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Holobunnies: Pause Café brawler releases on Steam

holobunnies: pause café brawler platformer launches in linux gaming news

The latest announcement in gaming news, Holobunnies: Pause Café just #launched on Steam. This #brawler #platformer from q-bit Games is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the two years of development since the games debut at PAX Prime.

Holobunnies: Pause Café is a crazy family of quirky, space-faring, holographic and bipedal bunnies. Hence all of which are seeking to find a new home in the stars, because that’s what they do. So join Avril, Mephisto, Romeo, Leenox, and Danielle, while they venture across the universe, the known and unknown.

Basically cruising around in space, trying to find a new planet to live on. Hence this is hard work in Holobunnies: Pause Café, so they take a break from their intergalactic escapades. Here is where players fight their friends in this mayhem, a two-player brawler. But never fear, take on old-school boss battles challenges. Or help Kitcat find its way to the Holobunnies in the runner mode.

Holobunnies: Pause Café gameplay preview:


  • Show your friends who’s the boss in the exciting two-player, local Brawler Mode
  • Challenging and rewarding platforming
  • Each of the Holobunnies’ unique abilities to make your way through lots of planets
  • Gather up monsters’ souls to acquire new emotions, using them to unlock more places
  • Conquer old-school boss battles in the oh-so-cleverly-named Boss Battle mode
  • Capture monsters with Avri, then fight
  • Run as fast as you can in the Runner mini-game, featuring Kitcat. Help him find its way to the Holobunnies!
  • Rock out and find your groove with the heavy, melodic soundtrack

Since the big gaming news is the launch of Holobunnies: Pause Café. Now available on Steam and Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So $4.99 minus a 10% launch discount until March 29th.

Manipulated puzzle platformer coming March 28th

manipulated puzzle platformer coming march 28th in linux gaming news

Just announced in gaming news, Manipulated from #Wolfray Entertainment is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC on March 28th. Hence a logic platformer with a lot of #puzzles and plot #twists. And… explosions.

Since gameplay requires players to, put your thinking cap on, while also using your imagination. All while players go through a series of the most difficult puzzles in an experiment. Which will apparently “defy your common sense.” SO be careful – you will also have to face the evil robots that will be in your way.

So the objective is go through the experiment and find a way out of the laboratory. But remember – the game manipulated everyone who tried to get to complete it. Hence the puzzle. Will you be able to avoid it?

Game Features:

  • Defeat robots;
  • Solve puzzles;
  • Shoot objects;
  • Make explosions;
  • That’s what she said.

Game Requirements:

  • IQ 120 and above;
  • Minimum of 2 hands;
  • Your favorite computer.

While I have to admit, the trailer and the music has my attention. Even the art style has a reminiscent of say Don’t Starve. But that sense of humour though, I dig it. All of which has our attention and I look forward to getting into some gameplay.

Manipulated the puzzle platformer is the latest in gaming news. Hence the Linux, Mac and Windows PC release coming on March 28th.

Wolfray Entertainment was founded by Denys Malyshev in 2014, after a year working on the first game – Manipulated. The whole process of developing the game and establishing the company took quite a long time, because he passed it alone and on his own savings. At the same time, Denys had to combine the development of the game and a day job. Handle all the difficulties and complete the game wouldn’t be possible without friends and freelancers support who put their heart into this project. When the game development was over, Maksym Lupashko (community manager) joined the studio, after which the company began active communication with its audience.

DYO co-op puzzle platformer now on Greenlight

dyo co-op puzzle platformer now on greenlight in linux gaming news

DYO is a two person co-op puzzle platformer where #twoplayers each take on the roll of a minotaur. Developed by #Waterman7 games and created using Game Maker, the title is now available on #Greenlight. Albeit Windows is the only listed platform, but we have reached out to the developers. So Linux and Mac will see support, while DYO is now seeking that community vote.

The best part of gameplay and what really is gaming news. Both of the split screen‘s can share in accessibility. So one player can work ahead or take on one part of the level, while the other navigates based on the first players actions.

So connect your screens and to help each other out, working together to escape the maze. Therefore both players have to work in tandem to make their way through the level. And should you risk plummeting to your death, there is a rewind option. Hence the necessary two player co-op aspect and working together. Check out the trailer below to get a sense of how this works:


  • 1-2 player local co-op
  • More than 30 mind-bending puzzles
  • Merge and split your screens to manipulate the level around you
  • Rewind mechanic lets you undo any mistake you made
  • No precision platforming. No enemies. No timers. Just you and your brains.

dyo co-op puzzle platformer greenlight gif linux gaming news

DYO puzzle platformer started out as a holiday project of three Game Design students. Then after a month, the three had what they thought was a small “finished” game. Through university they had the forunate opportunity to exhibit the game at several events, including the Gamescom in Cologne. And since DYO received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hence the three decided to get back to working together as Waterman7 games. Now working on the title a half a year, getting it ready for Steam.

Right now, DYO is available to demo on Itch for Windows PC. But a Linux and Mac build will follow given the positive success of Greenlight.

Moribund post-apocalyptic action platformer launches on Steam

moribund post-apocalyptic action platformer launchers linux gaming news

Moribund #officially #launches, now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence this gaming news refers to the release of version 1.0, going live at 16.00 GMT.

Gameplay is available for up to 4 player co-op, each with their own controllers. So all you need is a post-apocalyptic action platformer and an excuse to duke it out. Since you probably never thought you’d love a fungi spewing gun, hence one that always leads to glorious dismemberment. Moribund is a local multiplayer game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world. While highly aggressive fungus strain have devoured most of the life. Therefore the real gaming news, this is a fast paced title, with an “easy to learn, hard to master” approach. And yes, two to four players can play simultaneously.


So each player has a gun with two firing modes. Since the first mode is used to immobilise the enemy. While the enemy is immobilised, you can charge you harpoon (your second firing mode) and shoot it against the helpless enemy. If you have yet to escape then this gory, splattery annoyance, death is guaranteed. Simple? But when you add 4 players, a couple of hazards and power ups in the mix. Hence everything becomes much more intense.

Moribund Features

  • 15 super hard single player challenges.
  • A wide variety of multiplayer levels (80 levels split over 8 settings, each with its own graphical environment, mechanics, and music track).
  • Two multiplayer game modes (Free for all and Team battle).
  • Eight characters each with his own unique personality and voice acting.
  • Several stage mechanics promising unique and hilarious deaths.
  • The glorious rag doll. The pillar of the game allowing ever-unique dismemberment’s and deaths.

Moribund officially launches on Steam today for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Fossil Echo action adventure platformer now on Linux and Mac

fossil echo action adventure platformer new in linux gaming news

In gaming news, Fossil Echo is a 2D #adventure #platformer game is now #available on Steam for Linux and Mac. While gameplay pits the player in the roll of a boy and his journey to climb an immense tower. Since he will get to meet a varied cast of character and visit many different environments.

Even more interesting is how developer Awaceb, make a formal apology with the announcement:

“We are sorry the port took a little bit longer than expected, we thank you for your patience and we’re happy Mac & Linux users finally get a chance to play the game 🙂

Everything should work fine, but please let us know if you have any issues running the game on Mac or Linux so we can troubleshoot as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience, and stay tuned for the upcoming console release! :-)”

So the real gaming news here is that gameplay itself is a mix of platforming and stealth. Hence the main character is weak and vulnerable, forcing the player to use skill and timing to avoid combat whenever possible. Yet well worth the adventure, creating nice mix to the challenge for an adventure platformer.

Fossil Echo release Trailer:


  • Varied pre-rendered environments.
  • Hand drawn 2D animations.
  • Dynamic platforming gameplay.
  • Wall-jumping !
  • Stealth elements.
  • A story told without words
  • Fully animated cutscenes.

Fossil Echo development has been the project of two people in Bordeaux, FRANCE. Phil CRIFO is responsible for story, art and design of the game. While Thierry BOURA handles the programming and all of the technical aspects. John Robert MATZ composes the music and Gordon McGLADDERY handles the sound design (from the US and Canada).

So developer Awaceb would really appreciate it if you left a positive Steam review to show support for our effort in porting the game to Linux.

Fossil Echo is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While there is no discount for the