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The Academy puzzle story with enough interest

the academy puzzle story with enough interest for linux windows pc

The Academy is a puzzle story adventure game coming to Windows PC, and Linux with enough interest. At least according to developer Pine Studio. Due to release in 2020 via Steam.

SEUM: The Drunk Side of the Moon out now

seum: the drunk side of the moon out now linux mac windows games 2017

SEUM: The Drunk Side of the Moon is a new expansion now on Steam. Which is available on Linux, Mac and Windows, as of October 20, 2017. So the games new content adds 3 new power-ups. Also, 33 new levels in the new space environment.

Speedrun mode now has mutators which allow you to play speedrun mode by having a powerup of your choosing when you start the level. Replay the old levels with completely new strategies.
When you’re done playing all the new levels, you can make your own with the map editor. We’ve updated it with full support for new powerups.

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell release Level Editor Update

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell releases Level Editor Update

Time to return to Hell as SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is receiving a huge update. While introducing a #feature the #community has been longing for ever since the #launch. A full-fledged level editor to create your very own death track with full Steamworks integration. The best part, it works in Linux. So you can design your own level or import others from the integrated Workshop features.

SEUM Speedrunners from Hell Season II update

SEUM Speedrunners from Hell Season II update

The diabolic #firstperson #speedrunner SEUM will has had a major content update. The “SEUM Speedrunners from Hell Season II” update will not only bring new #features, but will also send several glitches straight back to hell.

To celebrate the beginning of Season II, there will be a major discount on Steam (whoa..35%) currently available. Also there is a full ladder reset, so it’s back to square one for anyone to rule Hades’ leaderboards. Best SEUM players from Season I can find themselves in the “Pit of Infamy” – glory until the end of days!

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell closed Beta begins across Linux, Mac and Windows PC


SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is the world’s only #competitive heavy metal #firstperson #platformer.  Truly hardcore and focuses on speed and fast reactions. Race across and jump over platforms and bounce pads while shooting fireballs as you battle to reach an exit portal in the minimum amount of time. Reverse time and gravity. Compete with all players for top times in the online high score ladder. Only the toughest players will receive the Uber Skull medals!

If mind-blowing speed and adrenaline blasting its way through your bodyseems too boring for your speed running blitzkrieg, then search for the beer cans hidden in each level. Who knows which secrets can be discovered by finding all of these delicious refreshments?

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