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The Universim patch brings the Modern Age

the universim patch brings the modern age for linux mac windows games

The Universim releases the Modern Age in the games new patch for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is available now on Steam Early Access. Since the developers are now stepping up the experience. Moving into to the long awaited new age.

Tooth and Tail Butterbomb Patch and Balancing

tooth and tail butterbomb patch for linux mac windows games

Tooth and Tail just got it’s Butterbomb Patch 1.0.4. The games already available for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam and GOG. Yet there is indeed some balancing that needs doing. Hence the release of this Patch, finally.

Therefore, if you’re a fan and avid player of Tooth and Tail. You are going to want look through the details below. Since there are some specific changes to gameplay now. The games also supports crossplay across Linux, Mac, Windows and PS4.

The Dwarves promised patch and new content

the dwarves promised patch fixed an error and content linux mac pc

While continuing in 2017, #KINGArt will not cease to work on The Dwarves. Since they already #announced an #update coming in December, The game has now received a performance change for all platforms. So apart from performance improvements, it has also fixed an error or two.

The Dwarves Patch includes:

  • Removed framerate stutters due to audio processing in combat
  • Decreased loading times between different scenes
  • Decreased restart times in battles
  • Fixed an error in battle of Mifurdania
  • Fixed an error in the Golem battle
  • Fixed “Greater Healing Potion”
  • Fixed an error in portrait icons

So after today’s patch, the next thing KING Art will work on is content for The Dwarves. Hence that patch is expected to release in March 2017 on all platforms. While among other things, the patch offers the so-called “Challenge Mode”, a new game mode. Hence this confronts players with various challenges on different maps. For example, standing against new enemies as long as possible. Or defeating a specific amount of enemies as fast as possible etc. Stay tuned!

The Dwarves is a fantasy role-playing game with a strong story and tactically challenging real-time battles. 15 playable heroes, each with individual skills, are to be deployed cleverly. Take on superior numbers of orcs, ogres, älfs, bögnilim, zombies, dark mages and many more foes, to give them the low-down.

Based on the bestselling novel “The Dwarves” by Markus Heitz you’ll experience a fascinating tale revolving around the coolest fantasy race ever: The Dwarves!

During its successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2015. Developer KING Art Games allied up with the famous German metal band Blind Guardian, who are performing a tremendous song about The Dwarves: ‘Children of the Smith’.

For a more in-depth look, check out the video review from Penguin Records for The Dwarves. And make sure to the OpenGL advantages over Windows 10.


Dreamfall Chapters getting a Final Cut release

dreamfall chapters getting a Final Cut release for linux mac pc

So the #enhancedversion of Dreamfall Chapters will coming to more than just consoles. A post on the Kickstarter page for the game, Red Thread Games have outlined the enhanced version. So not only will consoles see and #update, but this will be #available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. We have not seen big changes for the game since the Unity 5 update.

The best part?

While the new updated version will be Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut. Hence a release that will be live at the same time as Dreamfall Chapters on consoles. Which will be available as a free update for existing game owners.

For the PC/Mac/Linux folks — our backers and existing customers — we’ll be releasing a new and updated version of the game (‘The Final Cut’) to coincide with the console release.

We’re very excited about this opportunity to revisit Chapters one final time. There are several improvements and changes we’ve wanted to make for years — along with requests and suggestions from our players and community — and we finally have the time and resources to address them.

Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut:

So what’s new? There are changes to character art and animations, music, sound-effects, shaders, lighting — and gameplay. We’ll be talking specifics soon, and we’ll have more on the console enhancements and special features before release.

The first is the long-awaited German language patch. We received the final voice overs for books four and five in November, and we’ve been working to integrate these into a larger patch, which also contains bug fixes and optimisations. This patch is still in QA, but it won’t be long now.

The second is what we’re calling the ‘benefactors patch’. This update contains missing in-game rewards — including the town crier and Benefactor’s Wall in Marcuria — and it’s next on our schedule.

The third patch is the big one — the aforementioned ‘The Final Cut’ — which upgrades the game to match the console versions. This version will also be included in the Kickstarter boxes scheduled to ship close to the release of the console versions along with the remaining physical rewards.

So more details on Dreamfall Chapters Final Cut will be revealed at a later date.

While this version contains all five episodes. With 13 chapters and will be available in physical and digital format.

Dreamfall Chapters and the Final Cut version will be released on March 24.


Heavy Gear Assault releases a HUD and TEC patch for Linux and PC


Heavy Gear Assault just received a fresh Linux and Window PC with a ton of #changes and #improvements. Stompybot have certainly been hard at work.

TEC (in-game currency) is now being calculated and awarded with this patch. You will notice the TEC counter on the main menu increasing or decreasing after each match. These values are for testing purposes and may not reflect final amounts awarded during a match. Also, expect your TEC to be reset to its base value (based on your purchases or pledge awards) once the in-game Market is implemented.

New HUD – Stompybot released a new version of our heads up display in this patch. Added many new game play elements to the HUD.
Restructuring the way Gears are constructed when spawning in Heavy Gear Assault, which reduces the likelihood of lag spikes . Adjusting several base values for armour components. Additionally, this change also gives the community a tool to play with allowing hosts to set custom house rules on their own servers. Including several new weapon effects.


  • FPS lag issue with HUD active
  • Server and client now reporting proper number of players on Server

Known Issues

  • 201 Source Error with Bitraider Client. If you experience an error when downloading the new patch please close the installer client and launch it again and the game should begin updating. We are investigating this bug with Bitraider.
  • When you Login to the game you may encounter a double login bug. Click Login again to actually login. This bug is currently being addressed for the next patch.

Added to Heavy Gear Assault

  • Gear HUD colour customisation in UI Options
  • New (old) colour picker to options and Gear bay
  • Lean camera effect
  • New HUD
  • Disabled 3D elements
  • Ammo count centred around the reticle
  • Range Finder
  • Speedometer
  • New resource meters (HEF)
  • Team scores
  • Match timer
  • New weapon models
  • Snub Cannon
  • Medium Autocannon
  • New weapon flight particle effects
  • Autocannons
  • Rocket pods
  • Snub Cannon

Heavy Gear Assault Changes

  • Fixed issue where server browser would display 0 players after changing maps while players are connected
  • Being underwater now uses less resources and slows your Gear less
  • Grenades are temporarily disabled
  • Damage display code optimisation
  • Fixed issue that caused Wave Survival to crash
  • Improved AI behaviour for weapon selection
  • Enhanced muzzle flash, smoke and spark effects
  • Map changes
  • Repopulated vegetation on Tershaw Valley
  • Added weapon spawners in Tershaw Valley Gear Bays
  • Added some small lights to Port Oasis & Tershaw Valley Gear Bays
  • Plugged “hole” Gear could get trapped in on Port Oasis
  • Changed layout and increased size of Tershaw Valley Gear Bays
  • Updated night lighting on all maps
  • Increased Team Death Match score limit to 30 Kills
  • Increased Annexation score limit to 1000
  • Optimized Gear spawning
  • Updated armour and internal health values on all Gears
  • Fixed issue that caused footstep sounds to play irregularly
  • Optimised grass foliage
  • Improved Sandstorm effects on San Lopez
  • Improved smokiness, look and performance of Entry map (main menu)
  • Continued to incrementally improve sounds, art, effects, animations and environments
  • Updated fog lighting on Hydro Station
  • Servers now report match events properly after map cycles
  • Clients now receive “Server is full” message when trying to join a full server
  • Backend and database updated to calculate player counts by counting player controllers on the server instead of using timestamp events that always seem to get out of sync
  • Backend and database should now be reporting TEC properly for all players (pledgers, store, devs, and partners)
  • Backend can now reward TEC to players while playing
  • Continued to incrementally improve sounds, art, effects, animations and environments


Download and play today!

You can find a download link under your profile menu on HeavyGear.com

To host your own server and make it publicly accessible open the following ports on your router: 7777, 10000


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