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Asynchronous gameplay coming to Space Food Truck for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

One Man Left is proud to announce the next big addition to Space Food Truck, our 1-4 player #coop #deckbuilding for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. An update today adds a much-requested lobby screen to help players find an #onlinegame that suits their skill level. While this screen is pretty bare-bones at the moment, it lays the groundwork for the next big feature: asynchronous play!

Asynchronous in Space Food Truck will work just like our live play as long as all players are accounted for, but if someone needs to leave the game, they can take their turns on their own time. And if you can’t find a live match that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll have the option of setting up an asynchronous game for other players to join whenever. One Man Left are hoping to include some cool features like turn time limits and a player count option, giving players more control over how many characters they play and how long their partners have to take a turn. The developers plan to add this as a free update in the next few months.

An exhaustive list of everything that’s new in today’s update is available on the One Man Left blog. Below, you’ll find a few important links and some general information about the game and our company.

About the Game

  • Supports 1-4 players locally or online.
  • 4 Difficulties: Mild, Medium, Thai Hot, and Dragon Sweat
  • Games last 1-2 hours, save and stop anytime.
  • Resume your offline games online, or vice versa.
  • Invite friends or match randomly.
  • Our procedural galaxy holds new surprises every play through!
  • 27 Achievements to tackle, plus 8 Steam trading cards to collect

In Space Food Truck, players work together to warp around a procedurally-generated galaxy, search for exotic ingredients, craft tasty recipes, and scramble to the planets craving each dish. There are four roles to choose from: Captain, Engineer, Scientist, and Chef; each with their own unique play style and contribution to the mission. To win, your team must finish every recipe objective before the ship is torn apart by space pirates, wormholes, the terrifying monster that lives in your vents, and more.

Mechanically it’s a deck building game with a cooperative twist. Each player must add new items and powers to their own collection of cards every turn. Choosing cards wisely is critical to doing your job and surviving the escalating hazards of deep space. You can read more on the official website.

Makes sure to check out the Tutorial Videos on YouTube.

Space Food Truck is available on on Steam for $19.99 USD, and a 4-pack of keys can be purchased for 25% discount through the official website, SpaceFoodTruck.com.


LEGO Minifigures Online coming to Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and Android next week


Ready for a LEGO adventure unlike any other? Funcom is excited to announce that LEGO®  Minifigures Online will be making its way to Linux, Mac, Windows PC, iOS, and Android on June 29, 2015. The first time gamers will be able to play in the same persistent online world across all platforms, making easier to play with friends and freely switch between platforms for continuous gameplay, wherever players may be.

Funcom recently announced changing format from a limited run as a free-to-play game on Windows PC, LEGO Minifigures Online, to a launch on both desktop and mobile platforms as a buy-to-play game. Funcom will release a fresh, new, and even higher-quality experience for everyone, so developers have overhauled the game in preparation for the launch. New features and content, unique events, cinematics, voice acting, along with a fun and engaging story are included. Even a heap of new gameplay additions and major improvements throughout the entire game.

“This really is the definitive version of LEGO  Minifigures Online and we are very much looking forward to opening the servers for players to experience it,” said Funcom CEO Rui Casais. “Not only will it feel like a fresh, new experience for those who have played the earlier free-to-play PC version, there is also so much potential unlocked now that gamers can play with each other across platforms on a broad range of devices. Maybe you are playing on an iPhone while your friend is on an Android tablet and your grandma is on a high-powered PC; you’ll still play together in the same world, along with thousands of other LEGO fans from all over the globe.”


LEGO  Minifigures Online is an online game for LEGO fans of all ages, where players can collect over one hundred Minifigures, each with their own unique personality and abilities, building a team to take on exciting adventures through colorful, classic LEGO worlds. From Pirate World to Space World, players must play together and smash their way through aliens, sea monsters, and more to unlock the full potential of their Minifigures. With plenty of that great, universal LEGO humor! The game is KidSafe certified and fully COPPA-compliant, with multiple safety measures in place to ensure a fun and secure online experience for everyone.



LEGO  Minifigures Online will be available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on  playminifigures.com  as well as Steam for $29.99 on June 29th, and will include all content. The iOS and Android versions will be available in the App Store and on Google Play respectively for $4.99, which will include the first world. Players on iOS devices will be able to purchase additional worlds starting June 29th, while Android users will be able to purchase more worlds later this summer.


Dota 2 now celebrates over 1,000,000 concurrent users

There has been a record set for the Steam community and PC gamers at large. The first game on Steam to see 1,000,000 users playing at once is Dota 2, a free-to-play MOBA that stands near League of Legends in popularity and consistent gameplay. According to sources, the final figure was 1,153,407 today for Dota 2 players playing at one time.

This is good news for Dota 2 and Steam as it clearly shows the game is a resounding success. The one million concurrent numbers figure sort of pales in comparison to what League of Legends regularly shows. That game consistently sees roughly five million concurrent users, and its record is closer to 7.5 million.

The game that comes closest to Dota 2 on Steam is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Holding a record of 420,000 concurrent users.

Video games are a popular way to spend free time. Man, who saw that coming?

Do you play Dota 2 on Linux?

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Upsilon Circuit is an Online Gameshow Action RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The game is called Upsilon Circuit. Merging aspects of #television and #livestreaming into the game itself. An Online Gameshow/Action RPG, with perma-permadeath, a live host, and crowd intervention.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/102596475 w=480&h=270]

Upsilon Circuit is an exclusive single server online 8 player game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC created by none other than Robot Loves Kitty. Yes the people who brought you Legend of Dungeon (Linux, Mac and Windows PC) have been working diligently on a developing a new concept in gaming. A harsh almost relentless game type, when someone dies in Upsilon Circuit, they can never play again. So when you are chosen to play, the world watches, and everyone has a hand in your journey, both friend and foe. Upsilon Circuit is two games intertwined. But no pressure.

The Contestants (the players) have the adventure, while the Audience intervenes. Each Contestant explores the overworld and generated dungeons in search of the Dream Tech Crystals. They fight monsters, avoid traps, and compete with the opposing team. When the Contestant fights monsters or gets treasure, the EXP and other rewards go to the Audience. EXP is used collectively by the Audience to level up the Contestant’s Skill Tree. Simply put, the Audience is part dungeon master, part strategist, and part judge and jury. That same Audience can also send in helpful or dangerous items and even alter the world. Simply put, the Contestants play the game, but the Audience is dungeon master, strategist, judge & jury.

As the Contestant, you explore a massive world hunting “Dream Tech” Crystals. You fight monsters, avoid traps, and compete with the other team, all while desperately trying to stay alive.

Robot Loves Kitty will also be putting the title in the hands of the public for the first time ever, at PAX Prime!


  • Part gameshow, part action RPG
  • Dynamic AI Monsters
  • Players are selected from the audience
  • Perma-Permadeath: If you die, you can never play again
  • Specific show times when the game is playable
  • Actions have permanence and consequence
  • PvP and friendly fire!
  • EXP and control over the Skill Trees goes to the viewers not the players
  • Live “Gameshow” host
  • Huge world with a big story to discover

At PAX Robot Loves Kitty will be at booth #880 showing a “live studio audience” prototype, where the crowd can affect the players and interact with our digital host Ronny Raygon. At the end of each day they give the person with the highest score one of the 8 coveted starting slots for the live game!

Fun Fact: More people will get the opportunity to play at PAX, than will likely get the chance during months of the live game. Should you want to know more about Upsilon Circuit we suggest following Robot Loves Kitty on Facebook and Twitter.


Play the latest build of Unreal Tournament for free

Unreal Tournament will be free. It’s already free, in fact, but only if you’ve got the #Unrealengine4. If you’re not #developing a game, there’s a good chance you don’t. Not to worry! Kind soul and Unreal forum member raxxy is gathering #builds created by the Unreal Tournament team and throwing them out into the aether, for any Tom, Dick or murderous space soldier to download.

And while Epic’s not involved, they’ve given the okay for raxxy to continue doing this. You can snatch up the latest build here, and expect lots of updates, as the game continues to be developed.

Right now, it’s basic, absent most textures. But there are loads of guns, and all the swift movement and the rush of killing and killing and killing some more is all in there. That’s what UT is all about anyway.

And with each update – they aren’t automatic, so you’ll need to download the new builds when they are released – it will bring you one step closer to the finished product.

Players without Unreal engine 4 will have some minor limitations put on them, though. You won’t be able to tweak values or create your own content, but you’ll still be able to play.

To keep up to date on builds – which you’ll need to do enjoy the multiplayer shenanigans – you can join the IRC channel. It’s #BeyondUnreal on GlobalGamers IRC Network.

Well, no time to waste. Get that downloaded and go shoot people (figuratively speaking).

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