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Geoid physics based platform now on Steam

geoid physics based platform now on steam linux mac windows gaming 2017

Since Geoid is a modern, stylish take on old-school 3D #platformers of #2017. Currently available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows #gaming. Which also captures our interests. Since this is more of a casual platformer. Where players roll and jump their way through unique hazards. Due to the interesting mechanics used to collect all the golden triangles and silver hexagons.
Therefore, this is the result of about four years of solo development.

Geoid Features:

  • A single-player campaign with over 40 levels
  • Every level has its own unique art style and color palette
  • Slow time and control gravity with unique powerups
  • Timed challenge gaming mode with local and global leaderboards
  • Punishing nightmare mode if you want a real challenge!
  • Take your time and play without timers if you prefer a more laid-back experience
  • Play with your friends in 2, 3, or 4 player split-screen competitive coop
  • Over 25 unlockable ball styles

So Geoid is inspired by games like Marble Blast. While everyone probably has some memory of playing Marble Blast Gold. Yet Marble Blast Ultra on the 360 was a surprisingly good party game. Therefore, due to the Marble Blast series being stuck in some kind of intellectual property quagmire. So the game has not been available for sale anywhere since 2011.

So in 2013, Zen Relay Games decided to fix this situation. While setting out to create a rolling ball game that’s different. Yet instead, the power-ups change the flow of time. Even letting the player select a new, arbitrary gravity direction by touching an angled surface. While most importantly, Geoid is a game that was infinitely moddable. Particularly for player-designed levels, but also for player-designed new game mechanics.

Geoid the physics based platformer is available now on Steam. The release supports Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a 20% discount until June 23rd, 2017.

DragoDino releases on Steam June 20th

dragodino releases on steam June 20th linux gaming 2017

Since DragoDino releases on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows, June 20th 2017 . Hence a debut release in #gaming for #TealRocksStudio in #2017. Where players help Bob find the lost egg. All while fighting the guardians of the Forest’s Kingdom. Discovering the new 2D platformer through colorful levels, which are randomly generated.

So DragoDino is a roguelike basing gameplay on a simple goal: climb up. Since the player takes on the roll of an intelligent reptile with super powers. Therefore you can jump higher and higher, to create plaftorms. While shooting powerful energy balls. So you must learn to master those abilities to successful reach the top of every levels. Working to beat the hostile creatures who will try to stop it. All through its progression, the player will have to adapt. Since the environment randomly generates more and more hostile.

Through the levels, Power Ups work so the player improves their abilities and gets new ones. So you can decide to an immediate strategy in function of its game style. Or just store some powers in prevision. They’ll be necessary to hope to beat the merciless bosses.

DragoDino Features

  • 10 levels
  • 2 difficulty modes : normal (3 lives & checkpoints) / hardcore (1 life, no checkpoint)
  • 2 playable characters with 2 skins
  • 40 power Ups
  • 50 enemies
  • 3 bosses
  • a local co-op
  • a cartoon univers
  • 2 characters unlockable
  • unlock Story content through objects
  • original soundtrack
  • PC/Mac/Linux

Since DragoDino releases soon with inspiration from many retro games. Each offering a challenging gaming experience through it’s charismatic characters. And while DragoDino is simple to pick up, the game offers the most seasoned players a challenge. Whether in singleplayer or co-op gameplay.

DragoDino releases on Steam on June 20th 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

Riptale gets a Linux and Mac release now

riptale 2d action platformer linux and mac release after windows in steam games

Since Riptale is one our favourite #games. Up to recently the games only been playable on #Windows. While today, the day has finally comes, which we knew it would, with a release for Linux and Mac. Hence this #challenging 2D roguelike action game aims to make sword combat be as bloody and impactful as possible. So yes, it really does. Which is why Riptale is a personal favourite created in GameMaker Studio.

So the player collects gems that allow them to execute different attacks. While set in the order of their choosing. All while doing so in a symphony of combos, filling the screen with blood and guts. Therefore if Riptale was a board game it would probably shoot scissors at you.

Due to a straight forward stores, where dragons are buried inside the earth for thousands of years ago. Hence these mighty dragons have been clawing their way out. Now, these reptilian beasts are terrorizing villagers on the surface. Therefore it is time to delve into the depth of the cavern. And unearth the source of these vile creatures.

Riptale Features:

  • CRAFT YOUR OWN COMBO – Purchase attack gems and line them up the way you want to fight.
  • GAMEPAD SUPPORT – Unlock the true power in your attacks by utilizing the analogue stick.
  • INTERESTING ENEMIES – Encounter dragons and mystical cultists and end their reign of terror.
  • TERRIFYING BOSSES – Fight challenging bosses that stand in your way on the journey down.
  • LARGE GAME AREAS – Roam through dark crypts, underground forests, and mushroom caverns.
  • UNLOCKABLES – Unlock pets, scarfs, and trinkets by completing achievements and challenges.
  • MYSTERIOUS LORE – Piece together the history of the buried civilization by reading books.
  • UPTEMPO SOUNDTRACK – Paying homage to the classics of yesteryear and preparing you for the action.

And since these dragons are too powerful for normal people to oppose. With the help of wonderous gems, an old warrior Kumo is able to push back the serpents. To be able to vanquish the overwhelming threat, Kumo must gather all the gems. With the unleashed power he can face whatever mysteries wait uncovering in the abyss.

Since Riptale is available now on Linux and Mac, Windows too. Having a release on Steam $5.99 ‎USD and Humble Store with a 20% discount for $4.79 ‎USD. So the gameplay is epic, with a 27 MB install, bound to keep you entertained. Should you be able to handle the challenge.

Cublast HD releases for Linux and SteamOS

cublast hd releases in games for linux steamos and windows

Since ThinkFast Studio already launched the #games #Windows build for Cublast HD. Hence the minimalistic and fast paced platformer now releases via Steam for Linux and #SteamOS. Which takes some nimble navigating and puzzle solving skills to a new level.
So players can take on the challenge in a wide variety of single player levels. Or let get into some local co-op or multiplayer games. Cublast HD also comes with a built-in level editor. Therefore players can share their creations with the community from around the world.

Cublast HD trailer for Linux, SteamOS and Windows:

Cublast HD Features:

  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Local Co-op, Versus & Community Maps.
  • Level Editor, let your creativity go wild and build levels that you then can share with the whole community.
  • Creative & growing Community
  • Customization, customise the game to your taste with vibrant themes and accents.

So just from the trailer alone, the game looks straight forward. However, these are the type of titles that fuel rage. Since everything straight forward for the first two minutes. Hence a twitch of the controller analogue stick and it’s on.
Yet the creative puzzle aspect of the game has my attention.

When ThinkFast Studio first started out, with only had 2 members (Stefan Dinkelberg and Djordy Donopawiro). That was when they were creating their first project Cublast. This was released back in early 2015 for Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store. Entering the Windows Game Developer Contest with Cublast and finishing 2nd. Since the big success of Cublast there is more to be done. This is when Stefan van Diemen de Jel joined the team to create Cublast HD.

Cublast HD is currently available now via Steam. Now that ThinkFast releases support for Linux and SteamOS. As well as Windows PC.

System Requirements:

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

Blasphemous 2D platformer on Kickstarter [Linux]

blasphemous 2d platformer on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc games download

The creators of the The Last Door #games released a Kickstarter. Hence the #epic but dark and brutal 2D non linear platformer, Blasphemous. Already funded via #Kickstarter crowdfunding and passing the first stretch goal. While very close to the second stretch goal and climbing fast. Set to release as a download for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

So games will have players vanquishing bloodthirsty creatures. Since these are the devotees of a twisted religion. All created using hand-crafted pixel art from developer The Game Kitchen. While your journey through a nightmarish universe full of hellish, bloodthirsty creatures. Exploration, intense combat and a very twisted religious world awaits you. Hence this epic action platformer. Which will release with a Linux, Mac and Windows PC download.

Since gameplay is at the core of Blasphemous. Players can expect fast, intense and non-stop action combat. Hence a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core. Where you will fight and slay creatures. Each one bigger and more fearsome than the last. Delivered through rewarding exploration. Hence an intricate world comprised of non-linear levels.
So chain encounters at the right pace and you will be unlocking the Martyr’s Excommunication mode. Where you will become almost unstoppable. While epic boss battle await you in your journey through the lands of Orthodoxia. That is if you manage to survive their minions. Hence your skills will be challenged by the enormous and fierce creatures.

What’s the real Story

Set in the decaying land of Orthodoxia. A place where religion is of the utmost importance in the eyes of the populace. Since superstition runs amok and churches outnumber people two to one. You will find yourself in this agonizing territory in the wake of the Age of Corruption. During which practically the entire population was transformed into hideous beasts. Solely as a punishment for their mutual blasphemy and inadequate worship. These creatures that had deepened their profound faith. Developing an unstoppable bloodthirst you now have to contend with…

Blasphemous Features:

  • Awesome pixel art, featuring very large sprites with smooth animations, entirely created using traditional pixel by pixel, frame by frame techniques.
  • Explore a huge, doomed land, a universe that feels open, delivered through a non-sequential level design that puts you in control of where to go next.
  • An insane focus on pleasant combat, meticulously crafted so every push of a button delivers a rush of dopamine directly to your brain.
  • Blasphemous’ levels tell a story that is challenging to decipher, but very rewarding to those who dare to put all its pieces together.
  • Deep progression system with equipable and consumable items: Find your personal combat style by equipping rosary beads, crown thorns, or carrying around relicæ that boost your combat abilities.

Why a Kickstarter campaign

Blasphemous development started around November 2016. The Game Kitchen are able to fund the first stages of development by ourselves. All thanks to their previous game, The Last Door. This enabled the team to start work on the playable prototype. While simultaneously creating the materials for the campaign.

So Kickstarter, is being used two reasons. The first to remain creatively independent while giving shape to the game. While the second is to develop the game towards its community of players. Hence keeping an open fashion, as they did with The Last Door. Beyond this, The Game Kitchen are hoping to sign with a nice indie publisher. Ideally allowing the game to get even bigger. While supporting more platforms and all major consoles. Launching in more countries with proper language support.

Therefore, you can pledge the crowdfunding campaign Blasphemous now. Since the games release will have a Linux, Mac and Windows PC download.

The Last Door – Season One and The Last Door Season 2 are both discounted. Hence Steam, GOG and Humble Store have at least a 66% discount until May 30th. With full Linux, Mac and Windows PC support.