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ECHOPLEX puzzle platformer native release

echoplex puzzle platformer linux release mac and windows

ECHOPLEX is a time-bending puzzle platformer set to release this week on Mac and Windows on Steam, but not Linux. So we reached out to developer Output Games for platform support details. And according to the feedback, there are some issues outstanding.

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of and a native release

crazy dreamz best of and a linux release beside mac windows games

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of could see a Linux release on Steam. The games developer Dreamz Studio is announcing the upcoming launch of the first crowd-developed game. This also collates and transforms the 100 best user-crafted levels made in Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition. Which now an entirely new game experience.

Bacon Man launches, the native support update

bacon man platformer launches and the linux support update

Bacon Man: An Adventure launches on Steam for $19.99 USD for Windows. While the Linux, Mac and Xbox One versions will follow later. So we reached out to Skymap Games for Linux release details.

Cendric platformer and RPG releases on Steam

cendric platformer and rpg releases on steam in linux mac windows games

Cendric combines RPG and Platformer elements releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games available now on Steam. Which also features both a sidescroller and a top-down view. Since the player gets to follow the story of a boy with no memory. While he discovers the magical but dangerous world of Admantris.

Light Fall 2D platformer no native support, yet

light fall 2d platformer no linux games support yet just windows and mac

Light Fall 2D platformer will release March 2018 on Steam for Windows and Mac, but no Linux support. Since we reached out to developer Bishop Games we do have some clarification about the release.

FOX n FORESTS action RPG coming Spring

FOX n FORESTS action rpg coming spring in linux mac windows games on steam

FOX n FORESTS is an action RPG and 2D platformer coming this Spring for Linux, Mac, Windows. The games publisher EuroVideo and developer Bonus Level Entertainment are making magic happen on Steam.

Bacon Man 3D platformer games native release

bacon man 3 platformer games linux release on steam beside windows and mac

Bacon Man is a side-scrolling 3D platformer that is coming to Windows, but also Linux and Mac games via Steam. Well according to a recent email from developer Skymap Games, Linux is a big deal. Both in house for business and in-home.

Spinch isometric platformer hits Summer 2018

spinch isometric platformer hits summer 2018 in linux mac windows games

Spinch isometric platformer coming to Steam in Summer 2018 for Mac and Windows, and likely Linux. Thanks to the games developers, Queen Bee Games.

Switch – Or Die Trying, finally a native release

switch or die trying finally a linux release via steam games

Switch – Or Die Trying is a 2D Puzzle Platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since the games only available for Mac and Windows previous. Developer Threye Interactive just announced the Linux release.

The Forbidden Arts games going native

the forbidden arts action adventure platformer in windows and linux games

The Forbidden Arts, an action adventure platformer now on Early Access for Windows, but coming to Linux. While Stingbot Games starts its journey via Steam. The full release will arrive in early 2019. Which also includes support for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Super Tony Land platformer now on Kickstarter

super tony land platformer on kickstarter in linux mac windows games

Super Tony Land debut on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games developers, Robot Loves Kitty are always up to some creative high jinks. So now that their crowdfunding campaign is live. The project is also more than 60% funded of their $5,000 USD goal.

Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition free update!

mercenary kings reloaded edition free update on linux mac windows games via steam

Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition is a free update for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Since the original release took place in 2014. And the Kickstarter back in 2012. So it’s a pleasure to see new features from Tribute Games.

So the fun side-scrolling old-school shooter-looter Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition is out now. This new edition is an extended definitive version for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Remnants of Naezith games official release now

remnants of naezith action platformer games official release on linux mac windows

Remnants of Naezith finally gets it’s official release for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam games. Fast-paced grappling hook action mixed with platformer puzzle-like challenges. The full release is available on Steam with a discount.

Remnants of Naezith let’s players feel the acceleration. So the faster your flexes, the fast your character movement. Creating a challenge similar to Super Meat Boy with obstacles. With physic’s based gameplay.

Glitch’s Trip platformer games on Early Access

Glitch's Trip platformer games on Early Access for Linux Mac Windows

Glitch’s Trip is now available via Steam Early Access games for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games really a tough twin-stick platformer. Where players take on the role of Glitch. A gooey green ball of space alien. Also one who is trying to survive in worlds dominated by deadly alien bullies.

You’ll leap over seas of lava, rave in fluctuating gravity. Then blast baddies that want to ruin your day. And glitch through hundreds of near death experiences.

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