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Rifter retro platformer still available with discount

rifter retro platformer still available with discount for linux mac windows

Rifter retro platformer is still going strong with a discount, available to Linux, Mac and Windows. Also releasing last week, my bad, but the reviews on Steam are a solid 96% Positive.

Richy’s Nightmares horror platformer on the cheap

richy's nightmares horror platformer on the cheap for linux mac windows

Richy’s Nightmares 2D logical platformer is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also dirt cheap, at $5.09 USD until July 14th.

PLANET ALPHA no plans for native support

planet alpha no plans for linux support

PLANET ALPHA a beautiful alien world filled with mystery and danger but no Linux support. We reached out to Team17 early this month via email. Ideally looking to ensure native support for PLANET ALPHA platformer coming in Q3 2018.

Transmogrify brings Godot to Kickstarter

transmogrify sci fi platformer godot engine kickstarter linux mac windows

Transmogrify is a sci-fi platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows. Currently on crowdfunding on Kickstarter working to hit that pledge goal of $5,000 USD. Which also happens to be developed using the Godot engine.

Impulsion 3D platformer could get support

impulsion 3D platformer could get linux support beside windows

Impulsion [official website] is a first person 3D platformer coming to Steam for Windows, but not Linux. Well we reached out to developer Driving Force Games with some interesting feedback.

N++ Nplusplus gets native support on Steam

n++ nplusplus gets linux support on steam

N++ is a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer, which now has Linux support. Since we previously issued news about a coming release back in 2016. Well there was supposed to be a Linux release inbound back then.

Super Hyperactive Ninja platformer releases

super hyperactive ninja platformer releases in linux mac and windows games

Super Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced hyper-caffeinated action-platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Also set in 2D and built for those who want a real tough challenge.

FOX n FORESTS platformer now available

FOX n FORESTS platformer now available on linux mac windows games

FOX n FORESTS, the retro action platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Bonus Level Entertainment and publisher EuroVideo are to thank. Since Steam users can jump into the action right now with a 10% discount.

Wonder Boy discount and new update

wonder boy the dragons trap discount and new update in linux mac window games

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap action platformer has a huge discount and a new update on Steam for Linux, as well as Mac and Windows. DotEmu, developer and publisher announce the sale and new fixes for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

Runner3 native support with enough demand

runner3 to get linux support with enough demand

Runner3 could see Liux support with enough demand for the rhythm action platformer. Which is also set to release on May 22nd via Steam.

So walk, don’t run, to the next offering from Choice Provisions. Runner3 is the third entry in the BIT.TRIP RUNNER series. Launching on Steam, GOG and Humble. So pre-orders are available now at 15% off until May 22nd.

Catmaze metroidvania native release coming

catmaze metroidvania native release coming to linux mac windows

Catmaze is a fairy metroidvania inspired by Slavic myths coming Mac and Windows, and then Linux via Steam. So these are age-old tales that come to life in the unforgettable adventure of Alesta. A sorceress whose courage guides her through mysterious paths and dark forests. All in search of the lost road to Nav, the world of the dead.

Tomb Towers Puzzle Platformer on Steam

tomb towers puzzle platformer on steam in linux mac windows games

Tomb Towers the puzzle platforming releases on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Since eveloper Mosaique Games is eager to launch its debut game, Tomb Towers. While embracing the puzzle platformer gameplay of retro, home computer classics.

Super Hyperactive Ninja platformer coming

super hyperactive ninja platformer coming to linux and windows games

Super Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced hyper-caffeinated action platformer coming to Linux and Windows via Steam. Since players have to race against your cruelest enemy: SLUMBER. Helping Kohimaru recover the stolen coffee before he falls asleep. Coming to Steam in Q2 2018.

The Watchmaker native support coming later

the watchmaker linux support coming after windows release in games

The Watchmaker puzzle platformer adventure to release this month on Windows, while a Linux release is also in the mix. Since we reached out 1C, we are eager to announce The Watchmaker.

A steampunk puzzle-adventure game, developed by Micropsia Games. Which takes place in a giant clock tower, will be released on 17th May 2018 via Steam and Humble Store.

Since this comes with a new story trailer and an updated demo version (available on SteamTM). Along with the release date announcement. But what about Linux support?

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