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Paradox Interactive purchases Prison Architect

paradox interactive purchases prison architect in linux mac windows games

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games, purchases Prison Architect on Linux, Mac and Windows. This follows the news of the game getting multiplayer support right before Christmas. Which also holds a solid 87% Very Positive review rating via Steam.

BATTLETECH Beta support coming soon

battletech beta support coming soon for linux

BATTLETECH support coming soon with Beta support for Linux in the next few weeks. So although that is not a solid release date. Do note, this will not be a full release. Which is interesting, considering the game released back in April 2018.

BATTLETECH now closer to a release date

battletech release date and new story trailer for linux mac windows games

BATTLETECH is available now on both Mac and Windows, but there is news regarding Linux. Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes announce details about the release. Since I am one of those people waiting patiently.

Paradox Interactive to acquire Harebrained

paradox interactive to acquire harebrained schemes linux mac windows games

Paradox Interactive set to acquire Harebrained Schemes, the developer of award-winning games for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since both parties have now entered into an agreement. Paradox acquiring Harebrained Schemes, LLC.

Stellaris: Distant Stars new Story Pack reveal

stellaris distant stars new story pack reveal for linux mac windows games

Stellaris: Distant Stars is a brand new Story Pack for Linux, Mac and Windows. So thanks to Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of gateway games. We have a whole new universe or more to explore. Announced Distant Stars, a new Story Pack for Stellaris.

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