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Tank Maniacs adds native build to closed Beta

tank maniacs adds linux mac build to the pc games closed beta

Tank Maniacs now adds Linux and Mac support to the games closed Beta. Thanks to the Hungarian indie game developer Gamelab. The developer reached out via Twitter. Since the closed beta is still going strong on Steam.

BOMBFEST party game launches onto Steam

bombfest party game launches onto steam for linux windows

BOMBFEST frantic party game launches onto Windows, but Linux is not far off. Thanks to Sudden Event Studios and Whitethorn Digital. Now that their frantic blast of a party game releases. BOMBFEST is now available on Steam. And it looks like crazy good fun.

Dungeon League party game gets full launch

dungeon league party game gets full launch for linux mac windows

Dungeon League a dungeon crawling party game that has a full launch for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since developer, Achebit released the game on Early Access back in July 2015. Spending over three years in development and now available on Steam and Humble Store.

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