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Masters of the Seven Seas debuts for Nantucket

masters of the seven seas debuts for nantucket on linux mac windows pc

Masters of the Seven Seas DLC debuts for Nantucket on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Picaresque Studio. The new content releases on both Steam and GOG.

Songs of the braves DLC launches for Nantucket

nantucket songs of the braves dlc launches on linux mac windows

Nantucket can now get into the new Songs of the braves DLC that launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to independent developer Picaresque Studio, announcing the release of the first DLC for Nantucket. Since this is now available on Steam and GOG.

Nantucket seafaring strategy native release

nantucket seafaring strategy linux and mac release

Nantucket is the seafaring strategy game based on Moby Dick, finally gets a Linux and Mac release. All thanks to developer, Picaresque Studio. Which also happens to be on sale too.

Nantucket is looking for native testers

nantucket looking for linux testers via steam games

Nantucket the strategy simulation RPG is looking for Linux and Mac testers on Steam. Picaresque Studio has an active Linux Beta. So if you caught our original post, jump into the strategy game. All based on Moby Dick.

Nantucket likely to see a native games release

nantucket strategy rpg games release for windows linux via steam and gog

Nantucket strategy rpg now has a release on Steam and GOG for Windows, but the games likely coming to Linux. We reached out to developer Picaresque Studio via Twitter. And it seems like Linux is in the plan:

So being that Nantucket is using the Unity game engine. This should make it easier for the studio to create a native port. That being said, the games release is brand new. So this means that bugs and other tweaks are being worked on.
Also, Picaresque Studio have yet to issue a time frame for the release. So this will be a wait and see.

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