka and the Hearts of Iron series created by Paradox Development Studio and a network of partner studios.

Triumph Studios are received critical-acclaim for work on Age of Wonders and Overlord-series. Launching the company in 1997 which hails from Delft, the Netherlands. Triumph is one of the top-tier strategy games developers worldwide.

Age of Wonders III, Overlord, Overload 2, all have a 75% discount until July 5th in the Steam Summer Sale. While Paradox Interactive have very similar massive discounts also available. With a huge range of titles across Linux, Mac and Windows.

Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound DLC coming to Linux

tyranny: bastard’s wound dlc coming to linux mac windows games

Paradox Interactive, the publisher of #games for good and evil players alike. While having just announced new content for Tyranny. Which is the award-winning role-playing game ( #RPG) from Obsidian Entertainment.
So Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound will launch later this year on Linux, Mac and #Windows. While offering players a new major quest line. All set in the games mysterious illegal settlement of Bastard’s Wound.

“Additionally, regarding the expected release period for Bastard’s Wound, as of now it’s slated for sometime later this year.”

So in addition, players who can’t wait to experience new content. Since new Event Pack has been released today, titled “Tales from the Tiers.” Featuring new world events and expanded quests for the original Tyranny. Tales from the Tiers is available now on Steam and the Paradox Store .

See what awaits in Bastard’s Wound in a new trailer:

Tyranny, an original RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. Since the game takes place in the fantasy realm of the Tiers. Since evil has conquered the known world. And it’s up to the player to decide what is right or wrong as a Fatebinder. Therefore either mercilessly enforce the law or recklessly flout it.
So during this quest, the player will encounter Bastard’s Wound. A settlement and refuge from the dark, war-torn world, established in secret. Since it is a haven for those fleeing the wrath of Kyros the Overlord. So the player must decide what is to become of the inhabitants as they mete out Kyros’ justice.

Featuring new characters and storylines, Bastard’s Wound takes a closer look at the race of the Beastmen, the fate of the refugee settlements, and all-new companion quests featuring three of Tyranny’s most memorable party members: Verse, Barik, and Lantry. Bastard’s Wound will also arrive alongside a free update to Tyranny, including new voice acting, expanded content in the game’s third act, and an all-new path to an unseen ending.

What’s more, players can explore new content starting today. Since a series of hidden stories from the world of Tyranny in Tales from the Tiers. A new Event Pack available now. The Event Pack features the untold stories of the many inhabitants of the hazardous, war-torn Tiers. This includes rebels, merchants, servants of Kyros, and even dangerous creatures. While also including new random encounter events, new quests and new interactions with iconic Tyranny characters. So Tales from the Tiers will allow players to experience a new facet of the game’s rich and compelling story.

Read more details about the upcoming Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound expansion check it out here.

While Tales from the Tiers is available now on Steam and the Paradox Store . Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Hearts of Iron IV with a Free Anniversary Pack

hearts of iron iv with a free anniversary pack in linux mac windows games

Since Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio celebrate their one-year anniversary. Hence this is for the Hearts of Iron IV #release, the World War II Grand Strategy Game. Released to critical acclaim on June 6, 2016 for Linux, Mac and #Windows PC.

So Hearts of Iron IV, is a game that challenges players to navigate the nation of their choice. While engaging the #games players using history’s greatest conflict. Continues to engage players one year later across Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. So to thank the community for their ongoing support for the games success. Paradox just released the Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Pack as free DLC, available now for all players.

Since the game’s release one year ago. Hearts of Iron IV has built a dedicated and growing community of players. Since then, Hearts of Iron IV is played by an average of 250,000 monthly active users (MAU). While over half of those players are playing the community’s creative game mods. Including “Millenium Dawn,” which brings the war into the modern era, “The Great War.” Pulling it all back to World War I, or “Kaiserreich,” an alternate historical setting. Which presumes Germany had won the first world war. And since more mods and newer players continue to flock to Hearts of Iron IV. This continues to set the stage for more new war stories for years to come.

So the Anniversary Pack includes new in-game content. Providing players with a richer and more detailed Hearts of Iron IV experience. While featuring new voiceovers for Polish troops. Something that is frequently requested by the player community.

How to download the new free Hearts of Iron IV Anniversary Pack content:

  • New voiceovers for troops while playing as Poland
  • 20 new portrait selections for generals and leaders across nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America
  • 20 new custom division icons

To download the free Anniversary Pack, visit Anniversary Pack official Steam page.

A new addition to Hearts of Iron IV will also arrive next week with the release of Death or Dishonor. A Country Pack is releasing on June 14, 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. Death or Dishonor will add new focus trees. Plus in-game events for the nations of Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.

For more information on the forthcoming DLC, visit the official website.